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Best Chinese restaurants in Montreal (not sure we had this kind of post before, anyway, it's my version)

I will agree with AuntDai, nothing spectacular but always fresh and well done. I like trying dishes that I cannot get anywhere else (their pork belly is very good). Stopped ordering from Kamshing (which has gone downhill the last couple of years) since this place opened.

where to buy cassonade?


Best wine under 20$

I would add this to my list as well

Best wine under 20$

Some under $20 wines I have enjoyed recently:

Mezzacorona Teroldego Rotaliano Reserva 2010

La Vieille Ferme

Chapoutier Marius

Where to find US Microbrewery beers in Montreal

I was at Beau`s Oktoberfest a few weeks ago (a lot of fun and for charity) and was chatting to one of the owners. The process for getting their beer sold in Quebec is well under way but it takes forever. They are aiming for early 2015, but may be december 2014 if they are lucky.

Can't wait, they are a great bunch of people that make great beer.

RIP Magnan

I agree that an institution has disappeared but, in my opinion, it had been a shadow of its former self for the last decade at least.

Went from being a decent place to watch a game while eating freshly prepared food with a pitcher of 50 to prefab, preheated, slop that tasted like nothing on my last visit last year.

No way gravy should have skin on it from sitting under a heat lamp when you have a full house. Just a small example of their lack of care in the latter years. Won't miss the current incarnation much and keep my good memories of yesteryear's Magnan!

Where to get oysters in bulk (a sack of 100 or so)

Thanks for that, going to pick some up for this weekend!

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

We takeout from Elatos and Nostos regularly, give a light edge to Nostos. Both solid in my opinion. Can't believe I have not tried/heard of Village Grec before, will have to try it.

When I was at Concordia, I usually enjoyed Georges, but this was 5 years or so ago. Liked the chicken pita there.

Good Chinese in cote des neiges area?

I will second this recommendation, have been very happy with everything we have ordered from them. Very happy that I found them since Kamshing is not very reliable anymore.

A Real Dining Experience

The first place that popped in my mind when I read this is Le Continental, which is in Quebec City unfortunately. Can't think of an analogue in Montréal.

kam fung , le crystal or rubis rouge?

There is a thread on the first page of this board that talks about this very topic...


Best asian grocery potsticker dumplings

Can't remember the brand but there is a vendor that shows up once in a while at Costco and sells their dumplings. Get big packs for under $20 IIRC. They were quite decent.

Kouign amann - first foodie souvenir request

Paris isn't the place to get KA, you need to go to Bretagne for the real deal.

I will have to sacrifice myself and get one at the eponymous bakery here and report back, the things I do for Chowhound! :)

Food Truck Reports - 2014

Tried the Landry & Filles meatloaf sandwich at Osheaga ( 1) What an excellent idea to have food trucks there 2) Happy I went there at 1500 when there was no one) for $9. Made to order and was very good, helped absorb the beers later on. ;)

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

St-Viateur is better than Fairmount <runs away>


Wood Oven Pizzas in Montreal

Pizella on St-Matthieu has been around forever and has very good wood oven pizza.

Old Montreal - Sunday lunch

Did not find it mediocre, rather very expensive for what it is. Definitely paying for location and terrasse.

For those missing Bens Deli

No offense, but I am 44 and I always remember Ben`s as being awful compared to Schwartz or Main. My parents however fondly remember it.

Bar scene for hip 30-somethings

Sorry about that, saw the latest replies only and wanted to add a counterpoint ;) Will be more careful of OP date in the future...

Bar scene for hip 30-somethings

I was at Buvette Chez Simone tonight (go there regularly), a lot of hip, pretty people there usually and very Montreal vibe if I do say so myself. Great wine list and I always enjoy the food.

About as far removed from the F1 venues described in the other posts however, to each their own.

anyone eaten at Schwartz's in Montreal recently? [moved from Ontario board]

Main, Smoked Meat Petes are all alternatives to try, although I have to say I have not been to Schwartzs for ages. I like the other 2 too much!

Barcelona next week

Thank you for La Vinya Del Senyor. It is right around the corner from the apartment we rented and will be our 'local' for the week! Fantastic wines and location plus the staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

May 19, 2014
jfprieur in Spain/Portugal

trip report Montreal may2-4th

That pain perdu desert at Lemeac is possibly my favourite desert on the planet. Thank you for reporting back on your experiences in our city.

Garde Manger reservations question

Must live a blessed life have never had anything like your examples happen to me, especially not reservations (can't remember the last time i had a problem with a reservation, eat out several times a month) or getting a drink at a bar. Have had TVs changed for me no problem at many bars. Never have I been told that something better is on lol.

Not saying that it doesn't happen or that there is no room for improvement, but we must hang out in completely different places.

I do avoid trendy places like Garde Manger like the plague however, rightly or wrongly. Might have something to do with it.

Garde Manger reservations question

Hooray for sweeping generalisations and tarring everyone in every single industry here with the same brush. Bravo! I guess if you are comparing it to fake friendly US style service where they ask you how everything is every 5 minutes, you are correct, we have crappy service. I will take that any day of the week over some unknown person calling me "sweetie"...

Best lump charcoal?

Think it was around $12 for an 8kg bag at Costco.

Best lump charcoal?

My brother has one of those egg thingies and he loves the Basques charcoal. They run out quickly (at the Marché Central one at least) however, grab it when you see it. Quebec company too.


Best quality/price sushi in the Greater Montreal?

In the middle of nowhere but I find Sushi Plus on Beaumont to be quite fresh and reasonable.

Switching from Loblaws

I like that Metro but it is possibly the most expensive supermarket on the island, at least for a major chain.

My Montreal Butchers Review

The butcher in the Beaumont Metro in TMR has aged beef for sale. Have never tried though, think someone said it was good in a past thread on this topic.