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Dinner for 15 Woodley Park

Hi. Yes this is short notice but I would appreciate any and all help. I'm taking 15 people from work out to dinner next Wednesday night in the Woodley Park are of DC and am looking for a restaurant recommendation. Thinking Petit Plats but keep reading how "cozy" it is and am concerned it will be too small for a bigger group. Any thoughts on where we could go? Thanks to all!!

Wandering for apps

Going to be wandering around the Village, Chelsea and SoHo on Wednesday and was looking for some recomendations for apps. Quick stops for a drink and app to keep us fortified and on the move. Any thoughts?

Jun 06, 2011
BelgianBug in Manhattan

Mixed Beer Six packs

I've searched the boards but haven't seen anything on this topic. Is there anyplace in the Boston area where you can create your own mix and match six packs/twelve packs/cases out of the single bottle racks in the cooler. I'm from an area where you were able to do this and its a great way to try new beers without having to buy six of them and finding out you would rather remove paint with it than drink it. Any thoughts. Thanks.