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where to buy Kuglof in Toronto, pref in scarborough

I was in Paris last month and I tried this bread, looks like a mini bundt cake sweetened with orange water and some currants. I read about this on David Lebovitz blog who is a x pastry chef who now lives in Paris.

Soyjoy bars in GTA

I've checked the health food stores, wallmart, costco.
Has anyone seen them here.

Recommendations for catered italian in scarb.

Looking for suggestions to order italian for ten friends in the scarborough area.
I'm at Finch/McCowan, I really don't plan on driving across the city to do a pick up.

thanks in advance.

Coffee pairings-tastings

Has anyone done this before-where can I go.

thanks in advance

Vena's Roti on Bloor St W

I've been having a wicked craving for Vena's rotis lately.
Always open to new recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

Coco lezonne - disappointing

A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I had dinner there.
I havn't been back since the blackout-5 years ago.

The restaurant was so dark, the waiter had to give us a mini flashlight just so we could read the menu.

There were six of us, and not one of us enjoyed our meal. One friend prefered her ceasar salad over her lobster ravioli. "Wheres the lobster".
Another friend ordered the special, blackenend steak, salty.

The rest of us ordered a variety of pasta dishes. It was so bland, first we asked for fresh cracked pepper hoping this will do the trick.
We then asked the waiter for some chilli flakes. The waiter must have thought we liked our food spicey, yes but not bland.
The chili flakes helped somewhat.
We didn't want to take a chance on the dessert.

I can understand if one dish was off, but the entire table.
Perhaps the chef had a cold.

Diners/Greasy Spoons - what are your best recommendations?

I've been going to The Good Bite, on Yonge St, north of Eglinton, east side.
Expect lineups on weekends going out the door.
They have breakfast specials till 11am. Inexpensive.
Open daily and closes around 9ish.

Le pain quotidien, worth going?

Just wondering if anyone has been there recently, and if it's worth it. I'm planning on going tomorrow.
I've been to the one in NY in the UES, cute waiters.
I had a email from sweetspot saying they were opening in March so I drove by, and they weren't opened yet. Guesse they got there dates wrong.

Restaurants and cafes near Grand Central E44th

Apoligize if this gets posted twice.
I;m staying at the Fitzpatrick Grand, for three nights. Looking for some restaurant suggestions, preferably ethnic and secondly a place where they serve up a decent size salad entree.

I;ve tried cafe grumpy, is there anything similiar where i'm staying.

Dec 11, 2007
food for life in Manhattan

The Host, on prince arthur

Has anybody been recently.
I read a blurb from James Chatto he recently did a review on the city's tandori, and The Host came out on top.

Looking for a good cup of joe and breakfast in hells kitchen

Next week I'll be in NY and staying at the ramada on 8th Ave. Last year I was in the UWS. Can anyone recommend a place to get a good cup. No mention of starbucks please.
I've heard of cafe grumpys. Whats your take on this place.

Aug 23, 2007
food for life in Manhattan

Dinner suggestions for friends from London

Have some friends over here from London, they use to live hear. Looking for some suggestions for this weekend. One is a vegetarian.
I've never been to Jump, however my coworker has been there a few times and the quality and service is consistent.

Peppercorn Ice Cream


Jul 29, 2007
food for life in Recipes

Hidden Lunch spots...

My sister and I had lunch at the Osgoode Hall last month.
We opted not to get the fix prixe menu. We had been disappointed, serving size like spa food.
We saw the famous club sandwich, they serve it with those horrible waffle fries or chips.
We ordered the cornish hen, we enjoyed that.
We than tried there famous butter tarts. Nothing famous there. We found the pastry to be on the heavy side.

Lettuce Eatery


thanks for the heads up on Salad Spa. How is this place compared to Hannah's Kitchen. Personally I love this place. Just wish it stayed open later, cause my gym is up the street.

Stirid Up: Jamaican in Etobicoke


Thanks for the run down, I was planning on giving it a try next week.

An evening of tastings - multiple restaurants

Hi Aeros,

I've never been to an event like what you experienced. It sounds intriguing.
Is this just a yearly event? I'm interested, I'm returning at the end of August, this is something that I would like to experience.
Please tell me more info?

Jul 10, 2007
food for life in Manhattan

1st Time to NYC.. suggestions?

I agree, Norma's is overpriced.
I read about it in my guide. Suprisingly, the portions are big for a hotel.
I'm back in Aug, will def. try some of these suggestions.

Jul 06, 2007
food for life in Manhattan

I Need to Find a Decent Chip Shop!!!

There's one on Bloor St W, just east of Royal York.

Best Restaurant on Elm Street?

I recommend going to Baldwin st. far more ethnic, if thats what you want.
You can't go wrong with any of the restaurant there.
+ atmosphere

Restaurants in kingston

I like curry village, they moved down by the waterfront.
Originally it was on Princess st.
The brothers split up, and went there separate ways.

Good Restaurant in Yorkville

Last month went to Jacques, across from the rock.
I've always been curious about the place.
I had the cold salmon salade ( quite like a nicoise salade) it was a meal in itself.
Dessert, i recommend the lemon tart. More on the tart side, which I prefer.

Just back from Quebec weekend. Other than Clafouti, who elsa in the G.T.A. has a great crossiant, Quality, Flakiness and Great Quality Butter as an ingredient.

Saint Honore is good and the bakery at the distillery comes a close second.
I've also tried it at Pain perdu, can't quite remember, guesse it didn't leave a lasting impression with me.

Smoothie suggestions?


i like:
1. lemon smoothie-at the "Yellow cup cafe"
2. strawberry/chocolate smoothie-at "Cultures"
3. strawberry/blueberry/banana/chocolate/yogurt/milk/crushed lays chips sprinkled on top

"I love my Lays!!!"
-Chip Freak
P.S. You can't just have one!

Jul 01, 2007
food for life in General Topics

Cold Drippy Sweet

ya...i don't really count the Mcdonalds

Jul 01, 2007
food for life in Features

Kid in a Candy Store

sounds too good to be true

Jul 01, 2007
food for life in Features

bobbi flay restaurants in NYC

Has anyone been to any of the Bobbi Flay's restaurant in NYC.
Would you recommend it, or is it just hype...
I'm curious about them, since I watch so much food network. You can't not help but to see him on tv.

Jun 29, 2007
food for life in Manhattan