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whole foods and GMO foods

Jun 07, 2011
mtchef in Food Media & News

Harissa - should it be so bitter?

make harissa yourself its easy. all you need is a blender and spices, olive oil, garlic.

Oct 24, 2010
mtchef in General Topics

What "chef-y" things do you do at a restaurant?

i am a chef and like it was said above its different for a chain restaurant. i often will bring maple syrup for breakfast. and most places i eat can not make things to the spice level i want. so i may bring a small bottle of hotsauce or ghost pepper powder. now i do not do this if i have never been there. it tends to be thai, chinese, mexican for the most part. but i feel when i go somewhere and ask for hotsauce and i get tobascco, cholula etc give me break it aint hot. i tend to order specials, if the establishment isnt busy i may ask the server to relay to the chef to cook what he or she would like. i dont tend to ask for things on the side. if there is something i dont like on a dish i order something else. i will let servers know that i tend to like less sauce. this wastes less and save the establishment $. if im goin to a place i have never been i sit back and enjoy(or try to).

Oct 24, 2010
mtchef in General Topics

Mexican appetizer -- NOT: tacito, guacamole, salsa, chips, quesadilla

chiliquiles - very easy very good and authentic

Sep 17, 2010
mtchef in Home Cooking

Dreading a Sustainability Backlash

it wont last not because of coolness lost or any reason we choose the govt is working to end social trade of food. it is also on its way to control the food system through agri giants. you and i will not legally be able to grow, buy, sell, trade locally/regionally small produced foods. as people concerned about where our food comes from and how it tastes please check the following link:
please express your concerns to friends/family etc about bill S510

Aug 14, 2010
mtchef in Features

passing through vegas

any1 know where to get truffle porducts?
ie butter tapenade fresh

Oct 24, 2009
mtchef in Las Vegas

passing through vegas

i think ranch 99 should work for most of my needs. im also looking for some good seafood. truffles. and wyagu got any suggestions?

Oct 22, 2009
mtchef in Las Vegas

passing through vegas

any really intresting food shops(markets) there? (looking for odds and ends for a weekend retreat).
also looking for a lunch spot while we wait for friends flight.

Oct 19, 2009
mtchef in Las Vegas

4-5 meals/cities in one day

im planning a trip at least three of us maybe more will be starting jackson wyoming breakfast will be here. must include flight times. thinking about ending in napa?? very open to suggestions. this is my first thoughts on flight plan-> jackson wy ->boise id-> somewhere in southern oregon-> then one or two cities in northern california. were going for quality of taste, while also recognizing the regions products. help me out with advice very very open other than starting point nothing is set. avg flight speed is 130 so please allow for travel time

Jun 15, 2009
mtchef in Site Talk