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Itinerary set ~ what to eat?

Hello everyone. I will be heading into SF for the first time and being that I love food my trip is revolving around it. I have my mind set on the places below (with some that I'm sure are questionable) but am looking for particular dishes these restaurants do well.

Thanking you in advance!

Day 1
TADICH GRILL ~late lunch - planning on Cioppino and Sand Dabs
GITANE ~meeting a friend for drinks and planning on apps at the bar since we flew in from the NY Metro area earlier in the day I don't know how hungry I will be since it will still be East Coast time for me.

Day 2
HOG ISLAND OYSTER BAR ~ Late lunch before an evening Alcatraz tour. Planning on Grilled Cheese and Oysters.
SLANTED DOOR ~ late dinner after Alcatraz (hence the choice b/c of location) Shaking Beef perhaps?

Day 3
Guided Chinatown tour during the day
MAMACITA ~ Dinner - We don't have great Mexican so even though others have tried to steer me in a different direction I really wanted a place that accepted reservations and had a nice tequila selection and anything pretty to very good is a step up!

Day 4
Mission Tour during the day
NOPA ~ Dinner

Day 5
SUSHI RAN ~ Dinner

Day 6
Lots and lots of gym time!

Jul 19, 2010
Tasi in San Francisco Bay Area

Kid Friendly Places Midtown Times Square Chinatown Everywhere!

I've seen lots of families (and some strollers) at Locande Verde during brunch. Definately a must go-to place.

Jun 01, 2010
Tasi in Manhattan

Kid Friendly Places Midtown Times Square Chinatown Everywhere!

Here are three places that have made my 3 boys (ages 3,3 & 5) very comfortable during dinner service.


Blue Smoke

Crispo (but eat early


The earlier you eat the better since the dinner rush really doesn't start until after 7:00. Have fun.

May 27, 2010
Tasi in Manhattan

Good brunch places around Morristown??

On the high-end I like Copeland and for a more casual brunch I prefer Black Horse Pub in Mendham. I agree with the Perona Farms recommendation but it's more like 35+ minutes. Good eats!

Black Horse Pub
1 W Main St, Mendham, NJ 07945

Perona Farms
350 Andover Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

May 25, 2010
Tasi in New Jersey

Carmel Haifa-- Middle eastern in Morris Plains

This is really a take-out place. I wouldn't consider it a restaurant but Jodell's review of the mushroom soup is spot on!

Apr 25, 2010
Tasi in New Jersey

Anyone know a Mediteranean spot in Morris Plains???

It is Carmel Haifa and it really is more of a take-out restaurant. I would never consider eating there unless you are getting a quick bite to eat. With that said, their appetizers, salads and soups are amazing! I do not care for lamb so I stick to the chicken dishes and it was rather bland.

I love their hummus and typically bring in my own serving dish and they fill it up with hummus and a touch of olive oil, olives and spices. This way I can serve it to my guests and it still maintains the proper presentation. They always tell me that this is how they do it in the old world.

Their fattoush is wonderful also. I've had fattoush at higly-touted Illili in Mnahattan and CH is better. Lastly, the homemade wild mushroom soup is the real deal. I "reserve" mine ahead of time since they tend to run out early...even on a summer day.

So with all my babbling I love their sides but their mains are okay. At least their chicken swarma.

Hope this helps.

Apr 25, 2010
Tasi in New Jersey

Food recs near Mennen Arena Morristown?

My vote would be Arthurs or the Dublin Pub. Both interesting and genuine.

Dublin Pub Restaurant
4 Pine St, Morristown, NJ 07960

Mar 28, 2010
Tasi in New Jersey

Oysters in NJ - somewhere between Madison and NYC?

Lucky you! Know Boston very well (culinary wise) and as far as South End goes did enjoy Franklin Cafe and Mistral.

One of my favorite dinners in Boston is starting the evening at Neptune Oyster's Bar for oysters and prosecco and then heading a couple of doors down to Antico Forno for their linguine and clams in parchment paper. I'm in Boston about 4 or 5 times a year and I never miss that type of evening. Right now my favorite bar is Lucky's Lounge, great grub too!

Bon apetit!

Feb 12, 2010
Tasi in New Jersey

Oysters in NJ - somewhere between Madison and NYC?

I am a fan of Neptune Oyster myself ;) I do not know of anyplace that it is in the same league as B & G but for ambience and a raw bar I recommend sitting at the Martini Bar at Copeland Restaurant in Morristown. They have upholpstered chair on wheels that I adore that roll up to the bar and you can have a lovely glass of prosecco and oysters.

Other suggestions would be South City Grill in Mountain Lakes. Enjoy!

Feb 12, 2010
Tasi in New Jersey

Found! Greek in Morris County - moved from Mid-atlantic board

Fantastic!! Will definately check it out!

Dec 26, 2009
Tasi in New Jersey

New Jersey's best burgers: Where Are They Now?

Copeland in Morristown!

Dec 26, 2009
Tasi in New Jersey

Sol Mar/Portuguese Wine, Newark

I was hoping you would reply as I saw a previous post (or was it reply) from you regarding this topic! Yes, it was a very general question but I appreciate you trying to narrow it down. I now remember having the EA and like you said, it was okay. I will look out for "Reserva" being the operative word.

Now to the gym so I can fully enjoy myself tomorrow night!

Sep 18, 2009
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Sol Mar/Portuguese Wine, Newark

Hi. I absolutely love this place and was hoping I could reach out to any fans of Portuguese wines or of this particular restaurant. I am enamored with their handwritten wine menu but unfortunately I cannot recall the wine we ordered the last time. I am hoping someone could steer me in the right direction of a nice red wine in the $20-$40 range.

As always, thank you!!

Sep 14, 2009
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

New York City KIDS Restaurant Week?

Opentable has their list :)

Jun 03, 2009
Tasi in Manhattan

Resto in Madison, NJ -

I think it's very good. It's soo nice not see another Italian restaurant in the area. The only qualm I had with my dinner was that they kept the wine buckets so far removed from the table you had to constantly flag down a waiter to get it for you. Very annonying but if you are only having red this obviously won't pose a problem. The chef/owner does come out to the dining room to see how your meal is which is ALWAYS a nice touch.

I think they will be there for a long time.

Apr 10, 2009
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

V Day lunch in Morristown area

Copeland is also very nice.

Feb 10, 2009
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

BYOB in Morris County NJ ...

Il Mondo Vecchio. Just a note that if it's a Friday or Saturday night a lot of these places may not be willing to do this since they may only be able to accomadate your party for the evening. BYOB is definately the way to go to save money.

Guerriero's has great Southern Italian food but the space is not that special. Provesi has a private area in the downstairs portion of their restuarant but I don't think it could hold 50.

I had to throw a party for 50 women for a non-profit organization and our budget was very tight and we found that the Black Horse Tavern in Mendham had the best deal if you are considering cuisine other than Italian but they are not BYOB. For BYOB I also like Tim Schaffer's in Morristown.

Good luck!

Jan 25, 2009
Tasi in New Jersey

Baby Shower Locations in NJ

I had mine at Copeland's at the Westin Governor Morris but it was much smaller. They do have parties around the pool which could be very nice. Another space I like is the Sidebar which is a part of the Famished Frog. It is like one big living room. Please note that it is a cigar bar but I have been there during the day for children's birthday parties and didn't smell smoke and I was pregnant with twins!

Madison Hotel would be nice but I don't know about Pazzo Pazzo. I have terrible experiences there and the parking may be a hassle but so may the Sidebar for those unfamiliar with the municipal parking outposts.

That is all I can think right now although there are a ton of places!

Jan 20, 2009
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Romantic yet cheap restaurants?

Le Pere Pinard in the LES

If you want to catch an early dinner they have a $18.95 prix fix special from 5:00 to 7:00. If not, the entress are still incredibly reasonable.

Jan 11, 2009
Tasi in Manhattan

Best food(ie) shopping in Manhattan

Wow! Could not have for a better response. Thank you!!

Jan 08, 2009
Tasi in Manhattan

Best food(ie) shopping in Manhattan

The Newport Steak Roast sounds wonderful. What do you think is the best way to cook it?

Jan 08, 2009
Tasi in Manhattan

La Voile lately?

If you wanted to see their menu in full you could go to That may help a touch.

Dec 08, 2008
Tasi in Greater Boston Area

Favorite Pizza in Morris County

Well, thank you! I forgot I posted this and when I opened it up to see what the reponses were I was pleasantly surprised to see this.

I'll definately check them out and I pass by that place a lot and thank you from one HR person to another ;)

Oct 15, 2008
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Drinks near the Blue Room

Thank you so much! Depending on projected alcohol tolerance level maybe we'll have a drink at one of the neighboring bars/lounges, have a drink at the restuarant and then dinner! It's a good thing we are going to Elephant Walk for lunch so I should still have something to hold me over ;)

I'll certainly report back.

Oct 15, 2008
Tasi in Greater Boston Area

Drinks near the Blue Room

Hi. I am going to be back in your wonderful city this week and although I'm pretty set on my eating agenda I would love your input on a place to have cocktails before our dinner at the Blue Room on Saturday night. We don't have any restrictions and we have learned to leave our beautiful preschooler home with the in-laws after the horrendous incident at at the Eastern Standard that left us speechless.

Nonetheless, as always, thank you!!

Oct 14, 2008
Tasi in Greater Boston Area

restaurants near vernon hardyston hamburg crystal springs NJ in sussex county

Andre's is located in Newton and next to Latour it is one of the area's better restuarants.

I grew up in the area and there are few good restuarants. Good luck!

Jul 22, 2008
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Greek in Morristown !?!

That would be terrific! I lived in Astoria for 7 years and you couldn't help but get hooked! Please tell me this is true!!

Good for you for making it to the festival. I wussed out and stayed by my pool it was too darn hot.

On a side note, now dare they say that Muse is Greek is beyond me. It's a a decent bar with some watered down Greek items on the menu.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Jun 24, 2008
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Morris County recommendations

Hmm..I would definately rule out Mexican and the only place somewhat decent is in East Hanover but the name doesn't come to mind. I wish we had Cuban but we don't so that would be out as well.

There are two Vietnamaese restaurants one in East Hanover, Saigon Grill and the other in Florham Park although the name doesn't come to mind as well. I thought I saw a sign outside of Saigon Grill saying it was going to be a Thai restuarant although my eyes could be deceiving me.

For dim sum it would have to be Noodle Chu in Parsippany on Route 46 next to the Home Depot and for Thai I like Thai Nam Phet in Rockaway on Route 46 and Andaman Sea in Morristown.

My favorite brunch is at the Black Horse Pub in Medham and there are few decent diners in Denville. I don't eat a lot of sushi and when I do I like the fro fro places so I wouldn't be much help.

As far as gems go, we like takeout at Pollo Pucular (rotisserie chicken) on MLK road in Morristown and Raouls Empanada's in Morristown as well. I hope I was somewhat helpful?

Jun 17, 2008
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Central Morristown, NJ

Ah, knowing you are from LA I would definately eliminate anything Asian. I also missed the more casual part so with all this said I would still recommend Guerriero's and Raoul's. For breakfast and lunch you should head over to Jersey Boy Bagels on South Street.

The Jersey experience is totally the diner experience but the Morristown Diner is horrible so I can't recommend it. At a diner you will get your Greek specialities as well as typically diner food that we in this area take for granted. If you have access to a car definately eat at a diner.

Philly cheese steaks and trenton tomato pies need not apply. Now you are getting into the territory of North Jersey vs South Jersey! ;


Lastly, the towns along the train line worth walking around is Madison and Summit to just name a few.

Curlz, great to see a fellow empanada fan ~ deep fried turnovers lovingly filled with everything!

May 23, 2008
Tasi in General Tristate Archive

Central Morristown, NJ

Hi. In Morristown proper my recommendations are as follows:

Guerriero's on South Street
A very popular red, sauce Italian restaurant. Morristown has more than its fair share of Italian restaurants and this one does a nice job. It's certainly not haute Italian but you are not going to find that in Morristown anyway. Reservations are a must and they have 2 seatings. 5 & 6 and you have to be out the door by 8:00 pm or a seating at 8:00 pm and you can stay to closing. Their rules not mine.

Andaman or Origin. I prefer Andaman and their seafood dishes are excellent but Origin is more "happening."
147 Morris St. (bet. Elm & King Sts.) Directly across from the train station

Tim Schafers
I like their game but other dishes are pretty good. Not earth-shattering but above average. They are located directly across from the Hyatt.

In the Hyatt is Ming II and Mendhi. I haven't been to either but one is high-end Chinese and the other is high-end Indian. I have been to the lounge SW3 or something like that and they are trying to hard to be like a Manhattan lounge but after living in Manhattan for 14 years I can safely say they are trying to hard but that is another post.

Sushi Lounge which is another Morristown hot spot. Most restaurants are BYO so it's nice to have one that has a liquor license.

My ultimate foodie favorite is Raoul's Empanadas on Morris Street. We LOVE it there and during the lunch on the weekdays it is filled with either Morristown high school students or local business people and late at night you have the after the bar munchie crowd. The place is great and we even had them cater my twin's 2nd birthday. I take my toddlers there all the time.

As far as NJ specialties go nothing comes close to an egg, Taylor Ham and cheese breakfast sandwich. Anything with Taylor ham (or others call is pork roll) is very NJ and it is hard to find outside of the area with the exception of Philly. Even my husband from nearby Long Island never heard of it until he fell in love with a Jersey Girl.

It would also be helpful to know where you are coming from (regionally) so I could elminate certain recommendations.

As far as stops off of the Morristown train line that would take a whole other post! Hope this helps for now.

BTW, I work in Manhattan and lived in the city for quite some time if you need additional information and/or recommendations.

May 22, 2008
Tasi in General Tristate Archive