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Black Pudding in Washington DC?

Classic Cigars and British Goodies in Clarendon has a fine selection of British food imports like Cumberland sausage, meats pies and Aero Bars. I dont remember specifically seeing black pudding there but i bet they would have it. I have not been in a good three months so my memory is fading.

Classic Cigars and British Goodies
3020 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, Virginia 22201
(703) 525-6511

Abalone in Northern VA

Super H Mart in Fairfax has them. I was their today and there was a large display over ice. I did not take note of the price though.

Best Milkshakes in DC

Anybody know where to get really good milkshakes in DC? Yes, i have been to Good Stuff and done the rounds there. The toasted marshmallow is awesome! What other places serve up shakes of that caliber?