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Where's the best pizza in or near Ferndale, WA?

I don't like pizza, but my partner is very fond of it. I am willing to eat GOOD pizza occasionally. What's available around here besides Little Caesar and Dominoes?

Jun 20, 2015
Kim Cooper in Pacific Northwest

Oregon-grown Cranberries

Hi Melanie-- we just moved to Ferndale WA, but I've been through Bandon. They offer some really tasty cranberry candies.

May 28, 2015
Kim Cooper in Pacific Northwest

China Village (Albany) is open!

Are Great China and China Village related?

Best brand of frozen fish to make homemade filet-o-fish?

Where? I have been looking for Icelandic brand fish cakes for years -- ever since my local store quit carrying them. I used to eat them for breakfast every morning.

Nov 03, 2014
Kim Cooper in General Topics

31st Union, San Mateo

Just a brief note about our dinner this evening at 31st Union (at Ellsworth and Baldwin I think -- across from Trag's)
We had:
barley wine (which is really ale with 11% alcohol)
lavender soda --mild, slightly sweet
pork sausage sliders with a stonefruit chutney?
Kennebunk french fries with lemon aoli (spelling?) and ketchup
chicken confit tacos with tiny mini shoestring potatoes
local roasted root vegetables with goat cheese and hazelnuts
and, for dessert,
berries with mint cream.
Everything was great, but the real standout was the root vegetables!

What happened to 231 Ellsworth? [San Mateo]

Thanks. Joshua Murillo. I'll watch for him. do you have any idea which one of the chefs made the lamb bacon?

What happened to 231 Ellsworth? [San Mateo]

Thanks for the link. Let me know if you hear where the chef reappears.

What happened to 231 Ellsworth? [San Mateo]

We were really disappointed to see that 231 Ellsworth had closed. Does anyone know where the chef went? When did it close?
We usually go there on our birthday (end of April) but didn't this year because my partner, Joyce, had been in a bad car accident and wasn't fully recovered by then, so we postponed it -- next thing we heard, it was gone.
I did search for it here on chowhound, but there was nothing recent.

China Bistro San Mateo

Where is it?

Fassia in San Mateo

three of us had dinner at Fassia on 25th Ave in San Mateo Friday evening. We liked it.
We ordered two appetizers: Merguez sausage and Briouat b'jaban (herbed goat cheese wrapped in phyllo dough and fried).They each came with a serving of mesclun salad, so we didn't have to order salad separately (our son doesn't eat anything green, so two salads were all we needed.)the flavors were great -- the phyllo dough was a bit more greasy than ideal, but certainly acceptable. The sausage was very good, with a subtle difference from the merguez I'm used to, but I couldn't place what the difference was.
My spouse had the B'stilla Fassia for her entree. She loved it-- it's bastilla, but using duck instead of chicken. The sweetness was suitably subtle -- just right. I had lamb tagine with artichokes. Again, subtlety is the word -- I think I detected a faint hint of rose on the first bite. Very tender and tasty. Big chunks of artichoke heart. Our son had the lamb kebabs. He didn't say anything but cleaned his plate -- fairly unusual for him. They came with fries. And hot sauce which he didn't even try, but my spouse pronounced good. The bread they served was very fresh hot rolls subtly flavored with anise -- and we all kept asking for more, even the kid. We shared one dessert-- a honey nougat "ice cream" that was very impressive.
the woman who waited on us was warm and pleasant but not overly talkative. Great.
We were shocked that the place was nearly empty on a Friday night. Perhaps it was the price. I think our bill (a glass of sparkling wine and a soft drink included) came to about $120 including tax.
We would recommend this place.

China Village (Albany) is open!

We will want to hear about the developing organic vegetable farming as it develops. Maybe someone will set up a big aquaponics farm for fish too.

china village reopening [Albany]

Looking forward to it! I hope we do manage to organize a Chowdown.

driving from the bay area to monterey bay next friday - where do eat along the drive?

Passion fish in Monterey, but in Santa Cruz, we like O'Mei unique Chinese food. It's not as good as it used to be, but it's still one of the tastiest in the greater bay area.
In Half Moon Bay, we like the brunch at Cetrella.

Had dinner at ABC Bakery and Cafe, San Mateo

We had dinner at ABC Bakery and Cafe tonight. When we walked in, the board of specials greeted us -- entirely in Chinese.
the waiter said, "Two?" we said yes and he led us to a booth (nice decor) and plopped the menus down and walked away without saying anything, smiling or even looking at us.
It was a long time before someone came to take our order -- and it was someone else, and we had to practically hang out of the booth to get their attention. No, it was not busy -- about a third of the tables were occupied.
The menu didn't explain much. So we ordered cautiously.
The curried chicken with rice came first. It was very good, though I would have preferred more vegetables.
The fried calamari appetizer came several minutes later. It was tender and hot, but seemed to have no seasoning in the batter, and the tartar sauce with it was okay but rather mayonnaise-y.
Last, we got roasted duck lo mein. the noodles were luke warm, the duck refrigerator cold, the greens too big to eat without a knife. The bowl of broth that accompanied it was very hot -- enough to warm the noodles for quite a while.
The waiter refilled our tea once, but that was fine.
All in all, we weren't impressed.
And there was no sign of any bakery goods in the place at all. No dessert was offered to us, nor in the menu. Apparently, you can order cakes two days in advance. We saw that on the outside of the window as we were leaving. We went somewhere else for dessert.

Fire at China Village (Albany)

Has anyone heard any more? We anxiously await their re-opening!

Any Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Peninsula or South Bay?

I haven't been to Japan so I'm not sure what's authentic, but Inshou in San Mateo (Marina Shopping Center) is wonderful and most of the patrons are Japanese. It's small plates, and very different from most of the Japanese restaurants around here.

Foie Gras countdown...

Oh no! How do you learn the code??!!?? :-)

Fried Chicken South of San Francisco

I just came to Chowhound to ask the same question! What's in the area and better than the KFC?

Root Beer -- housemade or good bottle selection??

We've been drinking SodaStream carbonated water flavored with Torani's Root Beer flavor. I just thought I would mention it -- my spouse loves it, I think it's too sweet and simple. IF you're doing a tasting, something like that might help to point out the differences. And make you appreciate the better ones.

Fire at China Village (Albany)

We went to eat at China Village today and were shocked to find them closed. There was a sign in the window.
Clearly, I should check with you guys before going out to eat.

Fire at China Village (Albany)

Many years ago, when I worked in a restaurant kitchen, the boss said they got the chimney professionally cleaned frequently -- I don't remember how often, but I think it may have been monthly. I can see that it would be tempting to do it less frequently in bad times, but it's obviously a dangerous place to cut costs. I don't know that they did anything like that, but I just meant to say it builds up very fast.

Tommy's Joynt: One I can check off the list [San Francisco]

It keeps the tourists out of the other restaurants?

Tommy's Joynt: One I can check off the list [San Francisco]

It's been years since I was there, but the buffalo stew was just meat and gravy, no potatoes or carrots. I think of stew as having both, and sometimes other stuff.

Please help us get excited about SF again! (a little long)

My partner lived in Manhattan for ten years, though it was a while ago. She says she thinks high end food is comparable here and NY, but different, but the thing with the low end ethnic is they are very different: we have much more diversity in Asian, but not much European, whereas NY has much more European.

Best Ethiopian in Bay Area?

No, we couldn't find a date around then, and she's gone on to other studies. However, we may yet do it someday -- today we went to her five year birthday party.
the few times I've had Ethiopian I've loved it.

British style Indian restaurant

We had Indian food last night (Ajanta in Albany) and I had a dish I had not heard of before: Dakshini Lamb. It was really good (you can get food at various levels of spiciness there). why have I not seen it anywhere else?


several years ago, the first Chowhound event we attended was a blind BBQ tasting. Memphis Minnie's won first place. Everett and Jones won both second and last place -- two different sites.
Because we had such a fun time at this tasting and made our first connection to Chowhounders, I've read most of the posts on BBQ over the years. My overall opinion is they vary so much from day to day and hour to hour and site to site, that it's almost useless to discuss. You pays your money and you takes your chances...
I've never had "real" BBQ so I have no opinion - we go to Armadillo Willy's in Foster City sometimes.

Kale? [split from SF Bay]

I love turnips, but what do you do to make kale palatable?

Jan 23, 2012
Kim Cooper in Home Cooking

Please help us get excited about SF again! (a little long)

Tai Wu was good for both, but they were exceptional for the friendly and helpful service. the menu is pretty extensive -- familiar dishes and some not so familiar. (The service at dim sum wasn't exceptional, but only because the ladies don't speak much English)
Oh, and if you think you would like less authentic updated California-Chinese, try Oceanic in San Mateo on El Camino at about 25th. Everything is delicious. And they are friendly. Cilantro Chicken is our favorite.

Please help us get excited about SF again! (a little long)

When you are looking for a not-inexpensive place, try All Spice in San Mateo for Indian fusion. It's California/ Indian. And we love it. It's relatively new.