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Old fashioned cooked vanilla frosting???

They are fantastic! Thanks for your input! The frosting is yummy and keeps just fine on the counter. No issues with adding food coloring either.

Dec 25, 2011
niceray19 in Home Cooking

Old fashioned cooked vanilla frosting???


Can food coloring be added to old fashioned cooked vanilla frosting?

Would anyone suggest this for red velvet cupcakes?

Is this a frosting that should be consumed right away or will it keep overnight in the fridge?

Any advice/help with this frosting would be much appreciated. I have never made it before but want to steer away from the standard cream cheese frosting for these cupcakes.

Thanks in advance!

Dec 23, 2011
niceray19 in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? September 2011, part 2 [old]

I think that by freezing it, it immediately plummets to the bottom on the batter. After having it in the fridge for about 45 mins it was completely solid....

Sep 19, 2011
niceray19 in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? September 2011, part 2 [old]

I made these delectable chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. They are incredibly scrumptious but the ganache center sunk to the bottom. Any tips??? I refrigerated it for about 45 mins before placing it atop the cake batter.

Sep 18, 2011
niceray19 in Home Cooking

Lobster Dinner in February!

Sans-Souci Restaurant, Meriden CT.

I'm planning a birthday dinner for about 8-10 people. Has anyone heard of Sans Souci? The prices seem excellent but it looks dated as far as decor and atmosphere. This birthday is for someone who will be 25. I am also interested in Trumbull Kitchen in Hartford. Anyone with any advise please share!

Royal River Grillhouse, not so royal

I too recently had a thoroughly horrible experience at the RRGH. I went for dinner a couple weeks ago and ordered the hangar and scallop plate. My friend ordered a salad and the mussels as a meal. When the meals came I was certainly not impressed with the portions or the burned bacon wrapped scallops, but was more concerned that the hangar had the consistency of the heel of my shoe. As a general rule I personally don't complain to the staff about a bad meal, in my opinion there is never any good that can come of it in terms of the quality of the food BUT... since the steak in its entirety was clearly a bad cut I had to say something. I was apologetic and sincere as again, iim a firm believer that you don't f*** with those that handle your food, especially if you expect a decent meal in the future; I explained that the steak was bad cut and that it was inedible, plain and simple. Her response was, "well this is a hangar steak so..." I immediately cut her off and explained that I was throughly familiar with the type of cut and that this hangar was like rawhide, I said I would be happy with another hangar if it was the correct cut and she looked at me like I should be eating cube steak and ketchup before saying all to bluntly, well they're all the same, sir. Like I'm the ONLY one who ordered this steak and thought it wasn't right? I ordered the prime, but at that point I was furious and by the time I got my steak my friends meal was gone.. the meal was completely ruined. I would have expected a free desert or comp'd drink but that didn't happen, and since then I realize that this is common place for this establishment. The kicker was on the way out I talked to the hostess who informed me that mine was the THIRD hangar that was sent back that evening....

7 Portes in Barcelona

Can you tell me if there are any "must haves" as far as food goes on the drive from Valencia to Barcelona along the coast?

Nov 17, 2009
niceray19 in Spain/Portugal

Alright Ft. Lauderdale, lets hear about some cheap(er) eats!

Try Le Tub in Hollywood. They have amazing burgers and fries. It's a simple place run by two funny, brash, older men. It's right on the water and the view is fantastic.

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

Seafood recs in Barcelona

I was thinking about 7 Portes as well but I read all of these terrible reviews on

It doesn't seem worth it. And the menu is in 7 different languages???

Nov 17, 2009
niceray19 in Spain/Portugal

7 Portes in Barcelona

Going to Barcelona in Jan. I've checked out this place's website and read some reviews. Does anyone have any suggestions? It looks fancy but is the food good? The pictures of their paella look fantastic. Is it worth the money or can I skip it?

Nov 17, 2009
niceray19 in Spain/Portugal

dinner in portland

its DOable but in the chillier weather a cab or your car might be in order. a cab may make more sense because, like many portland restaurants, grace doesn't have its own parking. its all on street which on a friday can be an issue. also portland harbor may offer a driver to its guests. but again walking is totally DOable if you don't mind the cold. i'd say a cab is probably not any more then $4 or $5, its really not far from your hotel.

Best food all over New England?

In Portland ME visit Grace. It just opened in July in a refurbished church. It's beautiful and they have a fantastic menu. Visit the wed site to see what I mean. You can get a good feel of the place from the pictures on their site, they also have their menu posted. Make reservations and request to sit upstairs in the mezzanine.

The Farmer's Table - Old Port Dining (Portland, ME)?

When you return try Grace.

dinner in portland

I would suggest Grace. It's new to Portland (opened in July) and its in a refurbished church. Even if you don't plan to eat here, just going in to see how magnificent the place is, is worth it. It's a great place for bar dining or more formal dining. Its located on Chestnut St. Reservations are not required but suggested because they get pretty busy, especially on the weekends. It's two levels- the main bar is located on the first floor and is equipped with 30 bar stools perfect for eating at. Upstairs you will find a lounge with comfy overstuffed chairs as well as another bar which is more of a standing room area. From here you also have a fantastic view of the open concept kitchen as well as the bar crowd on the main floor. The bar and lounge are first come first serve but if you are looking to sit down and be served make a reservation for mezzanine seating- the view is marvelous. I've included their website which also lists their menu- it changes frequently, right now there are quite a few Fallish items to choose from. The food is eclectic, local, and just down right good!

Spending New Year's in Valencia and 4 days in Barcelona. Where to eat?

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Spain for New Year's in a little over a month; flying into Valencia and driving up to Barcelona a few days later. We both love good food and I've been doing my research on the hound trying to find local non-tourist traps we can visit for tapas, lunch, or dinner. I keep reading about how places are changing often and new ones are popping up all the time. I definitely want to have authentic paella amongst other things (wine, pastries, seafood, fresh meat). Please suggest any fantastic little places in Valencia, Barcelona, and along the drive up to Barcelona. Much appreciated!

Nov 16, 2009
niceray19 in Spain/Portugal

Great Meal at The Salt Exchange, Portland ME!

Haven't tried the food looks yummy! I went there for drink the other night and was charged $12 for an espresso martini. For Portland that's a lot, we're not in Miami people. However the other drinks we ordered were fantastic and unique and worth every penny.

Caiola's - Wow

Ok.. my opinion has been altered slightly. The food is still amazing but I took a party of 8 here this past weekend for my mother's 50th birthday and was very disappointed with the service. I had the reservation for a month so its not as if we had just shown up. We felt incredibly rushed the entire time by our server and the hostess (who was extremely rude). On two occasions we were told that we had to be off of our table at a particular time, we were pressured to order, and hurried through desert. A major let down..

Can anyone recommend a Cup Cake place in South Florida?

The cup cakery is great! But they never seem to be open when I want to buy cupcakes.

Hip & fun restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?

I second Steak 954. Good prices and amazing atmosphere. Fort Laud is in a lull because its Summer but you wouldn't know it if you were at the W. There are also a couple of very nice lounges that just opened up there as well.

Portland Takeout

If you like burritos, try Herbs Gully. Its at 55 Oak St. Best damn, fatty burritos in town.

Caiola's - Wow

This is an extremely well rounded restaurant. Affordable, delicious, fun, comfortable, the best staff, amazing cooks, yummy cocktails. The crab cakes are to die for!