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Just Desserts 6: I want a retraction

So why are you relying on a network that doesn't care about you? People upload the episodes to youtube and to torrent sites. Problem solved.

Oct 27, 2010
abrottman in Food Media & News

Pumpkin Dish Craving

I feel like eating a good pumpkin flavored dish. Google searches are failing me miserably. Anyone had a good pumpkin dish anywhere?

Oct 01, 2009
abrottman in Chicago Area

6 Days in Chicago - Please critique my list

Give yourself time to wait at Frontera, Rick Bayless just won Top Chef Masters and I've heard the place is swamped.

Aug 20, 2009
abrottman in Chicago Area

Tibetan Restaurants?

I recently watched an Anthony Bourdain show where he visited Tibet. Everything he ate there sounded amazing. I've tried looking around for a place via the web and the search on this site, but nothing is coming up.

Anyone know a place? Prefer downtown or NW suburbs but will travel :) Thanks!

Jun 15, 2009
abrottman in Chicago Area