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Two Omnivores and a Vegetarian so need Veggie friendly but not Veggie restaurant please help me narrow my choices

mangeur and Chef June,

Last trip with her we did have an excellent meal at Maceo.
Just trying to give her a new experience however it is tempting to repeat Maceo, and have included it as an alternative
We eat only one main meal a day, so the other days are reserved for Lunch

We sent our Hotel Concierge this list for evening meals:

David Toutain

Seemed they would all be veggie friendly

two additions in case..L'Alchimiste and Maceo

L'Astrance so far

If you think that any of the above might be a problem or a not so wonderful an experience for a Vegetarian, I would appreciate feedback.

My husband will miss his lobe of Fois, but my daughter would be horrified at the sight of this delicacy.
So no Brasserie this trip.

Aug 13, 2015
erly in France

Two Omnivores and a Vegetarian so need Veggie friendly but not Veggie restaurant please help me narrow my choices

Hi John,
Are you recommending Brasserie La Lorraine as more Veggie friendly than the others, or as especially good?
We have never been there.
I couldn't imagine asking my daughter to eat Sauerkraut as an entree, although as a health nut she might enjoy it as fermented foods are now on their radar.
Read your site, and had not known that you had a connection to Toronto.
Come again and it would be our pleasure to take you to dinner.
Loved your remarks about the tats

Aug 10, 2015
erly in France

Two Omnivores and a Vegetarian so need Veggie friendly but not Veggie restaurant please help me narrow my choices

Thank you that is now a definite.
Would you have ay other suggestions?
Especially a Brasserie that would acommodate a Vegetarian

Aug 10, 2015
erly in France

Peking duck in North York

Asian Legend
2 north york locations

Mar 02, 2015
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Delhi and Jaipur recommendations appreciated

Would like current suggestions for Delhi and Jaipur
Trying to break the habit of eating at Hotels in India.
Also is there a cooking lesson available in Jaipur?
Recommendations greatly appreciated
Price is not terribly important, but all places considered, as the best food is not always the most expensive

Sep 30, 2014
erly in India & South Asia

Wild salmon

For the past few weeks I have been buying Wild Chinook Salmon from Diana's.
It is truly delicious.
My standby has been Wild Irish Salmon also from Diana's but have not seen it for a while.
Except for making Gravlox, I now prefer the Chinook.

Feb 13, 2014
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Wow!! - TWO rare finds in one day!!

which Costco has Chanterelles?
Would Warden or Woodbine have them now?

Nov 01, 2013
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Need help for reservation in Paris

they do not request a c.c.
There were several tables for one when we were there, and they went out of their way to make them comfortable, even when a single lady requested all of the cheeses on the gigantic two tiered stand.
She then requested a doggy bag, as well.
He didn't even roll his eyes.
Our lunch was over three hours of pure delight.

Oct 15, 2013
erly in France

Need help for reservation in Paris

We were in and out of L'Arpege in less than two hours
I have already written a negative review.
Seems that regulars get special treatment.Our meal was just o.k. but we did see wonderful dishes pass by.
Wouldn't recommend it
we had lunch at Ledoyen several weeks ago, and were treated royally, and the meal was delicious
110E, but this includes the cheese course.
The servers were delightful, young, and perfect.
Each course was described clearly,
and they went out of their way to satisfy our vegetarian daughter.
Much more relaxed atmosphere than I remembered.
Will return in te Spring.

Oct 14, 2013
erly in France

Old School Chinese Restaurant (like China House,RIP)

Lee Garden on Spadina is our answer to Canadian Chinese.
We Went to Sea Hi, about a year ago, and could not believe how bad the food was.
Loved the ribs (honey garlic especially) from Lichee Gardens, and sort of liked China House, but find ourselves at Lee Garden at least once a Month.
No fancy round tables, or dried noodles on the table, but no MSG, and it is the only Chinese restaurant that we are aware of that doesn't steal the Lobster Roe for their dim sum.
They are also very nice, and the menu is in English as well as Cantonese.

Le Cinc-Yet Again and Again Marvelous

We had the almost identical lunch on Saturday, so I won't repeat the menu.
exception being mussels and crab rather than the razor clam..
We had not enjoyed our last meal at Le Cinq,
but our daughter was with us, and the room is so beautiful that we decided to take her there.
On our last visit, the servers were competent but just.
On this magic day everything was perfect, the food and the service.
The servers could not have been nicer, and one proudly told us when that the mustard in the sauce was from his town...
another that the olive oil was from Italy, and he was Italian.
They catered to our vegetarian daughter,
The Foie Gras ravioli in broth was one on the best dishes that I have ever eaten.
So many excellent tastes.
Was so full but couldn't resist the marshmallow coated strawberry lollipop
Will definitely return
Hadn't even realized that we were there for 3 1/2 hours.

Sep 19, 2013
erly in France

vegetarian friendly restaurants in Brussels?

Thank you Lizzard and AbiBrussels
Did not expect such an excellent response.
Will go to Ghent Thursday, as well.
My daughter will love the experience.

Aug 11, 2013
erly in Europe

Lyon - a few specific recommendations

Trust the Concierge at Cour Des Loges.
Unless things have changed in 3 years take a small reading light.
Great Hotel, very dim lighting
There is a wonderful local cheese that we were introduced to at an excellent husband and wife run Restaurant close to the Hotel, Les Retrouvalles.
The cheese is St. Marcellin and it is regional.
Have been told that it doesn't travel well,
we purchased it at the market, some fruit and a baguette and had a delightful Lunch.

Aug 10, 2013
erly in France

best fixed price Sunday brunch in Paris 3*

Sunday Lunch would be fine
any suggestions appreciated.

Aug 09, 2013
erly in France

best fixed price Sunday brunch in Paris 3*

Also, last year I discovered that Rostang offers the Lunch only online, and the Concierge at our Hotel could not book it for us
any suggestions would be appreciated.

Aug 09, 2013
erly in France

vegetarian friendly restaurants in Brussels?

Preferably within walking distance of Grand Place,.
Unfortunately I can't think of any.
We are familiar with the area, as we come every year to "Mood" formerly Decosit.
We are traveling with our Vegetarian daughter, and I am drawing a total blank.
So we will travel if necessary
We can do the Blue elephant (Indian) one night, but what about the other 6?
Would appreciate any feedback
Thanks in advance.

Aug 08, 2013
erly in Europe

Two old foodies coming to Paris with our vegetarian, no GMO will cross my lips daughter

Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental with a view of the Opera.
We have been staying there for more years than I can remember.

and nothing chow worthy nearby.

Aug 07, 2013
erly in France

Two old foodies coming to Paris with our vegetarian, no GMO will cross my lips daughter

possibly I didn't describe my thoughts clearly.
I am not certain which restaurants are very friendly to Vegetarians, but will satisfy carnivores as well..
Maceo is a given as per your suggestion, chef June.
My daughter was sent to school in France, but that was many years ago, and she was just a vegetarian at the time.
We are staying at The Grand Hotel Intercontinental.
She is willing to compromise .
Also I would appreciate a 2 or 3 star which will accommodate her needs graciously.

Aug 06, 2013
erly in France

Two old foodies coming to Paris with our vegetarian, no GMO will cross my lips daughter

It could be worse, her daughter is Vegan.
I have narrowed down the list and would so much appreciate your feedback.
We will be in Paris for two weeks.
Which of the following restaurants should we avoid?
no liquor of any kind.
Eats only organic food at home, and breakfast consists of a green drink, made from spinich kale bananas, etc
We will inform the restaurant in advance.
We are avoiding some of our favorite Brasseries, and L'Ambroisie is out as she thinks that the price is "obscene"
She is probably correct, but she is not a foodie and would never understand.

La Veraison
Les Papilles
Dans Les Landes
Y'am Tha (we have not been)
Chez L'ami Jean
Maceo (safe, we have not been)
Pirouette (we have not been)
Spring (if we can get a reservation??)
Bistrot Paul Bert

We want one grand veggie experience for her at lunch.
set price menu if possible.
I am aware that L'Arpege would be a logical choice.
I am not fond of L'Arpege for many reasons (once did a rant on this board) and the room is not even a little special.

La Grande Cascade
Le Cinq
Verjus (not been)

Would appreciate any suggestions or additions

Aug 06, 2013
erly in France

Tel Aviv Friday and Saturday evening

Anything within walking distance of the David Intercontinental?
We have been to Herbert Samuel, and this was our best meal so far

May 24, 2013
erly in Middle East & Africa

Moderatly Priced Organic Meat In GTA

Galleria supermarket is very reasonable for organic chicken.
It is also the best tasting that I have ever found.
Available from Thursdays on.
Not always in stock beginning of week.

Jan 21, 2013
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Abomination At Bayview

have now been to Pearl Bayview at least a dozen times for dim sum, and have enjoyed every meal.
Not certain about paying 50% more as our other go to for dim sum is Yangs, and it is not cheaper than Pearl.
I quite agree that the quality of O&B in Bayview Village is not up to par.

Dec 06, 2012
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Thoumieux and Jadis question

We seem to frequent the same restaurants each trip, so this time I made reservations for , Les Tablettes, Thoumieux Jadis and L'Agrume, as well as our regular spots.
have not been to any of the above.
I have seem some rather negative reviews re: Jadis and Thoumieux recently, and wonder if we should cancel.
Your input would be greatly appreciated,

Sep 15, 2012
erly in France

Anyone Know Where to Buy Fresh Mackarel in Toronto

Galleria Supermarkets usually stock it fresh.

May 30, 2012
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Formal dinner with elderly parent?

I was about to suggest the Pasta Bar as well.
Excellent, and within your criteria on all counts

May 30, 2012
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pearl at Bayview Village

must agree with Helen
Best sticky rice ever in Toronto
Loved the steamed Bean Curd rolls as well.
In fact, liked everything we ordered each time.
have been half a dozen times and have been pleased with the Dim Sum.
The Dinner menu is very limited but quite decent .
Far better than anything else within a reasonable drive, but not in the category of Yangs, Emperor, etc..

Feb 25, 2012
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

South African Pies

we will be returning to Capetown in January.
Any suggestions in the vicinity?

Dec 01, 2011
erly in Middle East & Africa

Can someone recommend a great Italian restaurant on College?

I dislike old posts.
We have been back to Marinella, and they no longer serve the Whole Fish, and our meal was fine, but not notable.

640 College St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Nov 26, 2011
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chantarelles at Costco?

lots at Warden this week as well.

Nov 25, 2011
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What it's like at Pusateri's nowadays

I will return, but not for many Months, as I want to be certain that all present stock (including shelved items) are gone.

Nov 03, 2011
erly in Ontario (inc. Toronto)