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Looking for cilantro sold with roots in Queens.

Most farmers markets will sell it with the roots intact.

Jan 05, 2015
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Can't find my favorite salsa! L.A girl needs help!

I've seen it at Stop and Shop on 48th Street off of northern blvd.

Dec 28, 2014
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

This place is stellar. Is it loud?...yes....can it get crowded?..yes..but the food is WONDERFUL. If you remember and miss the Aegean Cove in Astoria, you need to go to Yefsi on the upper east side.

Places to write in Queens

Bakeway is another one...although it's dangerous...they have great fresh brewed iced tea and amazing pastries :-)

Mar 03, 2014
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Places to write in Queens

That's what I figured you were looking for :-) By no means is it gourmet, but it's a decent cup of coffee at the very least. Hope this helps!

Feb 25, 2014
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Places to write in Queens

Panera Bread by the movie theater in Astoria. I've spent a whole day at a table studying without any problems :-)

Feb 24, 2014
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

E Taverna, lovely neighborhood Greek restaurant in Astoria: pile up the small plates

Part of why this place is so fabulous is that the owners are connected to Titan supermarket and the now defunct Aegean Cove restaurant...which was also fabulous. A friend of mine knows them and was able to confirm this. Needless to say I came across E Taverna by accident and it is my fave Greek restaurant for sure!

Oct 03, 2013
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

ALDI Coming to Brooklyn - Any Update?

The one in Rego Park just introduced their organic line...Not a lot of items, but definitely affordable...and tasty. I was really surprised! From what I have been reading, they roll out items to see how well they do in different markets. The organic line has been out in other states since last year. I hope it sticks, bc both items I tried were really good.

Feb 05, 2013
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

What has happened to my favorite Greek restaurant in Astoria - Aegean Cove???

It was my favorite too!!! I met the owner through a friend of mine and knew at some point they were planning to close....but literally a week after that convo, it was already closed.

Jul 23, 2012
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Queens County Pop Up Market in Sunnyside..

Mar 13, 2012
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

El Shater sunnyside - moving to Astoria

The sauce is garlic whip.

Nov 03, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

New in Sunnyside

That lard bread is AMAZING! I've started calling Pavlov's bread bc it never fails to make my mouth water.

Jul 20, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

New Food Truck Lot in LIC

A food-truck lot, in a parking lot at 43-29 Crescent Street in Long Island City, Queens will open in two weeks as a daily home for five trucks, and the group is looking for more locations.

The Queens lot is near Citibank offices full of potential customers. Ten trucks have expressed interest, including Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, the Treats Truck, the Milk Truck and Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Soooooooooo, if anyone gets a chance to get to it when they open, please post a review for the rest of us and let us know which food trucks are actually there :-)

Jul 18, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

The best slice of Pizza I've ever had--Full Moon Pizzeria, Da Bronx baby!

I love Full Moon as well. I got a sandwich there..also quite stellar. I'll trek there from Queens any day :-)

May 09, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

El Shater sunnyside - moving to Astoria

Just found out Bliss Bistro closed as well. What can you do :-(

45-20 Skillman Ave, Queens, NY 11104

Apr 16, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Salt and Fat in Sunnyside

Not open yet...I pass by it every day.

Mar 08, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Puerto Rican restaurant?

You want authentic Puerto Rican food? Go to La Fonda Boricua in East Harlem. I work a few blocks away and it never fails to disappoint :-)

Jan 18, 2011
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Where Can I Find a Whole Tres Leches Cake?

Valencia def carries them in any size you want. I've gotten them at the valencia at lex and 105 st. it's pretty good. However you must order it in advance; tres leches is not readily available at the store like some of their other cakes.

Nov 30, 2010
DrBey2003 in Manhattan

Meatball Hero - sunnyside, woodside, LIC, Greenpoint, Maspeth, Roosevelt ave

When I want some good Italian close to home I go to
Valdiano's on manhattan avenue in greenpoint. I'm on autopilot when I go there. It's on the same block as dunkin donuts on corner of bedford ave and manhattan ave. Not a huge Menu but it's not needed bc what they do, they do well! Been Going there forever and their chicken parm is great. Never Had meatball hero but have had their meatballs and they're good. It's cash only but prices are reasonable. Check it out if you get a chance.

659 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Sep 28, 2010
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

New in Sunnyside: Lenny's Pizza

I was waiting for someone else's take on this place. Lenny is a nice guy.
I was surprised there was an actual Lenny :-) However I
Agree with the other two posters who gives this place a thumbs down. Huge
Slice, no flavor. Only decent slice I dig in this hood is Marbellas a few blocks
Down from this place on greenpoint ave.

Sep 28, 2010
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

For All UFC Jackson Heights Fans....

There is a Groupon today August 12....$5 for $10 worth of chow...Get one if you get a chance :-)

Aug 12, 2010
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Cannelle Patisserie in Queens

I went on Saturday and was dissappointed not because of the food (which was really good) but because I got there around 5-5:30. They were out of most of the sandwiches, were down to one soup, and 2 quiches. They were really nice though, and said they make their last batch of sandwiches at 2 and once they are done, they are done. Despite my disappointment, it's nice to know the food is very fresh and the pastries were really good. I'll go again, just much earlier :-)

Mar 01, 2010
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Korean chicken wings...

I went to UFC the other day and loved it! I understand there is a another place with wings near the 61st street stop in Woodside...has anyone been there and how does it compare to UFC? Thanks in advance for feedback.

Feb 17, 2010
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Sonali Indian Cuisine, new in Sunnyside!

I tried that new pizza place. Not the best I've had, but definitely better than anything I've tried in Sunnyside. The owners are very nice actually...they are from Brooklyn :-)

Nov 23, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Anyone been to - "I Love Py" in Sunnyside

I went there for breakfast once...the bread wasn't fresh and eggs overdone. I was passable because I was hungry. Haven't had their soups though, so can't put my two cents in for that.

Nov 23, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Sunnyside Pizzeria

Hello all,

So I'm on my way home and notice this little hole in the wall place...reminds me of pizza place in Brooklyn I used to go to. I have to say, it's not half bad. The place is small and the menu is small, but compared to these other places that call themselves pizzeria's, this place is a step above. I chatted it up with the owner for a bit...they are from Gravesend, Brooklyn. I ordered a plain slice just to have a baseline...liked it enough to get another to go. This place is just off 40th street and queens blvd.

Sunnyside Pizzeria
4001A Queens Blvd.

Has anyone else checked it out?

Nov 16, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

The Pine in Queens

Isn't the Pine now called Frankie and Johnny's?

Sep 08, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Roma’s Ice Cream Store

Roma's Ice Cream Store
103-04 Roosevelt Ave.

I saw a write up in the Daily News about their funky ice cream and ice pop flavors. Has anyone been who can give a review? I want to know if it's worth the trip.

Aug 25, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

golden raspberries in queens?

Stop and Shop off of Northern Blvd and 48th Street. just saw them there on Friday night...and they looked GREAT.

Jul 21, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs

Sunnyside CFC....

Widmark, I am SO LOVING U!!!! I went to Chu Ying today. Didn't have my car, so I hopped on the 32 bus, got off at 69th street and trekked down to woodside avenue. Ate the egg roll while waiting for the bus back and was overcome at how divine it was. Got home, tried my staple of chicken with broccoli, and smiled. This is IT! I get c&b whenever I try a new place. If it's decent, then i explore the rest of the menu. I WILL be exploring the rest of the menu. Finally, a real chinese restaurant!! By the way, they deliver to least that is what one of the waitresses told me.

Jul 13, 2009
DrBey2003 in Outer Boroughs