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Business Dinner Group of 10-14 Near Downtown Rennaisance

Any suggestions for an April business dinner not too much more than a 10 minute cab ride from the Downtown Renaisance?

Prefer anything that is uniquely DC but if there is no such thing just good food and an atmosphere where you can have a conversation. Private dining rooms would be a plus.

Pricewise...If Seasonal Pantry or Minibar is a "5" and McDOnald's is a "1", I am looking for a "3" or "4".

Thanks in advance

Anything to Eat in the Kirkland Area?

Family will be staying in Kirkland for a few days before finishing our trip downtown. Like most foodies, would like to visit someplace that is unique to the area and the Pacific Northwest. Is there anything nearby?

Jul 23, 2011
awang429 in Greater Seattle

Staying @ 630 N. Rush Sheraton FOur POints Cheap/Moderate Eats of Any Kind

I'm at the Sheraton Four Points. Love Asian, love Italian, love unique eats. Not interested in any particularly high end dining. What's within Walking distance?

Oct 16, 2010
awang429 in Chicago Area

Nice Brunch in KC

I've searched the archives and can't find anything recent that really gives me what I'm looking for: Nice Sunday Brunch. Not too expensive or formal (e.g., Peppercorn, Benton's, Intercontinental) not too informal or everyday (e.g., Cinzetti's). We've likes Bristol and Figlio's but would like to try solmething new.

Any suggestions? North of 135th, between 435 on the east and west, SOuth of the river.

Thanks so much

7201 W 91st St, Overland Park, KS 66212

209 W 46th Ter, Kansas City, MO 64112

Mar 28, 2010
awang429 in Great Plains

Family with Young kids Marriott Wardman Park

Our first evening in DC. We just checked-in. What is there within a 5-10 minute walk that is affordable (for DC). Italian would be good, American/Continental other suggestions would be appreciated if those aren't available. Kids aren't too adventurous after a day of traveling

Same request for breakfast tomorrow morning.

THanks in advance

Yakitori across from Tian Sing/Cyril Magnin

I'm looking for interesting places to eat in the Union Square area I've had dim sum at Tian Sing (okay) and might like to find some Yakitori, Southeast Asian or Indian. I saw a Japanese place across from Tian Sing and wondered if that was any good. I also can see a place called Naan n Curry from my hotel.

Any tips?

Breakfast Between Serrano Hotel and Moscone?

asian? ethnic? Unique American? Anything unique or simply good. I ended up at Mel's at it was only so-so. I've got four more mornings here. You were kind enough to reply. I'll take whatever suggestions you have

Breakfast Between Serrano Hotel and Moscone?

Any chance I could get some advice on a decent place to stop-in for breakfast as I walk from my hotel Serrano (405 Taylor) and the Moscone Center?

THought I'd give it a try....

Good Cheap eats in Evanston?

I'm going up to visit my alma mater? Any good cheap eats (except Pizza) that I shouldn't miss. I like pizza, I'm just not in the mood


Apr 07, 2008
awang429 in Chicago Area

CHinese on Foot from 630 N Rush

Can you get decent chinese within walking distance from the Sheraton Four Points? Any good asian ethnic food nearby? What about pasta, I need something spicy

Thanks so much

Apr 05, 2008
awang429 in Chicago Area

Eats Sheraton 4Pts 630 East Rush

Is there anything typically Chicago or really good cheap eats near the Sheraton Four Points? Even better if they're open late. I'm traveling without wife and kids for the first time in a long time and would like to indulge the chowohund in me with a late night snack or a good cheap eats run on one or two of the next three nights I'm here.

While I'm at it I might as well ask about someplace that would be open for breakfast early (6 or 7am)

Finally Has anyone been to the Whilte Palace? WHat do you think?

Apr 04, 2008
awang429 in Chicago Area

Best: Chinese in Chinatown, DimSum Chinatown

Could you give me some ideas for the best chinese in and dim sum in Chinatown? What about best Chinese on or near MagMile and Best Family-owned diner near Mag Mile?

Jan 19, 2008
awang429 in Chicago Area

Best Chow Best Doughnuts in Oceanside, CA

Looking for a unique lunch, dinner place in Oceanside that reflects the essence of /Ocenaside southern CA .

Also, I've never seen so many donuts shops (and I'm from the midwest!) WHich is the best?

Jun 27, 2007
awang429 in California