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I love food (and am in Denmark in August).. Where should I go (besides Noma)...

First, we go to many good places (Alinea, Le Bernadin, Clio etc,). We are in Denmark in August - noma is already on our list... what else should I be looking into? And, is noma worth the hype?!?

Thanks in advance.

Feb 26, 2012
jscott in Europe

Getting into London late (after 10pm) on a Thursday - any recommendations


My wife and I are arriving late on a Thursday evening in June. Looking for late night dining recommendations - staying in Kensington area.


Apr 01, 2011
jscott in U.K./Ireland

Newport Dinner: Black Pearl, Mooring or the Pier?

The Mooring - or (even better) Talullah!

Jan 31, 2011
jscott in Southern New England

I need to host a dinner for 50 in Jerusalem


We are travelling with a group to Jerusalem - this summer. I need to host a dinner (sunday evening) for 50 people. I would love to avoid the hotels. Any suggestions? Israeli/Med food, grilled meats and fish work well.... Thanks in advance.

Jan 23, 2011
jscott in Middle East & Africa

NEWPORT, R.I. (Need a Nice Family Place w/Good Food!))

Red Parrott and Brick Alley pub are nothing special (you can eat at a place like this anywhere in the US) - not a place I would go on a holiday (esp. on an anniversary). I would suggest: The Moorings, White Horse Tavern or Cooke House. They will be pricier than Red Parrot, but worth it. If you want to go really crazy ($$ and food), call the Spiced Pear or Inn at Castle Hill.

Spiced Pear Restaurant
117 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, RI 02840

Red Parrot
348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

Nov 03, 2010
jscott in Southern New England

24 Hours in Hong Kong - Need Advice

I will be in Hong Kong for about 24 hours on an upcoming Sunday in November. I am looking for advice as to how to structure my eating for the day. I am staying in Kowloon - willing to travel around for food. What would your suggestion be for the perfect day of eating (and drinking)...


Oct 26, 2010
jscott in China & Southeast Asia

Need help for my 48 Hours In Charlotte

Thank you all for your insight and suggestions. I will report back!

Oct 08, 2010
jscott in Southeast

Need help for my 48 Hours In Charlotte

Visiting this weekend. I spend a lot of time in NYC and Boston. Looking for something that is fantastic and unique to Charlotte. "Farm to Table", Roadfood, fine dining. You name it. What is your #1 pick for someone like me. Can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner - or simply a particular dish...


Oct 06, 2010
jscott in Southeast

Best Wine Shop in San Juan (or all of Puerto Rico)


Looking for somewhere good to stock up for our weeklong trip (renting a house on Vieques). We are arriving in San Juan, then driving to Fajardo - any spots along the way?


Recommendations between San Juan and Fajardo - Puerto Rico


We will be traveling between San Juan and Fajardo (and back) on our way to/from Vieques. We will have some time to stop and try some amazing food. Looking for some good food... Any suggestions in Fajardo - near the ferry. Or, on the road.... Roast pig?!? Help!


East Coaster Looking for Good Private Guide to Help Tour Sonoma Wineries


Taking a trip to SF in late July / early August. I am a huge fan of Sonoma Wines (especially Sonoma Coast Pinot's)... I am looking for recommendations for a great private guided day tour of some wineries in Sonoma. Anyone know of anyone good?


Jul 03, 2009
jscott in San Francisco Bay Area

Top of the Bay - Warwick RI - Review

We had heard that a new place opened in a great spot overlooking the bay in Warwick. The review in the Providence Journal was good (last time we trust that rag). Top of the Bay is one of the most poorly named restaurant around. NOTHING about it was "top".

The night started with a round of drinks. For a couple of us, the Gin and Tonics were so poorly poured that we had to ask for separate glasses of tonic and ice. And, ended up mixing the drinks ourselves.

It got worse -really quickly. The appetizers were mediocre. Stuffed Artichokes were the only ones that we considered edible. They were essentially canned artichokes with a VERY bready and VERY buttery filling. We could not find any of the seafood in the stuffing.

The table ordered the following:

Fettucine Alfredo - was that Elmers Glue in the sauce?!?
Scrod - flavorless
Scallops - in a pool of butter with congealed cheddar cheese on top. Again lacking in flavor.
Linguini with Clams - totally tasteless. And, oddly, five shells with only 2 clams. I guess the other three clams were smart and escaped the awful sauce.
French Fries - ice cold
Broccoli - terribly overcooked - must have been 2-3 days

The service was pleasant - not prepared to deal with the catastrophes exiting the kitchen that night. And, the bathroom - absolutely gross.

They tried desperately to get us to stay for a "free dessert" or "free round of drinks" to make up for the mess. We were so desperate to get out of there, we said "no, thanks". In retrospect, I am the kind of person who likes a "good train wreck". Would have been interesting to see what kind of disaster the kitchen could produce for dessert. I will leave that to a braver soul.

Best Dim Sum in HK, Shanghai & Beijing?

I am a huge fan of dim sum. I am finally making a trip to China. I love eating any and all types... so, I am looking for a couple of suggestions in each of these cities. If you can, let me know what are the specialities in each place.


Jan 23, 2008
jscott in China & Southeast Asia

Vietnamese in Rhode Island?

Does anyone have some good suggestions for vietnamese food in RI? I have heard that a new place opened up in the Cranston area. Any information?

Korean Barbeque Near Evanston

What is the best place for Korean barbeque close to Evanston?


Jun 27, 2007
jscott in Chicago Area