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Recomendations for Best Crab Feeds

I really want to hit up a crab feed this season, and I am looking for a good one this coming weekend, January 29,30,31, 2010

I prefer one in SF or Oakland/Berkeley... the typical $30-$40 all you can eat, and preferably going for a good cause or organization.


Thailand Food Reccomendations - From Street Food to Resorts?


I am planning a trip to Thailand (for our honeymoon) and am looking for some great recommendations on places to eat. We usually travel as backpackers, ultra cheap, so we looove street food and would love to know where to get some of the best! We don't plan on spending much time in Bangkok, however.

Since it is out honeymoon, we will probably spend a few nights living it up at a resort somewhere, so we are very interested in finding a resort with great food, as well.

Aside from specific places we should be sure not to miss, we would also love to have a few specific dishes and regional cuisines we should be sure not to miss.

It also seems like there are some great cooking schools/classes in throughout Thailand, so if anyone has an 1st hand knowledge of that, we'd appreciate it!

One of us is also an urban organic farmer here in the Bay Area, where we live, so if you have recs on farms to visit, we would appreciate that as well!

Basically, if you know of food in Thailand, we wanna know ;)