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3 days in LA - can anyone suggest a Chowhound Tour?

for high end:
if you really got bucks, Urusawa

all driving distance from Santa Monica. Also, like jiraffe and joe's (in venice)

blair's in silverlake is usually always good

asenebo in studio city - awesome sushi...i'd add sushi zo too on westside to avoid drive

for casual:
mariscos chente
nanbankan (WLA)
orris - japanese/french/cal fusion

for ethnic: i'd take advice of chowhounders for SGV - still need to make a trip out there but it's a long, long drive from westside

in LA, mexican and thai is an experience - oaxacan - chitzen itza near DT or monte alban in WLA....I'm no expert in thai food so take advice from site. i go to casual places but nothing transcendal for thai

i've always been partial to lebanese and enjoy carousel in'll be stuffed but great food

Best Indian Food in or near Santa Monica

Bombay Cafe - it's decent; good. not the best Indian in the world but ok. Being half-indian, i'm picky - not like my mom's food.

Samosa House on washington is ok....

Nawab is decent too.

The Edison Downtown

Edison is great.

Excellent cocktails.

Lots of fun

Guys have to wear dress shoes - no sneakers.

Inexpensive Sushi Near Westwood

go down sawtelle

kiriko is great. gets pricey though.
hide is good too and less pricey.

sasabune on wilshire is very good too.

New in downtown L.A.

I second Bottega Louie. Very good.

i've been more to silverlake area - Blair's is great as is Canele in Atwater Village. This is about 10 mins from DT.

I know the bars DT - edison and bar 107 - tons of fun.

Best Breakfast in LA?

Blue Plate in Santa Monica

Also, in samo - huckleberry

john o'groats on pico is good

literati on wilshire is good

cafe montana is good

cafe 50s is decent....

Hole-in-the-wall Indian closest to Santa Monica?

in culver city, india sweets and spices on venice. annupurna is on venice too.

samosa house fits your bill too

chadni (sp?) on wilshire in Samo is good veg..not upscale but not total hole in wall

in WLA, there is a place in a strip mall - same mall as kinkos and an asian pho place....don't know name

Boho - Gone downhill?

Sorry to hear about bad experience.

I was there over a mos ago and it was quiet and service was good. food was ok. beers rock!

Beat my street: best food within 2 miles of your house.

I'm in WLA so I've got everything that JL put on his/her list - great picks JL!
Nook, Nanbankan, Kiriko, Orris, Bar Hayama, Il Grano, Darya, Javan, Shamshiri, Zankou, Monte Alban are my main favs on list..some others are good but these ones here are fav WLA spots

I'd add to list (if within 2 miles)
Il Moro
Chunk King (ok, average)

I think Westside Tavern is only 2 miles.
Pecorino in brentwood is about same.
Banderas - decent salmon and great old fashioned cocktails

i'm likely missing more,

Decent Mexican food between LAX and Culver City, open past 10.

Paco's on Manchester would be a good option - I've been to the Pacos on Centinela much more which is decent. I like it. great margaritas!

La Cabana on venice would be good too.

Best Sushi in Santa Monica???

WLA has good sushi - close to SM so I'd opt for that

Kiriko on Sawtelle (Bar Hayama has decent sushi - amazing sake selection as well)
Sasabuni on Wilshire

Echigo is good as is Mori Sushi. Not been to the Hump in aeons. very good too.

Hide on Sawtelle is good and reasonable - I'd opt for Kiriko though if you're that part of town

Looking for a great vegan restaurant...

Vinh Loi Tofu in Reseda is really good

Real Food Daily is good too....Santa Monica

Nook has a nice tofu bowl dish in WLA

Leaf in Culver CIty - raw but good

avoid Julianos Raw on Broadway - in Santa Monica - overpriced; ok tasting for vegan and pretensious...average to poor servcie also


versaille is decent...

in manhattan beach, there is a decent one but the name escapes may be havana mania.....

Burgers on Westside

Nook - WLA

Father's Office - either Culver City or SM - limited though of course

In/Out - Westwood

My wife really loves Apple Pan on Pico

I was at Westside Tavern and they may have a burger - not sure...their lamb french dip was really good...

Literati II (not the cafe) - impressive burger...

For W Hollywood - Animal, Ketchup & Comme Ca get really good reviews. I ate at Comme Ca but not burger...

Wife's birthday dinner in a beachside restaurant

casa del mar is nice

if you want a few blocks, go to michaels

or the huntley - food is ok but view is killer

sunset in zuma beach is a long drive but pretty if you get there as sun is setting...

Pairing Spirits w/ Cigars

for me, depends on time of day as well

if afternoon - mint julep or a mint lemonade/bourbon drink with a romeo y julieta is nice

single malts (i like oban and macallan 18) with a nice cuban - monte cristos are always cool

Jul 09, 2009
travelingmansoul in Spirits

What restaurant dish if you have to eat it for 30 days straight...GO

i'd not look forward to gaining like 40 lbs in 30 days but if I could eat one meal, same one for 30 days....

lamb chops with the garlic at nanbankan

king crab at orris....

calamar steak at paco's on centinela

nook burger

Poll: What restaurants do you eat in most often?

Il Moro

Cobras & Matadors

Wahoos/Fish Grill/

Westside - Good take-out?

for take-out, there are incredible options

Il Moro - get the bar menu food and it' won't be too expensive
other places for take-out:
La Botega - italian on santa monica
Monte Alban - oaxacan/mexican

Even Nook does take out

Chan Dara is ok.

Shamshiri -- persian is great and enjoy the takout. I like Javan also.

New restaurants in West LA?

In last 6 mos:

Anisette is really good - Santa Monica

Westside Tavern on Pico - westside pavillion - great cocktails and good food.

Tavern is new in brentwood - got mixed reviews. Haven't been yet but nice drink menu

I don't recall but been to Bar Hayama but that may be 1 year...I can't recall when it opened..maybe longer than year but it's good too..

Shamshiri Grill Westwood

I enjoy closeby and like the dishes there...

You should bring wine you like. they have some simple wines there

with the lamb, I like it with a syrah - or a spanish wine (tempranillo)
with lamb shank, i dig it with a malbec - trivento is fine;

with the chicken, the chardonay would be fine

Favorite Beer Bar Ever?

i forgot - other room in venice is good as is library alehouse. the latter rocks!

Jul 06, 2009
travelingmansoul in Beer

Favorite Beer Bar Ever?

For SF, yes, Toronado rocks.

For LA, naja's place; york is good too...lucky baldwins is excellent

I need to check out O'Brians in SD. I enjoy visiting there

For Toronto, Volo is good but there's also brewpub (brewhaus? - its near Jamie Kennedy's wine bar down near front street)

I've enjoyed beer in other cities but can't say I found a great beer bar - some good bars with good beers.

Jul 06, 2009
travelingmansoul in Beer

Pico Robertson Area..any local bars/ taverns?

westside tavern at pico/westwood (westside pavillion) - really good food and great cocktails - - gets busy though

village idiot is really good. not far from pico/robertson area

i also second 3rd Stop..

culver city has some great places - quick drive there...bottlerock (small bites and great wine/beer selection); Akasha is more restaurant but very cool

Your favorite "South Beach Diet" dining options in L.A. - all price ranges

yakitori may be a good option

nanbankan in WLA is awesome even if you're not on diet but you'll get meats and the veggies you're looking for - grilled to perfection

you need to be careful with vegan places as they use wheat gluten a lot.

With that noted, leaf cuisine would be decent too (I go to the one in Culver City)

i agree with Shamshiri grill but only caveat is that persian food is so rice-heavy.

Searching for the real Dover Sole.

any suggestions for dover sole on westside?

I had some while ago at Zin Americano Bistro in Westlake (near a meeting) and it was quite good - very nice food there...

Best Duck Confit in LA?

In last year, these have been my tops for duck confit:

Michael's in Santa Monica
Tasca on 3rd Street
Church & State
Lily's in Venice (not as good as others for duck but the other items were good french fare -it's not melisse but good and affordable)

Best Upscale Burger

On the occassions I indulge:

Nook - good burger in WLA

Houston's i recall had a good burger

Father's Office gets its raves...

Casual-ish westside locale for party

For 30-40, wow, that may be challenge...

alibi room has the kogi food but it's good...get there earlier - on washington - culver city

il moro - bar area is also good - big enough for 30 ppl - WLA off olympic - italian food

backstage in culver city also is fun...big enough and talk to owner - maybe able to arrange - think it's bar food

la grande orange - on main in samo - see if you can enough space since it gets crowded

LAX to Santa Barbara recommendations

if you can wait until SB, I'd suggest something that won't blow away most foodies but it's good fresh seafood and healthy portions; view of marina - Brophy Bros on the marina in SB. It's on the scenic road (not sure the name but everyone knows the place) - pre

if you're driving up, and in malibu, there's sunset restaurant at zuma beach. Brunch is decent and it's got a killer view being right on beach... Decent drinks - average service but not a bad experience - romantic vibe with the view

if you up the drinks, it'll go beyond $40 but otherwise, it'll be close to that

there are decent brunch places in malibu....