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Mis-marked items at the supermarket- is it a crime?

Hey BiscuitBoy, as someone who works in a grocery store, whether the item is over marked or under, it isn't intentional. Most large groceries use complex data systems to make sure that everything rings up period, has a tag that has all of the product info, etc. and those data systems make mistakes. As you've pointed out, lots of states have laws that then grant the customer the item for free(excepting alcohol, at least in WI), and regardless of laws, any store that gives a rats rear about business should have the same policy. If any grocery store execs are yachting, trust me it isn't on a "miss-ring" dime. More likely they vay-kay at the expense of employee well-being, by not paying living wages or offering benefits, etc.

Oct 30, 2008
MissMethuselah in Not About Food

Restaurant "Regulars" Under Interrogation!!!

Wow. Perhaps it was all in the tone, which none of us could gather without being there, but I think if this place is without blemish otherwise (you say you go back again and again because you "really enjoy the food and service there."), this seems like a silly complaint. Is it that hard to just say "Oh, we were away for a while." And if the questions persist, "We'd rather not say."? Why not discuss where you were away unless it was a personal or sensitive trip (funeral, etc.)? You may find out that you have something else in common, like a shared vacation spot, that you would have never before discussed! I guess to the Midwesterner in me, the whole idea of the "issue" seems a bit cold to me.

Oct 30, 2008
MissMethuselah in Not About Food

What Food Job Would You Like?

I've got two "dream food jobs". As I'm a wine buyer already (which is pretty great) I'd love to take that experience and that of my fiance (who's a chef) and we'd like to open a little restaurant with a small, consistent menu and nightly specials that let us experiment with our wild ideas, a great bar(we are Wisconsinites) and a small retail section with wines, cheeses, charcuterie, etc. OR...I'd like to high-tail it back to a University and become a food anthropologist and/or historian. Imagine "research" for that one! Yes, please!

Oct 22, 2008
MissMethuselah in Not About Food

An Urban Farmer Hits Pay Dirt

Yea, Will Allen! He's a man who makes me proud to be a Milwaukeean! And proud to eat the delicious fruits of the labors of Growing Power! I've never had the good fortune to meet him, but from what I've heard he is a gem. He certainly does grow some mean greens(amongst other things), however...

Oct 01, 2008
MissMethuselah in Features

Pumpkin Beer

I don't know if it's available where you are, but Lakefront Brewery(Milwaukee,WI) Pumpkin is like pie in a bottle! It's really rich and sweet, well like a pumpkin pie!

Sep 27, 2008
MissMethuselah in Beer

Favorite Chocolate Bar

I'll also answer Toblerone without hesitation! But then all of the other favorites come creepin' in...
Vosges Barcelona or Naga Bar
Take 5 (It's the pretzel thing!)
and any really good dark, but only plain. Will not eat it if there's "stuff"

Sep 25, 2008
MissMethuselah in General Topics

What Modified or Value Added Food Labels Do you Avoid?


some of us may choose not to consume dairy, and some of us have bodies that made that choice for us. green leafy veggies and other sources of calcium are hard to eat enough of EVERY DAY to get ones total DV. hence, calcium fortified OJ, etc.
all that aside, I find myself avoiding any products with "hidden" weird ingredients ("natural flavors" "spices") or. pretty much anything that I don't recognize as food. Fat free in most cases, bleached white flour, HFCS, and and any animal additives from animals I don't eat. I only eat fishes, so no beef flavor, chicken fat etc. The exception...cheese. You just can't eat some of the world's best cheeses w/out the rennet:)

Mar 04, 2008
MissMethuselah in General Topics


Yea for Txakoli! I love the Xarmant Txakoli. It should be pretty ubiquitous, and is usually between $12-15. I find it to be very light, but with a smooth, round mouthfeel loads of tropical fruit aromas, tangerine and lime zest and a gentle bubble. So clean and just acidic enough to keep it dangerously refreshing! Awesome eye-catching bottle too.

Jan 21, 2008
MissMethuselah in Wine

Napa’s newest wine bar - Whole Foods … Sipping 1988 Chateau d’Yquem sauterne and dropping names like Quetzal, Riverdog, Bouchon and Model Bakery

rworange, hhc,
The Mo's Bacon Bar you desire would have been in the Specialty Department, w/ wine, cheese & olives. Though one certainly has an excuse for missing a chocolate bar amongst the "Wine/Cheese Bar!" Oh, if only the Midwest market had enough people to appreciate a WF like this... I am so envious. Guess I'll have to plan that trip out West.

favorite potato chips

Any Midwesterners(or Wisconsinites, in particular) out there for De-lish-us chips?!? These are the business! Mmmm...cheddar cheese, sour cream and chive...who am I kidding, I could wolf down bags of any flavor. These are so perfectly thin, airy, crisp and not at all greasy and I love the fact that all of the flavored chips are really subtle. So great!

Jan 04, 2008
MissMethuselah in General Topics

How/Why did you pick your screen name?

I am a wine buyer and also a tiny lady, and sometimes it's really amusing to myself and others, how buff I've gotten throwing cases 40hrs plus a week( or to some, shocking that I can do it, boo I say.) ! So I thought the name Miss Methuselah (as in 6L bottle of wine, more than the Biblical figure) was an appropriate illustration of my daily contradiction! And plus, the more wine, the better, right?!

Jan 02, 2008
MissMethuselah in Site Talk

Decent NY style Deli in Milwaukee area?

You may get more of a welcoming response and advice if you keep YHO about the city to a minimum. This is a site about food, not cities and their crime rates. As a MKE native, your comment really incites quite the opposite feeling of "welcoming," and consequently doesn't make me want to let you in on any food secrets here. At any rate, most of the best stuff is in neighborhoods where you would seemingly never deign to set foot in. Your loss, I guess.

Just Moved from Boston, now in Glendale, WI

Try Pizza Man on the East Side (Corner of North and Oakland Aves. They have a great deep dish, perhaps not as good as Chicago, but darn good, and without the cost of gas! Some think they have the best 'za in town period, but their wine list is really the gem here. As for Milwaukee "cracker crust," be sure to check out Zaffiro's on Farwell Ave. also on the East Side. Be forewarned however, don't expect any atmosphere here other than "family-owned dive joint." As for other places, check out Roots and all of Sandy D'Amato's places (Coquette Cafe/Harlequin Bakery and Sanford). There are tons more little "hidden gems" and "diamonds in the rough" here to discover, that for some reason people tend to never post about. Bombay Sweets for Indian, Nessun Dorma for cozy, rustic Italian Bistro, Comet Cafe for homey, American comfort-food. There is so much here other than the overhyped or overpriced stuff that tends to get mentioned most frequently. Cheers and welcome to town! Happy eating!

What was your New Year's Eve champagne?

Nothing too fancy, as I knew that we'd be out at local watering holes, without the benefit of glasses (or atmosphere) appropriate for anything in the cellar. At a bowling alley(how Milwaukeean), with a handful of great friends, we cracked a bottle, secretly, of Louis Latour's Simonnet Febvre Crémant de Bourgogne N/V, which we "decanted" into a mini glass beer pitcher and passed around at midnight! It's an awesome bubbly made in Chablis and is my favorite inexpensive go-to sparkler. as mojoeater said, not perhaps the most "Chowhound-ish" but such great memories, with friends who are family.

Jan 02, 2008
MissMethuselah in Wine

Getting Over the Sommelier

Wow. As a young woman in the wine world, I have to speak up here. Most people who go through the lengthy and arduous process of becoming an actual sommelier are looking to "geek out" because they are passionate about wine, not to intimidate you. They had to start somewhere too, most likely knowing less about wine then you do now, but they had the drive to keep going. Not to mention that they most likely took the opportunity of coming across someone who clearly knew more than they, not as an ego-bruising, but to learn more about their interest. Your wine choice most likely got the "once-over" because the sommelier in question was curious about your wine, how it would complement your meal, etc. beacuse let's face it, most wine enthusiasts are nerds! It just happens to be that they are nerds about something that society pins this "end all be all" "holier than thou" attitude on. Wine knowledge is something that should be approached with a "more you learn the less you know" attiude. It should have nothing to do at all with ego, and certainly not gender, but the appreciation of good juice. Notice that I didn't go on some rant about how hard it is to be a 25 y.o. woman and working towards becoming a sommelier and why isn't a woman as "intimidating," blah, blah. (That's a whole other board post!) It shouldn't be intimidating, period, no matter the peole, place or wine.

Oct 16, 2007
MissMethuselah in Features

Old Fashioned Cocktail

As a proud Wisconsinite (it's our official "State Drink," outside of beer of course!) I'd have to throw in my vote for the Brandy Old Fashioned (Korbel if a true "sconny", not my personal Brandy of choice) with the addition of a speared cherry/green olive combo. That salty/sweet combo is the best! It's been my family's nightcap of choice for generations!

Aug 23, 2007
MissMethuselah in Recipes

Sparkling Red Wine

Ooh! I'm full of nerdy posts today...there are two more that I know of and are worth trying. One being Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui 2005 ($19.99-21.99) and the other La Sera Red Malvasia 2005 ($16.99). I like the La Sera better myself, it's zesty, with bright strawberry flavors and isn't too syrupy or cloyingly sweet with the "frizzante" being just the right amount of bubbles. It's a much better value, really similar to the Banfi, but a better price. My Mom buys it by the case! On the other hand, the Banfi also comes in half bottles, so you can give it a shot without plunking down $24 bucks.

Jun 28, 2007
MissMethuselah in Features

The Elusive Digestive Biscuit

Seek out The Fine Cheese Co. crackers. They make an amazing variety of crackers to "pair" with cheese (celery w/ Blue Cheese, fennel w/ sheep's cheeses, etc.) They also make this really neat Balck Charcoal craker that's really neutral for any cheese, but looks really impressive. But they have a "walnut & oat" biscuit that rocks the socks off of the Carr's! They are pretty ubiquitous, even in the Midwest. Try any wine & cheese, "Gourmet/ Specialty" shop or a Whole Foods. Also online if all else fails. Pricey, but totally worth it.

Jun 28, 2007
MissMethuselah in Features