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Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

I eat lunch 3-4 times a month at GDH, occasional dinners when working late.
To get a seat at lunch you have to go at 11:30 am at the latest, or wait till past 1pm. Lunch time is mostly asian people, students, families, Medical and Finance professionals. Non-Asians rarely order some of the more interesting dishes mentioned here. (General Gau's, Sesame Chicken etc). I get a lot of "What's that?"

They offer 3 dishes for $21 deal common in Chinatown. It's nice to share for 2/3 hungry people + apps.

my favs:
any dish with mustard greens, bamboo tips, or watercress, preserved eggs w/tofu, fried chitlins, spicy tendon, pig ear/feet, tripe, eel, longhorn peppers soup, taiwanese sausage, taiwanese dumplings (open ends), noodle dishes. Fish has been inconsistent at times.

Tip in cash even if you use a card.

I've seen Dan Andelman there a few times, not PG related.

Sep 29, 2014
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

A Sichuan menu in Westborough? (Cheng-Du restaurant)

I have lived in Westborough for 10 years. We eat here by default when we don't want to drive to Framingham (SG of Red Pepper). They first introduced this menu last year (2009) then abruptly cancelled it no reason given. Then they reinstated this year. The food is radically different and IMHO not as good as it was before. Conclusion: old chef quit, took them sometime find a replacement.


Sep 16, 2010
Seamus7 in Southern New England

Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

I use the back of the tongs to loosen them, then slide the soup spoon under them.
Take a small bite while holding spoon with one hand and holding dumpling with chopsticks in the other hand, then pour ginger sauce in through the whole. Try to place entire xlb in mouth for flavor explosion.
xlb technique developed after many ruined ties.

Sep 13, 2010
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

I showed the takeout menu to a friend from the PRC who does not speak English that well, she said "the Chinese name is" North/South" as in being from the North and the South."
so I guess that matches?

Sep 13, 2010
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Dumpling cafe, Chinatown

I went on Tue(09/08/10) for lunch, had the xlb with crabmeat, the Taiwanese pan fried dumplings and Taiwanese style pork noodles. Married to a Taiwanese woman so I am into this and it approaches the quality of what I have had in Flushing NY and in Fremont CA/Milpitas/SF for Taiwanese. A very welcomed addition.

Update just tried to get in at lunch, line out the door. Might be because it's new and Shiny.
But, it seems to have "community support".

Sep 09, 2010
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Worthwhile Chinese food in the Boston Area?

Just outside of Chinatown:

Chinatown Cafe
262 Harrison Ave
(between Curve St & Marginal Rd)
Chinese Comfort food at great price

Royal Palace Restaurant II
70 Tyler St
(between Harvard St & Tai-tung St)
Chinese Comfort food at great price

Slightly overlooked in Chinatown:

Asian Garden
28 Harrison Ave
(between Beach St & Essex St)
Chinese Comfort food at great price

Wai Wai Restaurant
26 Oxford St
(between Beach St & Essex St)
walk down stairs
Pork, Chicken, or Duck rice plate.
You can get some greens too.
Economy of words is best way to proceed here.
I also like the chili sauce/paste.

Café de Lulu
42 Beach St
(between Harrison Ave & Tyler St)
walk down stairs
$19.95 All Day Dinner Special is good starting point.

The NEW, NEW, New Shanghai Restaurant
21 Hudson St
(between Beach St & Kneeland St)
Best Spicy Beef Noodle Soup I have had on
either Coast. My main reason for going here.
Bamboo is a start here too.

Bubor Cha Cha
45 Beach St
Malaysian food is just ok, this is really a
Hong Kong/Singapore style eatery, stick with the Cantonese comfort food.
Best chicken feet in Chinatown.

The Best Little Restaurant
13A Hudson St
walk down stairs (see trend here?)
Casseroles (* Nam Bo), Salt and Pepper anything

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant
63 Beach Street
Bakery is average. The restaurant is SF style, Tenderloin not Chinatown.
Great soups, noodles. Tripe with ginger and scallion.

Outside Chinatown:

Golden Garden
63 Concord Av
Belmont, MA 02478

they don't have a "secret" menu per se but, the
good stuff isn't clearly marked on the menu.
The Cuisine is more Dongbei than ç you mention that and you are in.

Sichuan Gourmet
Framingham Location
Napa Beef and Cabbage, Spicy Sausages.

New Shanghai Restaurant
21 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant
63 Beach St, Boston, MA

Asian Garden
793 Crescent St Ste 3, Brockton, MA 02302

Beach St Cafe
35 Beach St, Manchester, MA 01944

Bubor Cha Cha
45 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

Sichuan Gourmet
1004 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

Golden Garden
63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

Sep 02, 2010
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Best bet around Park and Tremont w/out reservations and with a crowd?

How soon? Marliave was supposed to be open by Spring '08. Stopped by last week and they still don't look close. Perhaps it will be open by the time you arrive. Location and food wise it would be a near perfect match.

Jun 18, 2008
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Grinder / Hero / Sub / Italian / Coldcut

second the Bottega, real Florentine panini. So that may not be what you are looking for, these are distinctively NOT American style sandwiches.

Feb 25, 2008
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Minado or Asia Buffet - which one do I like better?

I think Minado is rather mediocre and their stupid policy about charging for not eating the rice infuriates me. I was sad to see Rainbow/Super Buffet go. I will try Asia Buffet soon.

Feb 25, 2008
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

best financial district 1st time musts

Staying in the Financial District:
Radius has the celeb factor (Michael Schlow) it is pricey and upscale but outstanding.
Oya is a an eclectic sushi choice, also pricey.

Chinatown is quite nearby. Call ahead for Peking Duck at King Fung Garden if you want the
authentic Bourdainian Chinatown experience (brown bag friendly) . Kaze Shabu Shabu is an upscale hotpot experience. You might also try the Bo Bun Hue at Xihn Xihn (for lunch perhaps?).

If you leave financial district for steak Grill 23 is the distinctive non-chain choice.
KO prime is newer and is more hip and less stuffy. They also serve marrow.

If you are willing to venture as far as the South End I would suggest B&G Oyster(*) for regional or Addis Red Sea (Ethiopian) for ethnic.

* chef factor Barbara Lynch

Feb 25, 2008
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Question about Neptune Oyster

They offer an 18 oz rib eye steak and Tuesday they feature chicken (Piatti Del Giorno).

Feb 25, 2008
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Worcester Area, Korean food?

Very happy to report this place is going strong. For my $ this is better than any Korean I've had in Boston or Cambridge. Worth the drive for Korean Hotpot alone. Soon Dae soooo good. 90-95% Korean patronage, many families visit here en masse.
They are closed Tuesdays.

Worcester Area, Korean food?

name on this one?

Moscow Mule

ok, I like vodka and ginger beer, but it's summer and I'd probably prefer a Dark n Stormy or a vodka and tonic.

Jun 28, 2007
Seamus7 in Recipes

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

So Charge $15 or even $20 to get in and have the house kick some back. My point is that I have been to about a half dozen of these BBQ things in 4 states and sampling is the way to go. make it easier and more efficient and enhance the customer experience.

Jun 27, 2007
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

I went on Friday and after 20 minutes I was fuming. Long lines, no tables on Friday, no discount for kids. I brought all three of my boys, which meant I couldn't get a beer since no children were allowed in the beer Garden. BBQ without beer!? Uffa! Sand blowing into your food while you were huddled where ever you could cop a squat to eat. SO then I see Dan Andelman doing a promo "shot" I waited till he was done and gave him an ear-full. The whole time he and his crew were running away. A total rib-off.

Why not have each place do 2 rib samplers and mini sandwiches for $2 @ and you buy tickets so no money changes hand. Who wants to buy an entire rack when there are so many places. There could be separate cash lines for that.

4 admissions $40 (youngest ate no BBQ he should have been free)
Parking $10
2 * 4 ribs $16
2 * Pork sandwich $10
Huge slice of mediocre pizza(which my son had to toss, sand again) $5
3 Mini Cannolis $5
3 waters $9

$95 in about 1 hour, thoroughly dissatisfied, ok the cannolis were good but I would not have gotten them if the kids were not with me.

Jun 27, 2007
Seamus7 in Greater Boston Area