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English sweets in SE Michigan?

Hmmm. I second Hillers and also World Market in AA. I Miss eating Digestives, since I went gluten free I can't find those here.

Oct 10, 2010
hateApplebees in Great Lakes

Jacques Taco Truck- [Metro Detroit]

We tried it at the Canton Farmers Market last Sunday. Not too impressed guys. The portions were Miniscule!!! I got the chips/salsa because I wasn't very hungry. There were literally three chips in there for $1.50. My husband got three different things and they were soooo tiny. They were good, a bit jazzed up (lime on the chips, etc) but tiny., tiny for the money.

Oct 07, 2010
hateApplebees in Great Lakes

Chow worthy eats in and around Canton, MI

I live in Canton and it is very much suburbia and full of "family restaurants". There are a few gems here though...

Matsuchan - small, intimate very fresh Japanese noodle bar. Cheap too.
Irie - jamaican restaurant. More expensive, but good and homemade tasting
Schzwan - very high quality Chinese.

People rave about Rose's Restaurant, but I think it's bland tasting garbage.

Apparently there is a Philippino caferteria style place at Michigan and Canton Center. Anyone tried?

Jun 13, 2009
hateApplebees in Great Lakes