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Rogue 24 question

I could see going once every year or two. If I was rich, maybe more often as I am sure the menu varies a ton between seasons.

Butter & Soy Sauce?

This is the best thing that has happened to veggies in our house in a long time. Thanks for the idea!

Apr 29, 2014
italy531 in Home Cooking

COTM (Cookbook of the Month) Recipes So Good You've Made Them at Least Three Times: Quick and Easy/Weeknight Edition

Could you paraphrase the Saag Panner recipe?

Mar 28, 2014
italy531 in Home Cooking

Vegas with Mom

Thanks for the Public House recommendation. We ended up there for late night apps after our plane delayed us getting there by 5 hours and then a late lunch the following day that held us over until breakfast the next morning.

Mar 03, 2014
italy531 in Las Vegas

40th Birthday

Thanks for all the ideas. I e-mailed Roberto's 4 but got no response. We ended up going to Rogue 24 and had an amazing meal. Some of the highlights for me were the foie gras, sunchoke, lamb neck, and all 3 desserts but every dish was really good. The experience itself was also wonderful being able to watch the chef's (we had a table facing the kitchen) and getting to chat a bit with RJ. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a great experience and some pretty amazing food.

Help with a 4 night dining itinerary in DC

Proof is hands above Central in my opinion. I have not had anything I don't like at Proof and love their cheese, charcuterie (sp?), and risotto. The wine and cocktails are winners too.

I have been to Central only once but don't see myself returning. I had the steak tartare that I had read good things about but felt like it was buried in ketchup, which I am not a fan of and my friend was disappointed in her mussels.

40th Birthday

Thanks Worldwide. The Inn and Volt are on our lists but a little far to not incorporate a night away and our daughter is going thru a seperation anxiety phase that wouldn't make them possible.

I'll look into Al Dente and Sushi Taro.

40th Birthday

Eve is one of our favorites and we have been often including a visit to the tasting room.

Patowmack was good but we went for his birthday and I think it would be better when there are more local options available in the summer.

We went to Rogue when RJ was out for surgery and Jen Carrol was managing the kitchen. So I have considered going back there when it is all RJ.

We really loved everything at Ashby and Cityzen.

We both enjoyed Komi but I wasn't a fan of the goat.

Minibar was an experience but not a great meal.

Oh I took him to Teatro Goldoni's chef table back in the day and we both loved it.

40th Birthday

I am trying to decide where I should take my husband for a blow out dinner.

We have already been to Komi, Cityzen, Eve, Minibar, Ashby Inn, Patowmack Farm and Rogue. We really like farm to table but we also enjoy the more experimental stuff of Rogue.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Vegas with Mom

I am taking my mom for a quick trip for the Soul 2 Soul concert at the Venetian. We will be there for 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and one lunch. My mom can't eat a ton because of stomach issues but I am a foodie and would like to at least try some nice places. So no AYCE buffets or 10 course meals. Some place that she would feel comfy just ordering a main course for dinner and I could have 3 courses. Something lighter for lunch or someplace we could share a main course or two apps. Breakfast probably just something quick and easy like a pastry and coffee.

Oh and we are coming from D.C. so no chains and I am not really interested in a steak only place.

We will be staying at or near the Venetian.

Thanks for your help!

Jan 07, 2014
italy531 in Las Vegas

Christmas Dinner?

So I am trying to decide between italian and ham for our dinner. We generally have somewhere between 10-17 people for dinner.

For italian, I was thinking of making one of Marcella's lasagna's, salad but am struggling with what other sides.

With the ham option, I was planning on doing a lot of sides like asparagus au gratin, bourbon cranberry sauce, salad, maybe a sweet potato or squash recipe, and some biscuits.

With my Italian option I am struggling with what else to serve as a side and might consider serving some other meat along with the lasagna since my husband isn't a huge pasta fan.

Any ideas or thoughts on the 2 options would be great to help me make my decision.

Dec 13, 2013
italy531 in Home Cooking

What's in Leesburg

We love the wine kitchen.

Saag Paneer

I finally tried Indian but I was in Charlotte. I fell in love with the Saag Paneer that I had and now I can't seem to find it any of the menus in the area. Any places that you would recommend near Fairfax with this on the menu?

Short Stay in DC - Suggestions For Friday Night

I highly recommend the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg for lunch. Small plates and wine flights plus a few small boutiques to walk around for shopping also. It takes about 10 minutes to drive their from the outlets.

Cooking from DONNA HAY’S COOKBOOKS AND MAGAZINES – Please join us!

OMG than you so much for posting this recipe. This was so amazing and easy to make. It will be in my regular rotation for sure.

Apr 29, 2013
italy531 in Home Cooking

Joining a food group

No but I have always been interested in finding a group like that in this area.

Mar 11, 2013
italy531 in General Topics

Best store for birthday cake?

Wegman's ultimate chocolate hands down.

Voting Thread January 2013 for Cookbook of the Month


Dec 17, 2012
italy531 in Home Cooking

“A Cookbook a Week” Challenge (CAWC) – Thread #2 - Will you join me? [old]

I just googled this and there is an app for it on itunes. I will be downloading soon. Thanks for the req!

Oct 15, 2012
italy531 in Home Cooking

Oakland Airport Area?

I fly out on a red eye at almost 11pm and want to stop on my way from Livermore for dinner. Any good suggestions for a single dinner? More upscale and no mexican or bbq.


Dinner with Kids (Arlington or DC)

Lyon Hall is good for kids and is awesome for adults too.

Anniversary Celebration

We were thinking either Atelier Crenn or Gary Danko but I think we waited to long for reservations. So any other reqs for similar restaurants would be greatly appreciated.

April 2012 COTM: Melissa Clark Month, In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite: Chapters 3, 4, and 5

I made this last week too and it was a success. I used the powder versions of the spice too but think next time I need to cut down on the cumin a bit. Otherwise very tasty and super easy! My favorite combo. :-)

Apr 09, 2012
italy531 in Home Cooking

Calling all Julias, Bettys and Marthas: Cookbook Club in Loudoun County!

I would love to do this but I am in Fairfax. :-(

April 2012 Cookbook of the Month Nominations Are Now Open!


Mar 13, 2012
italy531 in Home Cooking

On two waiting lists - suggestions for something new to us and delicious?

I have also been to Minibar and while it is more innovative than Rogue 24 (i.e. you will eat some very wierd stuff) I actually enjoyed the food better at Rogue overall. Of course, not every dish was to my taste but I think that is to be expected with 24 dishes but I think there was only 1 that I just couldn't finish. I also left full from Rogue where I was still hungry after Minibar.

Either way good luck getting into one of your top choices.

Rogue 24 sessions?

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Rogue last night with Jen Caroll. I will say that Jen's dishes were not as innovative as the Rogue dishes. She also seem to lean to tart flavors in her sauces that were not always balanced out by the other parts of the dish. That being said we will be going back to Rogue and if we are in Philly after she opens her restaurant we would check it out too.

On two waiting lists - suggestions for something new to us and delicious?

Rogue 24 would be awesome and I believe they can accomodate vegetarians. I haven't been to Elisir yet but I would still recommend it based on my experience at the Chef's table at Teatro before Enzo left.

Rogue 24 sessions?

I am going tonight. I'll let you know my thoughts tomorrow.

Rogue 24 Visiting Chefs

Has anyone tried out any of the visiting chefs? We are debating trying it out.