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Good eats in Murray Hill

thanks ghg!

Dec 07, 2009
moodyfoodie63 in Manhattan

Good eats in Murray Hill

Traveling to NYC with wife and two teenage girls later this month . Looking for some tips on good food in the general area. All prices and cuisines welcomed. Love local recommendations. Thanks for you help!

Dec 07, 2009
moodyfoodie63 in Manhattan

Good French style bread for po-boys in Memphis

thanks mamasquirrel. i'll check it out!

Good French style bread for po-boys in Memphis

Anyone in Memphis know where I can buy bread similar to the po-boy bread you get in New Orleans!? Need it for french dip this weekend.


Memphis Recs near Cook Convention BBQ plz!

For a really good fresh take on Italian, try Spindini, 383 South Main. Owned and operated by a member of the Grisanti family, a memphis institution. Great place to spend a cool fall night in Memphis.

4 meals in St. Louis

For a great meal downtown close to the arch. take a very short cab ride to AL's on 1st and Biddle. It's an old school italian steakhouse that is a true throwback. Many speak of Tony's on this board but rarely is Al's mentioned. I'm sure some disagree but for my money, Al's is the winner. There is no menu. Your waiter will bring out a silver tray with a mulitude of meats and seafoood and begin to tell you the various ways each can be prepared. I suggest the new york strip with peppercorn congac sauce. And check out the complimentary blue cheese ball they bring out to start your meal. I got the recipe from Al himself before he passed away. Hope you try it

Memphis - Holiday Deli and Ham


Just about anything with their signature ham and their turkey breast is good. However, if you like pimento cheese, their's is homemade and it rocks!

I never eat _______ out because nobody makes it right but me.

lasagna or italian meatballs!

Apr 24, 2008
moodyfoodie63 in Home Cooking

Payne's Bar-B-Q in Memphis - Wow!!!

The sliced pork is also very good and unique even for Memphis I believe. Great Great sandwiches!

Best Caesar Salad in St. Lou?

For old fashioned, the best I've had is at Al's @ 1st & Biddle.

First time to Vegas- best "non-tourist" restaurants?

Any cuisine, any price range. Just looking for great food in tinseltown. Thanks

Feb 19, 2008
moodyfoodie63 in Southwest

Where to eat in St. Louis

Hey JoeyH,

How bout that cheese ball with breadsticks to open the meal! I got the recipe from Al himself before he passed. What a place!

Where to eat in St. Louis

I agree with JoeyH on Al's. It is old school but tell me what you think after you've tried the surf and turf ordered the moodyfoodie way. Filet mignon w/Peppercorn Cognac Cream Sauce and Blackend Lobster tail. Wow! I've had it many times and it's awesome. Don't forget the Crepe's Suzette served table side. Tell Harold, Shirley's boy said hi!

Best to al,

Kitchen Nightmares Ep. 3- Improving

that manager has to go.

is anyone out there a fan of the Grand Central Oyster Bar??

yep pan roast, chowder and oysters. plus they have great vodka and I love the loaded crackers!

Oct 02, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in Manhattan

Memphis/Peabody Hotel area

Automatic Slim's is right across the street. Eclectic and hip with good food.

First Trip to New Orleans

for cheap. try a po-boy at Johnny's on St Louis Ave!

Sep 10, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in New Orleans

Jim Neeley's Interstate BBQ (mail order)-What's good?

Ribs and shoulder are good. Don't know about the Brisket.

Aug 10, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in General Topics

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

We ate them raw and liked the texture but you could try glazed.

Aug 08, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in General Topics

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

Peanut Butter, Mayo and Vidalia Onion sandwich. Read once it was a favorite of the late news anchor Peter Jennings. Tried it with a friend and loved it. Peanut Butter/Grilled Cheese also great paired with a bowl of Chili!

Aug 08, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in General Topics

Phoenix/Scottsdale/Sedona - "can't miss" local eateries

went to phoenix last year with my wife. first time. we loved the spicy mexican at Los Dos Molinas. we would put it on our must list.

Aug 08, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in Southwest

Visiting from St. Louis 8/9-8/12.

Great spot for Martini is the bar at the Ritz-Carlton/Battery Park. Great view of Lady Liberty as the sun sets.

For Pizza take the subway to Brooklyn and have a slice at DiFara's Pizza

Aug 06, 2007
moodyfoodie63 in Manhattan