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Need a new post for Palm Springs HELP!

Wanted to check out the modern architecture and the desert........

Nov 16, 2011
TO Arch in California

Need a new post for Palm Springs HELP!

hey, great many thanks, looks like a great post. Will also keep looking here until we go and report back on our return.
Thanks again.

Nov 16, 2011
TO Arch in California

Need a new post for Palm Springs HELP!

Have being reading through the posts and nothing seems current??? We arein need of somewhere with great food/wine andeven better service to celebrate a 50th b-day. Please any suggestions appreciated. We are a well travelled group having eaten in some of the best place in the pressure.

Nov 15, 2011
TO Arch in California

Is there anything like AVEC in NYC

We are making our annual 4 day spring trip to NY in mid may, staying in Tribeca, although that does not limit us. We have eaten at most of the "foodie" places like Per Se - but are looking for something similar to AVEC in Chicago, for those who know,stunning, simple rustic great food, no pretention or 3 month wait lists, is there anything similar in Manhattan.
Was also wondering about Terrior, Bar Jamon,... two years back we had a great meal at Hearth, is it still the same??? Also been reading about EMP and Gramercy.....
Many thanks in advance.

Per Se
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

Bar Jamon
125 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003

Apr 12, 2010
TO Arch in Manhattan

sunday and monday July 4th Weekend

spent the last week on this board, lots of great suggestions, thank you

so far reservations at :

Friday - Ame
Saturday - 1550 Hyde
Sunday - Lunch - Dim Sum - Yank Sing
Sunday Diner - ???? light fair any recommendations?
Monday Diner - ??????????

Boulevard, Salt House CoCo500
Ritz and Coi closed for summer holidays...seems odd.

thanks in advance.....

foodie from toronto

i am obviously a newbie
realize I did not give enough details, so thank you for your kind reply and the links
when we travel we like to find the best each city has to offer,
have been lucky enought to experience places like Fat Duck, Per Se, Jean Georges, L'Apreg. Le Louis IX........not to say it has to be expensive to be good, was in Chicago last fall, went to Charlie Trotters, actually had diner with the man himself, everything was perfect, but somehow lacked soul.......the best meal was at Avec... Blackbirds sister restaurant...simple cool great service......
anything similar in SF??

Thanks Again

really looking forward to our visit, also heading down to Post Ranch Inn for a few days so will get to experience Big Sur,
Saving Napa for another trip

keep you posted.

In Search of Romantic, Stellar Restaurant

Scaramouche for romance and view of the City..great service and food

foodie from toronto

my wife an i will be in SF july 3-6 - first time to SF
if anyone could point us in the right direction for diners, much appreciated??

looking for quality, fresh, local, and good service.........


In Need of Reliable Restaurant Recommendations

OK, I signed up to Chowhound just to reply to your email.
First off welcome to TO.......I

Sushi - go to Kaji Sushi, let me say that again, go to Kaji Sushi. $40 cab ride ($20 US) sit at the bar and be preapred for some of the best sushi you will every have......I hate to send out -of -towners there, since its in a suburban wasteland, but if you a sushi fan (as I am) its worth it.

Noce is always reliable for good italian, for a good lunch - Terroni's on Queen.
Dim Sum - Queens Quay - Pink Pearl on Sunday.......

Enjoy !