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The New Chef at Le Petit Castor...

Yeah there's a completely new staff now

Jun 15, 2011
bacon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The New Chef at Le Petit Castor...

Sorry 2010

Jun 14, 2011
bacon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The New Chef at Le Petit Castor...

Has anyone been to lpc recently? There aren't any reviews past early 2009

Jun 13, 2011
bacon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

patisserie sebastien - yonge/lawrence

this place is just down the street from my fathers house. it opened while i was abroad and i finally checked it out this morning.

not the greatest espresso, but i wasn't really going there for the coffee.
pain au chocolat was super flaky and delicious.

its a nice space and i liked sebastien's presence at the counter.
the staff there seem to take pride in their work..which makes me look forward to popping in again.

Feb 20, 2010
bacon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Discard milk solids?

Most instructions for clarified butter recommend discarding the milk solids.

I hate waste. Butter is expensive and the milk solids do contribute to flavour; so I occasionaly add them back into an already emulsified hollandaise.

Is there any other use for them?

I have done a brief internet search and so far they only get mentioned when people are throwing them away.

Are they worth saving or am I being overly thrifty?

May 06, 2009
bacon in General Topics

ISO Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

ahh! yay!

i lost this recipe and ive been looking for it for ages.

Jan 20, 2008
bacon in Home Cooking

Toronto: $15 Dinner around Yonge & Dundas?

like someone else said, yonge and dundas is a tourist trap. its hard rock/pickle barrel/baton rouge/red lobster or hot dogs if you stay in that hood.

you can get a tasty bacon cheeseburger at czehoski (queen and bathurst)
i dunno if its uniquely toronto..but its cheap and one of the best burgers ive had. their veggie burger isnt bad either..and you can get it with bacon too. heheh

new york subway (queen and bathurst) such a dive, but its yummy, cheap and filling. i normally get the jumbo chicken.

tacos el asador (bloor and christie) right on the outskirts of korea town..super cheap..good stuff. the pupusas are bland..the chorizo burrito is aces..its cheap enough to mix and match. their hot sauce can be really freakin' hot sometimes.

jumbo empanada, as someone mentioned is a good place. the corn pie is pretty special.

le bar a soupe (dundas and ossington) is a good deal..but the soup selections change often so i cant really recommend anything. the incredibly nice french lady makes a good, and reasonably priced sammich.

there are a bunch of tapas-y places you could check out. you wont get a full meal out of it..but you'd get to try a couple of good things.
torito (college and spadina) - shrimp al ajillo (i still daydream about it), patatas bravas and the kingfish are all good - if the menu hasnt changed.

mini market (college and grace) - decent snacks. good specials.

coca (queen and bathurst) - good olives, good skewers, good chorizo, confit chicken wings! and they have a late night menu on the weekends.

Jun 27, 2007
bacon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Kensington Organic Ice Cream

The first time I tried the blueberry lavender in a pint and it was good times.

The next time, everything had ice crystals, really dissapointing texture.
I've tried double dutch chocolate, vanilla, blueberry-lavender, apple pie, caramel and the mint strawberry. No real favourites yet.
The apple was really sugary; it needed something.
The lavender blueberry had blueberries in it, i think. Pretty scarce though.
Mint strawberry was basically mint ice cream that happened to be pinkish.

Oh and one more thing..8$ for a teensy milkshake? Kiss my organic ass.

Anyway...I think this place maybe has a shaky first couple of weeks and they could totally redeem themselves.

Jun 27, 2007
bacon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)