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Zweigles in Mid Westchester

hmmm should have done a search first- looks like they are an upstate item or online only?

Zweigles in Mid Westchester

Does anyone know where I can find Zweigles around Pleasantville? I have someone in from out of town and we are looking for the "whites" hot dogs. I have never heard of them, and the website doesn't list any stores around here besides Sam's, but they don't have them in the Elmsford location-
Can anyone help?

old Jackson & Wheeler location Pleasantville

Found out this is a new addition to Andy Lin's places- Asian Temptation White Plains, Tea House & Okinawa Mt Kisco, etc.

Asian Temptation
23 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

Good steakhouse in Westchester?

Have you tried searching the online archives? You can go specifically to the Westchester dining section and enter any keywords (steak, steakhouse, etc) or the date range when you think it ran.

the old One Broadway - Pleasantville

Saw the signs up today- Don Juan's Mexican Restaurant. So now we will have a choice between Don Emilio (Chappaqua) and Don Juan;)

old Jackson & Wheeler location Pleasantville

I usually hit Jean Jacques for pastries, for some reason I never think to actually sit down and eat there. Do they serve eggs/omelets?

And after a late lunch at Pony Express, I checked the permit again- DBA says "Asian Fusion". So......

old Jackson & Wheeler location Pleasantville

they have gone from one of our favorite places to one of our least favorites. Food quality has fallen as well as the service.
Had something in mind a little more casual, a bit more kid friendly, that serves a great range of breakfast and lunch items. We love hitting the diner for breakfast occasionally, love the sausage there, but it doesn't quite satisfy. I worked at a popular breakfast place in Chicago for a few years, they served amazing food, so I guess I'm being a bit nostalgic!

old Jackson & Wheeler location Pleasantville

A solid breakfast spot.

old Jackson & Wheeler location Pleasantville

I KNOW! Please someone tell me it isn't so....
It's such a great location, if only I had the money-

old Jackson & Wheeler location Pleasantville

There has been construction going on for a while now- I noticed one of the permits in the window says "Asian Fusion" (why this is on a permit is a little strange unless this happens to be the actual name?)
Has anyone heard what is going on with this space?

Hudson Valley Rib Fest questions...

Thank you both for the great info- it was very helpful. Looks like we are going to have a beautiful Saturday to enjoy some delicious BBQ!!

Hudson Valley Rib Fest questions...

Can anyone give me a run down on this event? We are thinking about heading up for the first time, and I am trying to get an idea of how much cash we need to take. (family of 4)
I see that it's a $5 entry fee and then you pay each vendor separately for food. Another blog mentioned pricing runs about $10 per plate/per vendor- Seems a little high for samples unless they are giving out meal size portions. Is there a better day to go? Looks like Sunday they are judging all the good stuff (ribs, pork, brisket) does this mean it is better to go Sunday?
Has anyone been that can give me an idea what to expect? Thanks in advance!

Red Hat on the River in Irvington worth trying?

I know you cannot reserve the outdoor tables- they are first come first serve. I am surprised to hear about the reservations- have you tried calling them directly or only Open Table? We have never once been told no, once or twice we have waited about 10 mins. Usually during the week we don't even call ahead.
Although this place is not my favorite ( I prefer the view to the food) my husband really likes it. He thinks you get a nice size portion for the $$. I have found that all the ingredients listed in a dish do not always appear on my plate.
Also inside can get very loud....

2 Broadway in Pleasantville ...closed

You mean Strega? The chef is Daniel Petrilli, and he never sold Frodo's. They only changed the name to Haven. I think his food there gets better and better. They continue to make slight improvements to the decor, he is on track with the new artwork on display. They do need to work on the service though. One server there is great- the rest, not so good. However it does not deter us from visiting as often as we can.

Anyone been to Bedford Post Inn?

2 Broadway in Pleasantville ...closed

Sorry but I must disagree- we find parking impossible Thu-Sat nights around that intersection- and have also seen someone loose their side mirror when they double parked to get take out. It can get very crowded with cars- we either go for lunch or during a week night.

Brunch for 3 old friends to linger and catch up

What about Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua? I think they do a brunch? After a streak of so-so meals over the summer, we have had 2 great dinners there lately- seems like they are back on track. Great staff and you definitely won't be rushed.

Spatchcocking 101

I was confused about this too- have never heard about "spatchcocking" before, always called it butterflying, for bone-in or boneless.

Nov 24, 2009
domestikate in Home Cooking

Roasted Brussels Sprouts - would this work?

YUM! Sounds perfect. I use lemon zest instead of juice. And I love them a little browned and crispy. Will never steam a sprout again.

Nov 24, 2009
domestikate in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving: Organic, Pasture raised Turkey?

I have never heard it put better- a beachball with legs! So true!!!

We order from Heritage and are looking forward to another delicious meal, and will be using every square inch of that bird for leftovers, stock, etc. Everything we have purchased from them has been out of this world delicious.
I would rather have less delicious, rich, satisfying white meat than pounds of strange textured so-so white meat. But then again I am not feeding a crowd this year.....

New Years Eve - Westchester/Rockland

With many disasters under our belt, we are willing to try again and find a nice place to celebrate this New Years Eve. Does anyone have any good reviews from last year? We are looking anywhere in Westchester or surrounding, upscale, dancing/music, etc. Last year we did Kittle House. It was the usual Holiday run-around, limited menu, rushed service, etc.

Will keep my fingers crossed that somebody somewhere has had a great time and can share!

Blue Hill @ Stone Barns

You can choose either a 5 or 8 course tasting, in addition to a handful of small bites to get you started. Portions are consistent and like Kat said, substantial. I have to disagree with Victoria and suggest that you have breakfast only- I have been many times and always leave too full- Everything is so delicious, I refuse to leave anything on my plate. Enjoy!

Good food after visiting Storm King? Mountainville/West Point area...

Thank you Jess! Those sound perfect.

Good food after visiting Storm King? Mountainville/West Point area...

We are headed up to visit Storm King in the next week or so, and would like a nice place to stop for lunch. We will be with family from out of town, so would prefer to stay away from chains and pizza places, looking more for cafe/bistro, good soup and sandwich, etc. Any suggestions?

Best places to buy (interesting) beer in mid-westchester?

Ditto Captain Lawrence. Great beers-

Finding edamame in northwest westchester-- frozen or fresh

I buy mine at the big A&P in Mt. Kisco. Frozen, of course. Bet Mrs. Green's would also have it.

Coconut M&M's in Westchester?

Allright!!! As my "special delivery" has yet to arrive, I think I will have to take a drive to Scarsdale today!

Going Whole Hog?

So we received our shipment just in time for the weekend- everything was incredible. The shoulder was large, heavy, and had a thick layer of fat- perfect for the smoker. Ditto on the ribs- I didn't get to try any of the sausages. Their note said they collect online orders for a week, then ship everything out Monday of the following week. Also just read in NY Magazine she is selling leaf lard (the good stuff) pie dough she makes from the pigs.....

Oktoberfest: where to enjoy...

Have not found any local places yet- usually you can find at least a special menu for a week. Here is a link including the Putnam and Bear Mountain Festivsals, as well as a few other things coming up in Sept.:

Mmmmmm Chowderfest.......

Cranberry Powder

Believe they sell it at Whole Foods in White Plains. Know they have the tablets, pretty sure I have seen the powder too.