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Korean Style Fried Chicken?

Just stopped by 99chicken for takeout... They quote the wait time as 15 minutes, but it is indeed more like 20-25 minutes.

Quality is pretty good for my limited experience...

Korean Style Fried Chicken?

Are there any suggestions for places that serve fried chicken in korean style?

Forgive me for not being 'in the know' about these things. I'm asking on behalf of a coworker.

Any feedback on Trendy Bean Cafe in Santa Clara?

I'm specifically looking for food in San Francisco FiDi (Financial District ) area or the Sunnyvale/Mountain View/Peninsula area.

Trendy Bean Cafe
1054 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

east bay: union city up to emeryville?

I'd advise against banyan garden... unless you speak chinese. The ownership has been in transition and finally switched over recently (within last 2 months) and so has the service.

We ordered rice and didn't get any rice. but the bill came and rice was on the bill. We explained to the waiter that we didn't receive any rice, but he brought back the bill and the charge was still on there. This was the second time this happened, but the first time, they at least removed the charge.

Try Red Chili Thai on Mission and Industrial in Hayward, although the service is a little slow.

If you can go more south to Newark, try Red Kwali (same shopping plaza as Vung Tau) -- we ate there once about a year ago. Apparently they have mixed reviews.

I second recommendations for Vung Tau (good value and service), Little Potato (good value, but crowded and food was ok but wasn't *that* good).

best roti prata?

I enjoyed the Roti Canai at Banyan Garden in Union City. You can see them making them in the kitchen through the window.