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Must eats in Juneau, Stagway, & Ketchikan

Annabell's in the Gilmore Hotel in Ketchikan! Irish pub attached to very relaxed yet elegant (Alaskan classy :-) restaurant. It has been about 10 years since I was there but my favorite lunch was steamer clams, crab sandwich, and champagne.

I have never stayed at the hotel so can't comment there. has some good input on both hotel and restaurant. It seems that the management may have changed since my last visit.

Jun 11, 2009
patd in Pacific Northwest

Best of Anchorage, Alaska

Wow Paul...This thread is making me miss home SO MUCH! Lucky I will get to be up in the Greatland for 2 weeks in July. Your list brought back a lot of good memories---I have lived in Delaware now for far too long.

Jackies! (it has been years) and I would 2nd many of your choices but your list is long and some I haven't had the chance to try...I will in July. Sad to see there is no Mexican on your list.

Kumagoro on 4th downtown was an old favorite, too.

What about Sorrento's for Italian

AND PIZZA OLYMPIA for the most unique and delicious gyros ever!

ANYWAY, Here is where I MUST eat whenever home in ANC:

Double Musky -- My all time favorite place in the world. In the winter, dress up (or not), hire a limo, or pull up on a snow machine or skis. It can be crowded in the winter due to it's proximity to Alyeska Ski Resort but that is part of the ambiance and Marde Gras flavor. And it is a beautiful drive in the summer.

Simon & Seaforts -- Great fresh seafood, I love their Crab/Artichoke dip. If I remember corrrectly, they used to have a great selection of SM Scotch...gee, wonder why I can't remember? :-)

I have to copy AKFoodie on these:

"Wings and Things, try the nuclear wings if you like real hot. If you want tangy type flavor, this is not the place."

Me: (NUKED WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD SWEAT! :-) but they have medium and mild. Now that I live in the east, it is very hard to find wings without that vinegary sauce thing going on and I am forever looking for Wings N Things style wings.---I had heard they went down hill for awhile but have recovered...say it ain't so!

"Steaks, try Club Paris".

Me: An Anchorage Classic!!! And they make drinks "Alaskan style" so be careful.

"Burgers and shake, try Arctic Road Runner."

Me: Yep! Every variety of burger you can imagine and more! Delish!

Me: I don't know if Lucky Wishbone is still kicking but I used to hit their drive thru for lunch often--they have everything...from good fried chicken to pastrami & cheese, but Arctic RR's burgers are best.

The Crows Nest used to have a GREAT Sunday breakfast buffet...I don't know if they still do or not but I wasn't that impressed with the comparable Hilton's on my last trip.

I gotta say that the last time I was at the Dimond Mall (3/08) it was ALL sort of creepy--went WAY downhill. For shopping, go to The 5th Ave Mall: I like the Chinese at the food court and it's all attached to Nordstroms...need I say more?

OK, I am beginning to prattle. Have a great trip.

Jun 11, 2009
patd in Pacific Northwest

Ranch Style (canned) Beans from Texas?

Ranch Style Beans Brand w/ black label: You can order them from They have the originals and every other variety you could want..12 cans for $30 and that includes shipping and.they also have Wolf Brand Chili.

I am from Alaska originally and now live in Delaware where I can't find these wonderful beans (no Harris Teeter handy, either) so when I go home to visit I stock up. The last time my suitcase was over the weight limit with them so, in the middle of the check-in line I had to transfer about 5 cans to my other husband had a good laugh.

My best friend in Alaska sent me a care package of 2 HUGE cans that she found at Costco in Anchorage but they don't carry them at the DE stores, alas.

You can get them at Fredmeyer stores in the Pacific NW and online, but not all varieties.