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Myrtle Beach

I've been to The Gulf Stream Cafe twice and really enjoy it. Straight forward seafood place, not kitschy like most places in Myrtle. Great views of the sunset over the inlet. Food is good, the vibe is relaxed.

Jul 06, 2009
mcp1 in Southeast

Asheville Fig - similar to Market Place?

We're not big wine drinkers. Is the food better at Nova? We we're thinking of going to Nova, but is Fig the better of two, purely based on the food?

Jun 12, 2009
mcp1 in General South Archive

Asheville Fig - similar to Market Place?

I'll be in town this weekend and given the great reviews (Tripadvisor, here, etc) want to give Fig a try. But the pictures and descriptions of the food, along with some reviews make me think it's similar in approach to the Market Place, which I didn't enjoy. I ate there two times and both times was underwhelmed - it seemed like there was almost no flavor.

Even if the quality is better, would you describe fig as having a very delicate approach and lightly flavored? If so, would I be better off at Table or Nova, which I'm also considering? Also, does the Admiral have a website?

Jun 11, 2009
mcp1 in General South Archive