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First Time at CBS Scene

Probably the worst restaurant I have ever been to. To put it into perspective, I believe the food and service is better at Planet Hollywood and we all know how the story went for that chain. Ridiculously incompetent service and mediocre food does not justify the aggravation of getting to this overpriced ripoff joint. Sent a letter about our experience to GM and surprise, surprise, no response back. Basic management training says you should at least respond to a guests' concerns. Apparently they just don't care. They'll be done in a year or two.

Nov 18, 2008
parkerjh in Greater Boston Area

Top of Hub Tops in Nothing But Mismanagement

It is baffling to me how poorly run this restaurant is for the prices it charges. I can't even begin to recount the ineptitude of not only the service staff, but specifically management from my last two visits. If it wasn't for a $50 gift card that they gave to people who got suckered into overpaying for the poorly produced Mother's Day Brunch, I'd have never gone back at all. Nevertheless, went to a show last night and figured a few appetizers, a light meal and a drink would be a nice way to end the night.

Soup was served cold. Informed waiter that although delicious (it actually was), that it needed to be heated. He was disgruntled to have to do this. Soup came back again- just as cold.

Salad was served filled with olives as the main ingredient yet the menu made no mention of that item. After pulling a Houdini act, server finally showed up at a point that it was too late to have the salad remade. When pointed out that the salad was chock full of olives, he said that I should have mentioned it earlier and it would have been replaced. Gee thanks for putting the blame on me Bucky.

After several more service gaffes and food quality issues, we decided dessert was not happening and asked to speak to a manager.

The manager never showed up. Upon check presentation, server made nasty remarks and my wife decided he deserved no tip. Upon seeing his gratuity, server again got obnoxious. I immediately went to the host stand and asked for a manager. (Hostess was gracious) It took over ten minutes for manager to creep out from behind his curtain. (Nice way to run a restaurant- from the back of the house). This roughly 22 year old junior manager was not equipped to manage his way out of a paper bag. I explained my disgust in the food, service, and overall experience. His best response was that he had already taken the soup off the check (that was cold....twice). Wow! Incredibly gracious hospitality- imagine doing all of that for me. I pointed out again, the multiple instances of poor service and bad food and he just blankly stared at me trying to figure out why I was not pleased with the soup compensation. He told me that's all he could do- he had already talked to the chef. Giving up, and knowing that nothing was going to be done, I left knowing that I would never, ever return again.

Jun 15, 2008
parkerjh in Greater Boston Area

Clam shacks with great scallops

You can't go wrong with the fried scallops at Flo's in Middletown, RI. Remember to bring cash though- no credit cards!

Jun 27, 2007
parkerjh in Greater Boston Area

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

This was pretty much a disaster. Spent close to $100 and sampled hardly any food. Over sold and not enough vendors. Email sent to PG CEO and his response below:

Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2007 8:49 PM
Subject: BBQ Beach party?

The party was anything but.
Parties conjur up fun & good times.
From the dozens of people I talked to at the event on Saturday, there was none of that.
Family of six spent $60 to get in, lines of TWO HOURS for food. Only got to eat Fireflies because no line (which we can do any day of the week) and ONE other vendor. Who can wait that long for food?
Ridiculous. Limit the amount of tickets sold and increase vendors.
I feel used, ripped off & abused.
Total waste of a day.
Not a lot of happy people there.
You should be ashamed of this event and what the admission fee bought: a 10 cent chain of beads, access to long lines, and a rickety, nasty, dirty ferris wheel.
Will not be coming back.

Digruntled former Phantom viewer.

His response:

From: Dave Andelman <>
Reply-To: <>

I'm sorry you did not enjoy the event, we did our best.

Gee, that was heartfelt. Thanks for really reaching out.

Jun 26, 2007
parkerjh in Greater Boston Area