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Toronto's Best Finger Foods

You might want to try the Korean pancake medallions sold at PAT Supermarket at Bloor and Manning. Don't know what they're called, but they're freshly made firm little 2 inch pancakes with chopped seafood, veggies, and a bit of chilli....perfect finger food. They're sold 8 per pack for about $4.

Miga on Bloor?

Passed by it rather quickly today and didn't have the time to check it out, but from across the street it looked either closed or under renovations...does anyone know??

Miga Restaurant
399 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P1Y3, CA

Pre-Order Bentos?

Try this obento catering place on Adelaide:

Their website's all in Japanese but you can see the various bentos they make, and can order them by phone.

Great Sushi Restaurant at Spadina & Bloor - Yuki

No, they are Chinese. Mustar's trained with one of the chefs who worked at Kaji and his sushi is definitely the real deal.

Great Sushi Restaurant at Spadina & Bloor - Yuki

If you’re in the Spadina and Bloor neighbourhood, this Japanese sushi restaurant rises above all others on the Bloor west strip. It’s located on the north side of Bloor just a few doors east of Spadina, next to Noah’s.

It used to be “Rolu” until several months ago when they underwent a name change to “Yuki Japanese Ya” and Mustar joined the business as sushi chef....he’s the friendly guy with long hair who always wears a headband. His sushi is always fresh and creative. We love ordering the Sushi Combo which comes with 10 piece of nigiri and a choice of either California or spicy tuna maki. The nigiri pieces vary slightly each time depending on what’s fresh that day and we always leave very satisfied.

Yuki also has an extensive list of authentic izakaya style appetizers, all at reasonable prices. Our favourites are Asparagus Goma, Yasai Wrap, Gindara (grilled black cod), and Tsukune (meatballs).

Mustar and James (his partner) have a very good thing going here and we encourage Japanese food lovers to give this place a try.

Is there anything like Pret a Manger in TO?

In the vicinity of Holts is Dinah's Cupboard, which also has fresh ready made sandwiches, although just at lunch time M-F.

I was impressed with the abundance of Pret a Mangers in NYC, and each one had a continuous stream of customers during breakfast & lunch. I'm afraid the concept won't work in Toronto simply because we don't have the customer base required to maintain freshness in all the pre-made food.

Dog-Friendly Dives?

The patio fence must be the big dividing line for them, even in the winter. This happened to us a couple of winters ago. The patio (which is an extension of the sidewalk) was not in patio furniture in sight! We tied our dog on the inside of that fence when the guy came rushing out to tell us we couldn't do that.

Dog-Friendly Dives?

Unfortunately, Toronto is so not dog friendly...many places won't even let us have our dog on the patio while we eat. Duff's Wings on Bayview didn't even let us tie our dog outside in the middle of the winter while we went in to order take out. One staff quickly came out to tell us that was their patio and dogs weren't allowed!! We never went back to that place again.

What to eat at The Keg? . . . I've had no luck in the past...

I agree the prime rib is always excellent at Keg Mansion, but not so at some other Keg locations....won't recommend it at the Richmond Hill location.

Pot pies !

I like the chicken pie from Loblaws as well....get mine from the Leaside store. I keep quartered slices in the freezer during the winter months for quick tasty meals. Don't know why they're not made at all Loblaws.

Manpuku - new Japanese fast food at Village by the Grange

Just found this place's been open for a week in the former spot where Al's Fish & Chips used to be. Seems authentic with Japanese staff and a small menu that includes rarely found items like yakionigiri (rice ball with different fillings grilled with miso or soy sauce), several udons (including curry udon), ochazuke, and for the very adventurous there's even natto gohan (fermented beans mixed with okra, Japanese yam, served over rice)!!

Couldn't try anything today since I found this place just after eating a roti from Island Foods.....has anyone tried Manpuku yet???

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

Just had a chiken shwarma sandwich from Anoush tonight and regretted it. It had mainly lettuce & onions and the pink turnip was so salty, I had to pull them all out. A much better version can be had at the Pita place next to the JCC on Bloor at Spadina.

Wagyu Beef Tasting Menu - A Japanese Alternative!

Had a couple of lunches there and was not impressed. The maki rolls were premade and came straight out the fridge.

ISO Green & Black's Chocolate bars

Unfortunately, the lemon & black pepper was not Green & Black. Probably not fair trade.....and I don't have the package since it disappeared too quickly. I guess I'll be heading to Baldwin street soon.

ISO Green & Black's Chocolate bars

I totally agree about Baldwin NF being a great place for chocolates, both for variety and price. I think the Green & Black bars go for $2.99 ea. The owner keeps ordering different types, so it's a great place to try some new flavours - I just bought one with lemon & black pepper which was gobbled up by my hubby.

Fat Free Cheese?

I was a little hesitant about Allegro 4% cheese - thought it might be rubbery in texture with little flavour, but I was pleasantly surprised. Have been buying it in blocks regularly from the supermarket, and now I find Balderson cheddar too rich to eat!

Good eateries near Vancouver General Hospital??

Returned from Vancouver last week and was disappointed that my stay was shorter than originally did not get to try as many places as I'd have liked.

Ended up staying at the Holiday Inn on W Broadway - the first evening, I ventured out west to shop on Granville St. and found a little bakery with great eccles cakes just packed with raisins. I had dinner alone at Malaysian Banana Leaf where I had one of the tastiest nasi gorengs and a plate of spicy fried calamari. The portions were huge and could have easily fed two!

The next evening a friend and I both felt like Japanese, so went to Kamei Royal just a block away from the hotel. We shared a large boat full of fresh sushi and a platter of tempura (full of shrimp, fish, scallops and veggies). We thoroughly enjoyed these but could not finish everything! Vancouver portions are much larger than what we get in Toronto and the seafood is a lot fresher too. I saw some interesting cooked dishes on their menu, so I returned here on my last evening and stuffed myself with chawanmushi, shrimp gyoza, nigiri sushi (fresh toro, hamachi and unagi), panko coated deep fried fish layered with mentaiko (fish roe) and spinach, and a dessert of anmitsu (red beans, fresh fruit and black sesame ice cream)......I was just in heaven!!

For one of our working lunches, we had vegetarian & chicken burritos ordered from Steam Rollers - they were packed with rice & beans and really tasty.
I also managed to take a bus downtown to the Salmon Village store at Robson & Thurlow for indian candy, as they are great gifts to take back home.

As always, had a great time in Vancouver and just can't wait to go back!!!

Pantheon on the Danforth

I prefer to go further east to Erato at Danforth & Monarch Park. They always have a grilled fish special, and their seafood souvlaki is excellent. It's not in the lively part of Greektown but it's a great place to relax and the service is better compared to Pantheon or Avli.

Congee downtown and East end?

Bamboo Cafe at Danforth and Logan has pretty decent's not Congee Wong but I like their seafood version paired with an order of Har Gow.

kitsune udon

Sakawaya on the Danforth and Tokyo Grill (Yonge & Wellesley) have it.
I'm pretty sure Konnichiwa on Baldwin does too.

Parisian Macaroons?

I tried a variety of their macaroons a while ago and although they were pretty and colourful, their flavours were not very memorable. However, their other pastries and cakes were fabulous!

Meat Samosas - NO VEG PLEASE!

I agree, Simba Grill's appetizers are much better than their main dishes or grilled meats. I particularly like the Simba Veg Platter with samosas, deep fried cassava and daal bhajia. They're fantastic eaten with the variety of sauces they serve in the restaurant......but not sure if they give you all the sauces for take out. The fried cassava's definitely addictive and so much better than french fries!!

Good eateries near Vancouver General Hospital??

Thanks newJJD - I read a lot about Vij's and West on this board but didn't realize they're both that close, so will try one of the suggested for dinner. I am open to anything that Vancouver does really well that I don't get a chance to try in Toronto. I guess I'll hop on a bus towards Robson for my izakaya craving.

Need a quiet lunch spot near Dundas/Yonge

Baton Rouge is a decent spot with tables spaced well apart and good service.

Good eateries near Vancouver General Hospital??

Will be staying near this hospital for a few days and would like suggestions for a few places for lunch/dinner. I was amazed at the izakaya restos on my previous visit to Vancouver when I stayed near Robson St.......are there any in this part of the city near the hospital?

Okinomiyaki in TO?

Couple of other places to try Osaka-style okonomiyakis:
Otabe at the far eastern end of Queen St. in the Beaches (may not be on their menu but you can ask them to make it).
Miyabi on West Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill.

Breakfast College and Bay

Try the Irish pub "Pogue Mahone" in College Park - I believe they had traditional breakfasts as well as omelets and Eggs Benedicts.

shwarma around U of T

There's another place just a little further west of Anoush near College and Beverley (can't remember the name but they have daily specials as part of their sign). BTW I love their chicken biriyani. As I was having lunch there today, I saw 2 guys each eat a shawarma sandwich and then each of them went for seconds, so they must be tasty!

More Authentic Japanese Food!

I enjoyed the sushi at Aoyama as well over the past weekend - was in a hurry, so just had the deluxe plate and tempura on the side. The sushi had small amounts of rice (which I prefer) and eveything was fresh, especially the uni. Their menu had very little cooked items but the tempura was crisp and not greasy at all.

The restaurant is quite small (seating for only ~20) and filled up rather quickly, so best to make a reservation ahead of time. I must try their omakase next time as it sounds wonderful!

With many chefs leaving the Katsura, I wonder what that restaurant is like nowadays......I have not eaten there since February and would hate to see its quality go downhill.

Best Lunch under $20 in Downtown?

How about the new ROM's Food Studio - you don't need to pay admission to go to this eatery in the B1 level. They have a changing menu of grilled fish, stir frys, pizzas, and a great salad bar using many organic ingredients. This is now my favorite place for a quick healthy lunch when in that part of town.