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Keriwa or bestellen? Or somewhere else to take a new yorker that takes reservations for this Saturday...

For my money, Keriwa is turning out some of the most creative flavour and texture combinations in the city. They do interesting, thoughtful food that is amazing. I've never found the atmosphere to be particularly buzzy, but the food will knock your socks off.

Tusker Beer in Toronto?

I think the lager is available at Smokeles Joe's (which also does food and is on John St).
Or if you are ok with venturing to Parkdale, the Rhino has it.

cheap eats for LA Chowhounds?

pho: Golden Turtle on Ossington
poutine (classic quebecois fries and gravy): poutini's on queen west.
drinking: the Rhino (queen and Brock?) has a good selection of local brews
St Laurence market for bacon sammies, as previously noted!

Help narrowing down where to eat and drink in PDX!

I was all set to write a post about how two Canadian hounds were going to be in Portland at the end of the month, staying at the White Eagle to save money for eating and drinking... but Cancuk seems to have done all my legwork!

These are all great suggestions - and if anyone has thoughts on amazing breakfast/brunch options (for a post-wedding, likely hungover, meal) I'd really appreciate them!

Looking forward to the report back Cancuk!

Aug 16, 2010
clairelizabeth in Metro Portland

The Counter?

I think the fried chicken came in at about $17, which we thought was pricey... until the serving arrived and it was huge.

Totally share-able.

The Counter?

Went on Monday night at about 10pm, l'homme and I live in the neighbourhood and have been really excited about a late night food option other than the Wheat Sheaf. (Yeah, I know... I post on chowhound but eat at the WS... let the stoning begin!)

I'd been in the space before opening, and was pleasantly surprised at how it balances chic and homey. The booths are roomy, the lighting is kind, and I covet the floor tiles. Whole look is a bit diner+train car+moroccan bordello.

For a place still finding its feet (we were told it had been open for just a week) I was impressed by the service, pacing and most of the food. I'm confident that the snags will work themselves out with time and more plates going through the pass.

We had fried chicken (with cheddar mac and cheese) a side of wilted spinich, and mac and cheese.

The M&C was good, but pretty bog standard and frankly not interesting. Served in a cast iron kettle - nice touch - and garnished with two thin baguette toasts (which made no sense, because if you are serving a dish that is solely comprised of carbs and dairy and fat, why would you top it off with more carbs?) and two rounds of pancetta, over crisped to the point of blackness. This dish could be hoiked up a notch with the simple addition of some sort of properly cooked pig (lardons, bacon, threads of prosciutto...)

The chicken came in five pieces in a bucket, an enormous portion for one person, and was served (oddly) with tartar sauce and (less oddly) cheddar mashed potatoes. L'homme avoided the sauce, but raved about the chicken. A thick crust of slightly sweet batter wrapping tender, juicy chicken pieces. Two of which are still in our fridge, because, despite our best efforts, we couldn't go the distance. Cheddar mashed pots were delicious, but the cheese was just melted over the top of the potatoes, when we'd expected a golden mound of cheese infused starch. Regardless, the dish tasted excellent.

The wilted spinich was properly wilted, but over salted and wilted baby spinich leaves with the stems left on lead to limp and drippy stem threads which are sort of unappetizing.

Large selection of bottled beer, a select few on tap - served in chilled glass mugs!

Other menu items: a variety of all day breakfasts, a muffuletta, shrimp po-boy, salads, burgers and sammies.

Overall, I think it is a great addition to an area with many condo-ites and few mid-range dining options.

Kelowna - suggestions?

I'm so thrilled that you went to Bouchons - those cornichons are amazing!

How was Raudz?

ISO Buddha's Hand citrons

Thanks all... I'll keep my eyes open in the winter. I'm planning to pickle the rinds, but now thinking about candied peel...

ISO Buddha's Hand citrons

I'm looking for Buddha's Hand citrus fruits... any suggestions where I could find some are much appreciated.

Kelowna - suggestions?

As a displaced Okanagan girl, I'm jealous/homesick reading this thread! I worked 4 summers at Quail's Gate during university and my brother completed his chef training at Mission Hill - both are excellent, QG is a bit more relaxed and I think the view is better... but MH's food is amazing.

I usually try to hit up Bouchons bistro (to pretend I'm in Paris) and The Greatful Fed (for lunch/breakfast - and it's really kid-friendly). Raudz is also a must.

The Farmer's market near Orchard Park Mall on Saturday mornings is a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to talk to local farmers - there's great coffee and a truck selling an array of gourmet snacks... And the kids can run around and watch the buskers.

2 days in Toronto - Restaurants with charm, character?

I feel a bit like a cheerleader... "yes! Caplansky's...Rah rah.. Niagara Street Cafe!..." but Niagara is well, well worth it. Also, they do an excellent Sunday brunch (bacon jam!).

Niagara Street Cafe
169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

Black Hoof

Fries are thrice fried in horse fat. completely delicious!

Black Hoof

Sat at the Bar on Sunday night and had the "Sunday Surprise" : calf's brain ravioli w/ artichokes and parm shavings. Absolutely delish - though perhaps not for the squemish...

Also, the horse heart and tongue dish wonderful, and pretty much filled my iron requirement for the month! Apparently they confit the tongue in horse fat, which makes it extra rich and tender.

2 days in Toronto - Restaurants with charm, character?

Second Caplansky's. This place is legit! Started as a small operation in a slightly divey bar, and then moved to its own location on College St, got swarmed by ppl in the first month (hence the mixed reviews) but it's settled into a smooth routine, and the knish is to die for.

Also in that neighbourhood is Auntie's and Uncles - great for breakfast, but often with a line 'round the block of hung-over students/hipsters on weekends... :)

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

2 days in Toronto - Restaurants with charm, character?

Q&B is def. dad-friendly, and the fish and chips are divine!

Black Hoof doesn't take resos, so get there early, or be chill about waiting (if there is a wait, they'll send you across the street for a drink at the sister location, the Hoof Cafe - which is pretty awesome in its own right).

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

2 days in Toronto - Restaurants with charm, character?

Kind of a random, off the top of my head list...
Queen and Beaver Pub on Elm St- downstairs dining room or patios (upstairs has tvs...) : cozy/funky
Ematei Isayaka on St Patrick : authentic
Le Select on Wellington : chic/character
The Black Hoof/Hoof Cafe: just freaking awesome
The Roof Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel - for an afternoon/pre dinner cocktail

Depending on how authentic you want your lunch, a swing through St Lawrence Market (and apologies for not remembering all the market vendors...) could yield a peameal bacon sandwich, fish and chips (at the south end, past the fish area), veal and eggplant sandwich (downstairs at Mustachio's).

Enjoy your time in Toronto!

30 Saint Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T3A3, CA

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

Park Hyatt
Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA

Good spots in Toronto to eat alone

I second Smokeless Joe's, Caplansky's, and the Black Hoof or the Hoof Cafe. Anh Dao on Spadina is a tiny, friendly, Vietnamese place with great food. My local is the Old York - pretty laid back, nice patio, sammies, and a good selection of Ontario beers.

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Smokeless Joe
Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA

Anh Dao Restaurant
383 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G6, CA

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA