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Sfoglia cake

The Baker's Table in Oshawa has an nice one - just off the 401 at Ritson and Bloor

Jul 30, 2014
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tasty, Affordable Lunches in Oshawa

BR is also licensed. Jimmy Guaco's (on Athol) does a nice burrito.

Dec 08, 2012
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to eat near Courtice

I like Kyle's Quality Meat in Bowmanville as well as Svetec farms for organics. My favourite bakery is Baker's Table in Oshawa at Ritson/Bloor .

Apr 10, 2012
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Just curious ...What kind(s) of beer? . I told them they needed some tasty micro brews in there to complete the place.

Mar 29, 2012
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Svetec Farms (Clarinton, ON) Opinions on Quality and Value?

I purchased a couple of ducks 2 weeks ago and am happy with the purchase. I also requested extra duck fat, if they had any, and they were helpful.

Nov 29, 2011
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

are there any gourmet/boutique food shop in Durham Region?

For breads, I can recommend The Baker's Table in Oshawa (Ritson/Bloor) . I t is an excellent Italian Bakery. There is also a hot sauce place on Bloor , east of Simcoe, in Oshawa. I can't remember the name. Is fifthglen a Carleton reference?

Oct 22, 2010
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Seeking St. Petes/St. Petes Beach recs: NOT the usual ones, however

Thanks For the tips, We will be going back to Agave we we get there in two weeks. It is our favourite is St Pete Beach.

Mar 02, 2010
testid in Florida

Best Pizza in Oshawa/Durham Region

My favourite place is Hot Rocks in Whitby . Wood Oven, creative toppings, nice thin crust.

Dec 29, 2009
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find fresh duck breast in Oshawa area?

Try Kyle''s Quality Meat in Bowmanville. I like their stuff so far. W have had the sausages,rib steaks, prepared chicken and london broil and will be making Osso Bucco from there for NYE.

Dec 29, 2009
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Blue Mountain - Dinner Recommendations?


We were in Blue Mountain on the weekend of the 8/9th . We dined at two places in the village and one in town.

Our first stop was the Copper Blues place. My wife and two sons(7,4) had a late lunch there. I had a pulled pork sandwich and upgraded to the sweet potato fries as a side. The sandwich was very saucy and sweet, served on a ciabatta type bun. The fries were good and were served with a chipotle mayo. It was fine, but i would have preferred it spicier. The meal was good and hit the spot. My wife had a turkey sandwich with brie and pears, served on a grill toasted cranberry bread with a side salad. It was very tasty. My 4 y.o. had a cheese pizza and the 7 y.o had burgers and fries. I think kids meals were half price before 5(?) . I thought the pizza looked undercooked, but my normally fussy son ate most of it. The 7 y.o. had burger and fries and thought it was good. The service was cheerful and a small problem with the lettuce on the burger was quickly remedied.

Supper that night was in Collingwood at the Beaver and Bulldog. It was a very busy pub , both inside and on the patio. We were seated fairly quickly , got to order drinks but not issued menus until the kitchen could catch up. We both ordered the pan fried rainbow trout(~$17) with baked potato. One son had chicken fingers while the other had just fries. The trout was delicious and perfectly cooked. The sides were ho-hum. The service was just ok , even taking into account the busyness and orders from management on menu distribution protocols.

On Saturday, during a walkabout in the village we decided to make reservations at three guys and a stove at about 3:45 . I wanted 6;30 or 7 but a 6 o'clock was available. So, we took that.

We were seated in a the sparsely populated restaurant , right up front. oh well. A Trio of women were turned away because they didn't have reservations.

The Kids menu had many choices of apps, mains and desserts and was just $7 each,. Both kids enjoyed their choices. I had Lamb shank - it was good.- very tender with a sweet glaze. My wife had the tiger shrimp, also good on top of pasta. . The service was outstanding(for our purposes) . I prefer to get in and out of a restaurant before my kids get antsy. The server(Anne) came over we we were still eating to take the kid's dessert orders. Excellent. Also, within a minute of dropping off the meals was back to see if everything was in order. It was. but is nice the see that attention. I don't see that service often. I also realize it helps them turn over the table.
The only negative was the smell, but not the taste of the house wine. It was a Rhone, i think, and maybe it is supposed to smell like that.. The overall experience was good. The value was in line with the price and service was great. We saw several families leaving as we dined.

Aug 18, 2009
testid in Ontario (inc. Toronto)