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Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

Oh Boy...poor kitchen staff and efficiency!!! First time I went to Oh Boy, I waited one hour for my tables order only to have it come completely wrong. Fries and burgers were cold. The server apologized and the owner came by to explain that it was their first week of operating and they are ironing out the kinks and got us a round of drinks. Fine, I can understand the kinks in opening a new restaurant.

Fast forward, to today. I figure after one and a half months, things should be better. I go grab some take out with my friend and we place our order. 20 mins go buy and we still dont see our order being prepared. The line chefs look lost and confused. The lead chef is frantically trying to keep things in order and shouting out orders. A table complains of cold fries and they are replaced. Its 25mins now since we ordered and we see an order being prepared that looks exactly like our order but its being plated and not being packed as take-out. I walk up to the server and ask if this is my order and if so, that its take out. The answer is "no" (without asking me what my order is). Fine, maybe someone ordered the exact same order as us but I'll wait and see happens. He rings the bell for the servers and the server looks confused. She finally realizes that its my order and tells the cooks that its for take out. Apologizing, they pack up the burger but surprisingly, uses his gloved hand to pick up my fries with gravy and puts it into a box. I was very appalled and when he was about to pack the poutine order the same way, I had to say to him to use a pair of tongs or pour it in the box. Unbelievable. 40 mins later, we finally walk out with our order.

I think the problem with Oh Boy is not their product. Their burgers are good but not great. Its simply a staff that doesnt know proper food handling and a very ineffecient kitchen. They need a better ordering system and they need to be able to serve burgers and fries within 10-15mins. Why should a burger and poutine take 30 mins to serve? The owners need to change something cause I'm not going back anytime soon.

Oh Boy Burger Market
571 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6, CA

Dec 13, 2009
Focker in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Spice Route--feedback?

I have to agree with most of the opinions here. Spice Route is not a place you want to eat at. The food is average at best but with the price you pay, you can have better Chinese food in Chinatown or anywhere else in the GTA.

I went to their "Lundin" promotion last week. $24 per person allows you to try 15 different dishes and its all you can eat. Sounds like an alright deal if you`re going out with a bunch of friends on a night out. As the dishes came out, one course after the other, I sat there in disbelief as I felt like I was eating in a foodcourt at Manchu Wok. Dishes such as Sweet & Sour pork, Deep Fried Squid, Beef with Broccoli, Deep Fried Chinese Donuts, Pork fill Potstickers, Sweet Potatoe Fries. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy all of those dishes, but completely below my expectations. It looked like they bought the food at a Chinese take out and presented it on a plate for us. Very disappointing and unsatisfying. Add in the fact that the service was very slow and the place wasnt even busy.

Go have a drink and hang out with some friends and its an alright place. The place is packed on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

Jun 11, 2009
Focker in Ontario (inc. Toronto)