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NYC Chowhound in London 1st time

This is great. Thanks!

Jun 11, 2009
dippy do da egg in U.K./Ireland

Best place in Philly to take Dad


For my dad's birthday we are driving down to Philadelphia for the weekend. He's a big lover of food but nothing gets to his heart more than a good hamburger and hot dog. So far the weekend is packed with places like Pat's, but we're thinking of taking him for a saturday night sit-down meal. Nothing too fancy... he hates places with big white plates and teeny portions. But, he does still appreciate a real good meal. Any suggestions on a mid-priced place with delicious food?

I'm looking at Little Fish online, how's that?


Jun 11, 2009
dippy do da egg in Pennsylvania

What to eat on a 5 hour layover in Qatar?

I have a five hour layover in Qatar between two very long flights, and as a hungry eater I couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to leave the airport and grab something to eat in my time in a new place.

My first question for those who know Qatar: Is getting out of the airport and back possible in a 5 hour layover? (presumably, I should be back an hour early for check-in?) Is the public transport reliable to get you into the city and back? Or are taxis cheap and abundant?

Granted the first question works out: if you could only have one meal in Qatar, what would you eat?

This might be a crazy question, given the time demands, but I figured I'd ask!

NYC Chowhound in London 1st time

Hello all,

I am also visiting London (in September though). I figured I'd add to this post rather than making a new one.

We've heard a good share on the markets, any suggestions on restaurants-- either high end or low?


Jun 10, 2009
dippy do da egg in U.K./Ireland


I'd say take 95 until you pass New Haven and then get onto Route 1. Route one practically parallels 95 for most of the trip through CT, and takes you along the water through many lovely New England towns. It won't be as fast, but it is a lot nicer.

Also, I second Sea Swirl. They are renown for their wholebellies, and also have the best fish n' chips I've had in SE CT (and I've lived there all of my life). They are a nice thick piece of cod (none of that skimpy, skinny stuff) dipped in the perfect batter: its creamy, and crunchy, it coats the fish evenly with a strong delicious appearance, but nevertheless lets the thick, flaky, moist fish take the spotlight! And yes, their lobster roll is great!