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Does anyone know where I can buy julekake or limpa in SEMichigan?

Or maybe mail order? I've got all my other essentials coming in from Erikson's in Chicago. But they don't do bakery. I could always settle for stollen, but....

Thanks in advance. And if anyone knows of anywhere to buy any Scandinavian foods in the area (other than IKEA), I'll take that too!

Nov 29, 2009
hpooh in Great Lakes

uniquely Ann Arbor and very special?

I moved to Ann Arbor very recently from a major city in the US and there really isn't much here in the way of restaurants that compare to what was available there (even Zingerman's is a let down). The only restaurant that I would rate as "as good" or better is an Indian place called Madras Masala. But there are things that Ann Arbor does better than other cities, and some unique experiences. Beer! is one. Arbor is your best bet here, for the local stuff (Grizzly Peak is good too, but really a bit chain-y) Ashley's is also excellent. It is not a brew pub, but has one of the best beer lists I've encountered. Ann Arbor hasn't impressed me as a food city, but it has more than made up for it as a beer city. #2 Ann Arbor awesome food experience: Cuppycakes! Cake Nouveau is owned by a woman who is quite frequently featured on food network, and the cupcakes there are a unique experience. If you want cupcakes like mom makes, Jefferson Market is your best bet. Cake Nouveau is more famous and has that food network cache, but Jefferson Market is by far my fave. But hey, it is cupcakes, why not try both?! I'd skip Cupcake Station. Schakolad, a chocolate place right next to Arbor Brewing, is also good. Ice cream can be good here too. Kilwins is my fave, but Washtenaw Dairy is the local favorite. The other excellent culinary experience in Ann Arbor is the Farmer's Market. While you're there, pick up some Roos Roast coffee, some of the best coffee anywhere. Buy some goodies there and have a nice picnic in Argo Park!

So while I've yet to find a restaurant that I would really recommend here, I've had some great culinary experiences nonetheless.

I forgot one! I like the lunch counters at Sparrows. You can go up, point at a fish, and have it fried up for you on the spot!

Jun 09, 2009
hpooh in General Midwest Archive