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The Burger Cellar - Yonge & Lawrence

I had a similar experience yesterday. Called in the afternoon to request a 6:30 reservation for 2. We were told they were not taking any further reservations for that night but that there would be tables available for walk-ins. I found that slightly frustrating - why would tables be saved for walk-ins but not for people that actually bother to call in advance? Anyway, we went over and sure enough the place was packed. We were told it was a 45-minute wait for a table for 2 and so we promptly left and went a few blocks over to Piazzetta Trattoria, which was excellent.

Piazzetta Trattoria
3441 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4N 2N1, CA

Dining in Elora

My husband and I are planning a long weekend in Elora this summer. It's our first time going there. Any recommendations for dining? No restrictions on price or type of cuisine... just good food. Thanks!

Cannoli in Toronto

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Italy (amazing food!), and now we're having cravings for some cannoli here at home. Any suggestions in the Toronto area?