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Group dining for youth

I will be taking a group of 22 high school aged kids w/ 9 adults to NOLA for 9 days. We are on a HUGE budget, so I am looking for places to take the kids to dinner each night that is walking distance from our hotel (New Orleans Marriott- 555 Canal). Since we will be there for a youth gathering with 36,000 people, I definitely need to find places that I can make reservations, BUT are not expensive. Even $50/person for 8 nights is out of our price range-- that would be $12,400 just for dinner for 31 people for 8 nights. I know NOLA pretty well, so I know that most of the known restaurants do not fit this request. Please help w/ any suggestions!!
Thank you!!!

Jun 09, 2009
vans20 in New Orleans