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breakfast in Brussels

Will be spending several days in Brussels this fall. When looking to book hotels I find some include breakfast and some charge extra. Those that charge extra are asking about 20 euros per person. It seems pretty high to me. I'm guessing that there are many places to get breakfast in central Brussels, but maybe that's what breakfast goes for in Brussels. Does anyone know? Is the convenience of getting it at your hotel work the price? Thanks for any advice.

May 03, 2010
markjchambers in Europe

restaurants in Bandol area

I will be on a road trip in eastern France in September going from Srasbourg to Nice via Alsace, Beaune and Avignon. Will spend several days in the Bandol area of Provence. Lots of recs out there for restaurants in Alsace, Burgundy, etc., but can't find much for the Bandol area. Anyone with recommendations for restaurants in or near Bandol?


Jul 26, 2009
markjchambers in France

auberge de l'ille

Thanks for the replies. Lunch sounds like a good idea.

Jun 09, 2009
markjchambers in France

auberge de l'ille

will be on the route du vin in Alsace in Sept. Heard much about this restaurant. Wondering what it will cost for dinner for two with a decent bottle of wine and what I have to pack to wear to dinner.

Will smart casual cut it in the countryside or do I need a blazer? blazer and tie?

We will be on the road and my standard dress is a polo shirt with khakis. Is this acceptable dress at most french restaurants?

Thanks for any advice.

Jun 09, 2009
markjchambers in France