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Best Veg-friendly options in NOLA

Very helpful, will use the "call ahead" rule of thumb for the finer establishments.
Looking forward to trying some of your other options.
If we go to green goddess we'll report back :)

Thank u!

Best Veg-friendly options in NOLA

Dear Hounders-

My bf and I are headed to new orleans tomorrow for a week long holiday. Would love to get the inside scoop on some excellent vegetarian restaurants and/or places that have quality vegetarian options (as my bf is not vegetarian).

We'd ideally love to dabble in all the authentic flavors that new orleans cuisine has to offer, but have found it hard to find places that accommodate a vegetarian diet. we're staying in the French Quarter but would travel to any part of town!

We live in Los Angeles and some of our favorite places to eat are little hidden haunts with great food. Please help us find some veggie spots in nola!