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Petaluma/Sonoma - place for group luncheon

Della Fattoria on Petaluma Blvd Call ahead to you can reserve a table.
Fodd there is really great and if you have room get a cup cake or a peanutbutter cookie!!!

Places to eat in San Leandro

Anyone have any great places they like to eat in SL.
I have been to some places and they have been ok
Places i like:
Oriental Tea House
La Pinata
Ploughman's (good breakfast)

Want to try:
Paridiso (sp?)

I'm looking for another good breakfast place and a good place to go on friday nights for dinner.
Thanks for the help!!

East Village dim sum in San Leandro

I have had dim sum there and the only thing i really liked there was the steamed custard buns. But the best dim sum i have had is at The Oriental Tea House 604 Macarthur Blvd
San Leandro, CA. I have never really had anything bad ther, but their custard buns are a bit dry.