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Best Peruvian in DC/MD

I have to say that after reading all the good reviews about The Nibber, we finally went a few weeks ago. I really wanted to love this place as it is 10 minutes from my house. There was nothing bad about it, just nothing great. The lomo saltado, pretty standard Peruvian fare, was probably the least flavorful Ive had in the area. It was also way over-priced for what they gave you.

Frustration with Ray's Hell Burger.

Im not crazy about them either. I think Michael Landrum has a very dedicated following and some how puts a beef-induced spell over them and they blab on and on endlessly about how great all of his establishments are. I dont get it.

Zio's Italian Restaurant, Gaithersburg: YUK!!!!!!!!!

My better half wanted red sauce italian food on Saturday so we tried this place for the first time (which actually received pretty good reviews at some online sites). We were there with the kids so we tried 5 different entree's and it was a five-way tie as to which was the worst. My wife had eggplant parm (horrible). My daughter had a chicken dish with mushrooms, peppers and onions (horrible). My son had an italian sub (horrible). My other son had pasta in garlic and olive oil (horrible) and I had chicken marsala (which was perhaps the worst italian dish Ive ever had). The salads that came with the meal were pedestrian (Ive had better dressings out of a Wishbone bottle) and the bread on the table was stale. The place is filthy (perhaps one of the most vile bathrooms Ive seen in the U.S.) and the waiter spent most of our hour there talking to the folks at the table next to us. What a waste of $100 and I cant believe this place stays in business.........

Zio's Italian Restaurant
9083 Gaither Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Tabasco Tex Mex Rockville: Don't Bother!

I wonder why the quality went down as it is the same owner. I ate there a few months ago and had the pollo saltado (a new menu item after the name change) and thought it was really good....

Disapointed at Ray's the Classics

I had the same experience at Classics. The place was empty yet they still rushed us out of there. Additionally, none of the steaks were served at the level of done-ness requested. Over-rated as far as Im concerned.

Best Pizza in DC?

I know it's not D.C. but Pasta Blitz (two locations in Howard County) serves a pretty good NY-Style pizza.

Pasta Blitz
11550 Philadelphia Rd Ste 100, White Marsh, MD 21162

pizzeria paradiso's non-pizza items

I know we'll take hits for this, but I couldnt agree with you more.....

Moby Dick in Olney?

Moby Dick is ok. There are other kabob places that are better but you'd have to travel to either Wheaton or Kabab n Karahi on New Hampshire Avenue.

Moby Dick
1070 31st Street N.W., Washington, DC 20007

Frustrated in Rockville -- why can't I get a decent deli sandwich?

Angelo's at GA/Norbeck is ok for the area. Doesn't compare to the Italian Store in Arlington or what I grew up with in Brooklyn......

Italian Store
3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

Frustrated in Rockville -- why can't I get a decent deli sandwich?

I too live in Rockville and in the 15+ years of living here, I have found no decent deli. You can get Boars Head meats at Giant Grocery stores. If you're looking for anything remotely comparable to NY deli, you're going to have to get on I-95 and head north for approximately 225 miles.........

Ray's The Steaks is a mediocre steak house at best.

I feel the same way about Two Amy's. Ive had some wonder small plates there but the Pizza's are inconsistent. The craziness of the atmosphere (kids screaming, close tables, crammed packed) precludes me from making it a regular dining spot (yet most folks at this sight think it's a slice of heaven). I prefer the "total package".

Cafes in Rockville/Gaithersburg?

I've lived in Rockville for 15 years and am still looking for one......

Ray's The Steaks is a mediocre steak house at best.

Be careful. People at this site get very protective and defensive about anything Michael Landrum. I havent been to Rays the Steaks but have been to Rays the Classics. I thought the waitstaff was rude and aloof, some of the items (filet, sides and soups) were pretty good and others were not prepared as requested. All in all it was an ok meal but I wouldnt run back. And I didnt think it was inexpensive either. I miss Sam and Harry's.

Try saying anything mediocre or negative about Rays Hellburger and await the fallout......

Urban BBQ in Olney/Sandy Spring: Is it me?

I do and thanks...

Urban BBQ in Olney/Sandy Spring: Is it me?

I think this area is filled with people that have never had good pizza, BBQ, deli, chinese food, etc. Any time a mediocre restaurant pops up, they review it like it's the second coming........

Is Bloom Really THAT Good?

I do like that it's usually not crowded and the isle's are wide and easy to navigate.

Best thin crust pizza in the DC area

Many of the area pizza restaurants are wildly inconsistent. Ive had both great and lousy pies at 2 Amy's. Same for Pizzaria Paradiso. The pie I had at Matchbox barely had any sauce or cheese on it. Mamma Luccia is good depending on which location you go to. Ledo's is "kids" pizza. For some reason, they like it even though I find it inedible. Italian Store is good for a big, oily, sloppy NY-Style pie. I used to like Faccia Luna in Clarendon but I agree that they now oversalt their slices. Piaola's in Rosslyn doesnt get much press but they've been consistently good.

green turtle to open in olney

But they'll probably have better BBQ than Urban...

The best restaurant in Olney closes

Im kind of suprised no restaurant chain hasnt scooped up the old Stained Glass Pub building on the corner of GA and 108.

Urban BBQ in Olney/Sandy Spring: Is it me?

Ive now eaten at this location 4 times and it get worse and worse. If this is the "best" bbq in the area, we're in big trouble.

The best restaurant in Olney closes

I have to agree that Olney is ripe for some good restaurants. No good chinese, no great italian; The Thai place is good but primarily take-out; Wasabi Zen is good but very expensive; every other place I wouldnt waste my money at.....

Cafe Asia

I live in Mo Co and sadly TNR puts many of our chinese options to shame. I find it ok for "americanized" chinese

Cafe Asia

Ive had a few chicken dishes there where they utilized that mystery meat chicken (not quite sure its dark meat, pretty sure its not white meat, what can it be)? I would say that if you want Chinese food, go up the hill to Courthouse area to TRN (next to the bagel place) or down the hill one block to the Japanese restaurant (on the same side as Safeway)....

Two Amys: not a great first experience

The dining room upstairs is much more peaceful. I did notice that alot of pizza's were being returned for one reason or another (it was at 2pm on a Sunday and it was utter chaos in there).

Two Amys: not a great first experience

Ate at 2 Amy's again yesterday with my family. Here's my take. Two of the three pizza's we ordered were very good. The third was burned (almost completely burned) on the bottom. The appetizers of fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and a salad were very good. The cannoli we had for dessert was so-so. The filling was heavily infused with orange zest or liquor (not really to my liking). The service was terrible. They forgot part of our drink order and never "checked up" on us. Overall, I would say that this is a nice place if you live in the neighborhood but I wouldn't go out of my way for it........

Anyone eat at Al Carbon in Rockville?

Ive noticed some favorable reviews by the Washingtonian and Gazette about this place. I pass by it twice a day and have never seen a single car parked in their lot. Has anyone dined there?

Urban BBQ in Olney/Sandy Spring: Is it me?

I believe they bought a state-of-the-art smoker for the Olney location. Go figure.

Thai Restaurant at Norbeck Rd. and Georgia Ave.?

It is Thai Tavern. They seem to have a loyal following but the couple of times I ate there I thought it was nothing special. Pana Thai in Derwood is much better as is the primarily take-out place in GA Ave in Olney (next to Matress Discounters)

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

Silver Fountain Chinese in Aspen Hill is ok. Not many good pizza places around. Mamma Lucia in Olney is about the closest for you.

Urban BBQ in Olney/Sandy Spring: Is it me?

Dont get me wrong. I always thought Urban BBQ in Rockville was some of the best BBQ in the area (and am a big fan of Urban Burger). Ive now sampled the food at the new location in Olney/Sandy Spring and unfortunately havent had good experiences. The chili fries are good, but the BBQ chicken, ribs and brisket seem to be sub-par. The chicken almost seems to need more time in the smoker or grill, the ribs werent "fall off the bone", and the brisket is dry and not very flavorful. I also have to say that KFC makes better mashed potato's and coleslaw. I want to chalk it up to that the food doesnt transport well as take-out but Im not so sure........