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Recs for visitors

I will be coming from Balto and meeting a friend from Trenton along with her from England fiancee. Looking for a place to sit, eat and drink for a long weekday lunch in the greater downtown philly area. Ethnic ok, under $50/person.

cut of meat help

it's roast size and there's 2 of them. It could be, but the tritip I've had is smaller.

On the E coast

cut of meat help

I thought I knew all there was to know about beef. But I just recently bought a cow from a local farm and had it processed. I have a few packs labeled "3 corner." Anyone know what that cut of meat is?

Beer for a wedding?

If there will be old people and women at this event, you may want to go with some sort of light beer and/or Caribbean style beer.

May 04, 2010
drlee_susquespine in Beer

Help with Bone In Ribeye Roast, asap!!!

can be. It's the same thing. To be a 'prime rib' it's supposed to be certified 'prime' by the fda.

Wild Duck

brine or marinate the hell out of them. i've used buttermilk. grill or fry, faster cooking will lessen the drying. hopefully whoever shot them got all the blood out; if not soak in ice water for a bit

Where to eat in Huntington/Newport beach

i'll be in Anaheim for a conference getting out Sat afternoon. Instead of red-eyeing back to the E Coast, I was planning on driving down to the ocean for the evening. I don't want to spend all day on SOCAL roads. Under $50pp w/o alcohol

Anything good to eat at National Harbor?

I was just there. Had 2 meals in the Gaylord at the seafood place, and wasn't bad for hotel food. The breakfast buffet was above avg. There's an elevation burger there that I'd been wanting to try for a while. Not bad, my tongue could't tell the difference between there and 5 guys, but hopefully the grass fed beef will be kinder to my heart.

Where to eat in Huntington/Newport beach

First time visitor to Hunt./Newport area looking for good dinner recs, prefer Mex or seafood.

ISO a no-sugar added barbecue sauce, please.

A few places back home (Texas) and I've been to a few in TN that the bbq sauce consists of straight vinegar with a little hot sauce/onion/meat drippings ad that's it. If your not trying to avoid calories, honey/beer and molasses are good ways to go

Good, simple ways to have beef liver?

Speaking as a doctor and liver lover, the more rare a meat is, the more bio-available the protein and vitamins are. Also, over-cooked liver turns to shoe leather quickly.


Depends on what you want out of BBQ. One man's acclaimed is another's barely tolerable. As a mis-placed Texan, the only 2 I have found are Capital Q and one in Rockville that the names eludes me right now.

But with some Tennessee roots I find Famous Dave's to not be that bad after a beer.

Weekend conference in Garden Grove (Anaheim)

I'll be flying into LAX late and staying 3 days for a conference a few miles south of Disney in Garden Grove. Will have car. Any recs on Mex and Asian in the area. We'ee be btwn 22 and 5 off of Harbor Blvd

Can I bake a ham that isn't smothered in sugar and fruit?

I too HATE sweet ham. If it's pre-cured, I throw it in the oven as is, on the grill or in the electric smoker with out chips and slow roast it.

Clarence's Taste of New Orleans

Depending on where in Texas actually. Creole is city and cajun is country or swamp. Creole has more African influence and is more in the African American population. The majority of the people I knew were "coon-ass," a loving Texan term for rednecks from S. Louisiana. Gumbo is to Louisiana what chili is to Texas. Everyone has there own way and they're all the only way.

I'm just saying Clarence's was nothing like I ever had/make and I didn't really enjoy it.

Clarence's Taste of New Orleans

I personally find nothing there remotely cajun-esk in flavor. Having lived many years in E Texas (where all the Iberians come to find jobs) I ate a lot of cajun and creole cooking. While Clarence's is the only thing around like it, it falls short; IMHO.

Denatured vs Isopropyl Alcohol for Fondue Pot

It's been about 13 years since my last organic chemistry class, but most alcohols are all the same thing except for chain length (#of carbon atoms), which affects burn temp and rate. For the most part they are all interchangeable because the difference is only a few degrees. But like scott said, they will also produce different "leftovers" that may harm the unit. So in affect, I don't think I answered your question.

Dec 01, 2009
drlee_susquespine in Cookware

First Time BBQ/Smoker: Suggestions?

I have used charcoal in the past to get the fire started, but have to use real wood or chunks to make smoke for 6-8 hours. I personally don't like smoked chicken. I'm a butt/brisket/turkey kind of a man. Don't brine, dry rub. Never let the temp get over 225.

HELP - need pork brine recipe

this time of year i'll throw some sliced apples in

Can I cook something with chicken liver paté?

salad dressing

Dumplings for Chicken & Dumplings

We've grown lazy and use tortillas or biscuits for the dumplings. But I too have found this heritage dish to fall short. I always eat mine with a healthy dose of tabasco or pickpeppa

Strange, "dirty" tasting salmon trout (Lachsforelle)

farm raised fish have a different fat content and distribution than wild, same goes for all animals and what they eat also affects their fat and protein structure.

In Salmon, there's a greyish colored tissue right down the middle of the fillet, that's the fat; trout would have one to, just harder to see, try cutting it out.

Whole brisket

i get them from super wal-mart, bjs, costco

Unique, Local, interesting eats in or near Bel Air, MD?

Live and work in Bel Air, and must agree with most everything so far. Another Bfast option is Open Doors. Looney's is good for a beer and mussels. Box Hill pizzeria has the self-proclaimed best crab cake, and while good, you can get just as good at Bontempo Bro for less.

Side dish to serve w/ Chili

reminds me friday night football games

Does anyone put potato salad in their gumbo?

Went to grad school with a bunch of Cajuns. I've had potato salad in it, eggs in it, lot's of stuff in it

Gin recipe

try a different flavor. It did however make HS Musical a little more tolerable

Oct 21, 2009
drlee_susquespine in Spirits

Side dish to serve w/ Chili

There's really only 2, maybe 3 acceptable sides for chili. Fritos, cheese and onions; and beer of course.

Sauteed beef: why so much liquid emanating from it?? Couldn't get it to brown...

I'll pre-salt the met and let it pull some of the water out, but it's mostly a not enough heat/grease issue

Tips on cooking small, grass fed, brisket

Grass feed=less or no fat. Smoking is for fatty meats. Maybe a good brining before grilling followed by a braise?