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Eventide does have outside seating, so you might be able to swing it. I'd also recommend checking the restaurant anyway, if it's not too crowded you might be fine with your child (of course depending on the mood of the day ;) ).

Driving from Boston to Bethlehem, NH tomorrow (2/6) for the weekend

There's a couple of places I've never been too, but sound really great: Mojo Headquarters in Franconia and Schilling Brewery in Littleton. I hope to give them both a try some time.

looking for baccala in lowell/nashua

Don't worry, it's an easy find...MB always has it, but they sell bags of small pieces. WF has whole pieces right now, I can't remember the price per pound. Last year the Meat House in Amherst (now the Flying Butcher) had HUGE pieces. I would also try checking at the new Italian market in Hudson, Campania.

Ethnic food in NH

Thanh Thanh 3 or the Noodle House (Main St.) both in Nashua. Shira Kiku for Korean. Udupi for vegetarian Indian. El Colima for Mexican. There is also Rincon Colombiana on Canal St. in Nashua, but I've never tried it. Ethnic food here can really be hit or miss, and may be very different from what you're used to in NJ.

Nashua area news?

Aldi's is cheap, yes. But it's also owned by the parent company of Trader Joe's and their customer service is just as good :).

Iconic Lunch spot on drive down from Manchester to NYC on 87?

Can you give more details about your route? I'm a little confused as to how and why you'd use 87 to go to NYC, depending on which state you're coming from :).

Lunch/Snacks along the way-Allenstown to North Conway, NH

Moat Mtn. Brewery sounds like a spot you might be interested in. Also Yankee Smokehouse.

Whole Foods Nashua??

I should have been more specific...the baked goods (desserts) all looked really good. I didn't like that you have to wait and ask for most of the breads. The packaged bread selection seemed really small too, and the prices pretty high. I know I can do a better job with my bread staples elsewhere. Overall I still prefer The Good Loaf for a bakery...but that's not in Nashua, so I get what you're saying ;).

Whole Foods Nashua??

I would agree that because of the size of this WF, this store is slightly disappointing. My greatest disappointment was probably the bakery section. I disagree on your opinion of the meat department, I thought it was one of the highlights. The fish counter is pretty great though, I've already had a wonderful dinner using a whole fish from there. I'm looking forward to shopping there once the crowds die down. It will be very interesting to see what the Bedford store will be like. Hopefully that one will be bigger.

lobster at market basket in nh

I haven't been myself, but I heard from a friend they are $4.99 a pound!

Decent food in Lincoln nh?

Black Mtn. Burger if you want something quick and casual. Gypsy Cafe is a great recommendation.

Nashua area news?

Noodles & Co. Going in the new building on DW Highway (former Bickford's area, across from Best Buy). for the website. Looks like an international fast casual with a focus on....noodles.

Alibaba Supermarket in Manchester NH

Overall it was underwhelming. They have some interesting Middle Eastern items, such as spices, cheeses, packaged foods...but I'm not sure I could confidently suggest a trip just to go shop there if it's out if your way. The prepared foods were just ok too. We had a pretty decent gyro that was at least sliced right off the rotisserie, but it probably came to the store in a bag. The "fresh baked" pastries we noticed were sitting in boxes and had been sent from Canada. Overall, I can't say it's horrible, but I would not suggest that you make a 45 minute trip to shop there. Go find those ingredients online.

Lunch near Palace Theater, Manchester NH

Well for service, my choice would be The Chophouse. Unfortunately it doesn't really fit the rest of the criteria. My only other Manchester lunch favorites are the Mexican restaurants, so that won't help!

Another thought...there are a few dinner places now open for lunch (like Mint) so you may have other options depending on what day you go.

Now that Stop and Shop has pulled out of NH, any items you miss?

Great recommendation, we just got the adapter, which actually pays for itself with the first refill. Although I find that the bubbles are different with the paintball canister. They seem to be bigger and, well, more bubbly.

Now that Stop and Shop has pulled out of NH, any items you miss?

The Meat House sells Boar's Head, so at least you can still find that.

Manchester NH: Republic owners opening a new Italian place

Wow, I'm hoping this will be as good as I'm thinking it will be.

Breakfast between Manchester NH and Warner NH

Re: Robie's, you are correct. In fact, I drove by it today, it was definitely closed.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt coming to Nashua NH

Just checked their website, the Amherst location is in the plaza where Lowe's is, I'm guessing on the Meat House side. There is also one coming to Bedford, at Kilton and S. River Rd. Looks like when they open one, they open a few!

The Republic of Red Sauce!

Yes, the Red Sauce chain is gone, this is a totally different restaurant in Manchester, NH.

Driving from NJ to Bar stop other than Friendlys, etc

You should really check the Southern New England board for CT directions. Specify which route your taking and I'm sure you'll get great suggestions! New Haven has plenty of great spots fairly close to the highway.

If you stop in NH, around Portsmouth there's the Portsmouth Brewery, further off the highway you'll find great seafood places by the beach. Petey's in Rye is one of my favorites.

Supermarket Wars

No expanding over there, that space is the new Milford State Liquor Store. The sign is up, but I have no idea of the opening date.

Whole Foods Nashua??

I agree, I cannot imagine a WF doing well in Milford at all. I don't think there is a big enough population in the surrounding areas to make it successful either. On the other hand, Bedford I could see working, though Nashua still being the best spot IMO.

Salem, NH, Anything worth trying or nearby, ethnic food welcomed.

I agree on the Tuscan Kitchen. I was not too impressed with the market, and the cafe food we had there was not very good. If you've been to an Italian market in Boston, it just doesn't compare. I like the idea of going to Lawrence for ethnic offerings, and they have a little Italian place that just makes stuffed fried dough balls, can't remember the name, I just know its at the end of the Main Street in the city center, across from Tripoli Bakery.

Manchester NH recs

Republic is one of the more unique restaurants around. Hanover Street Chophouse is great for all around outstanding meal, though as a steakhouse it doesn't stand out from others I've ever been to. Dancing Lion has beautiful chocolates. Strange Brew if you want to taste some NH beers.

Nashua area news?

I thought it was supposed to be a bank. I overheard a woman asking someone from the construction company and if I heard correctly, it's not food related (she also mentioned it looks like a fast food place).

Markey"s vs. Brown's- The Battle of the Lobster Pounds

I prefer Petey's...we enjoy sitting outside and ordering a platter and XL chowder for everyone to just share. I actually enjoy Brown's for the byob, I hate over paying for a lousy alcohol selection. We haven't been to Markey's in awhile, and it's not my favorite, but I'd go there if I'm closer to Seabrook than Rye.

Need a BBQ caterer in NH

I think it depends if you want a full service caterer or if you are looking just for food. Gabi's BBQ is a great food truck, but I don't know if they provide other services aside from food. The Riverhouse Cafe in Milford does backyard weddings, though not necessarily authentic BBQ.

Nashua area news?

We tried Phil's over a year ago and have not been back since. I'm wondering if it has improved since then? Or maybe we just caught it on a couple of their off days...I'm starting to think we will have to try it again soon to see.

A Caribbean Affair: Manchester NH Closed?

I recently drove by there and did notice The Reine Cafe opening soon (it's actually now open). While I didn't actually see whether or not CA was still there, the article does make sense. CA had amazing food, but it was just so slow that we never got around to going there as much as we would have liked to. I'm guessing many of their potential customers felt the same way. I am sad that it didn't make it, it was great having a restaurant there that was so different from all the other options nearby.

Edit: I spoke too soon! Their Facebook page says they are relocating! Google search results also showed another address other than Elm St., but I didn't see anything that indicated it has opened yet.