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Cast Iron: Blue Discoloration

I just purchased a Rome, unseasoned, cast iron waffle iron. I did my best to remove all the wax and then begin seasoning. Unfortunately, after my first round of seasoning I noticed blue splotches on my waffle iron. My guess would be that some of the wax was not removed and ended up discoloring the cast iron.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to fix it? Will it be safe to cook with?


Dec 13, 2012
PhoenixAtDawn in Cookware

Help needed altering cake recipe

Thanks so much. Do you think I could successfully substitute baking powder for the baking soda?

Jun 09, 2009
PhoenixAtDawn in Home Cooking

Help needed altering cake recipe

Hi all,

I am experimenting with lightening a recipe and I've run into some trouble on my first try. The texture of the cake came out perfect, soft and moist, but the taste was a bit soapy. I would guess that this is a problem with leavening.

What I did was replace half of the butter with 1/4 the amount of yogurt and half the chocolate with dutch-processed cocoa (adding a little sugar and butter per ounce substituted for) and reduced the amount of sugar. The original recipe called for baking soda, and I did not change that (though I read that dutch-processed cocoa does not react well with baking soda) because I thought the acidity from the yogurt might be enough to counter the cocoa. I am no chemist, though, and I could really use help. Does anyone have an idea of where I might have went wrong?

Jun 07, 2009
PhoenixAtDawn in Home Cooking