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Looking for a WOW restaurant for my wife's 50th birthday in Venice

Try Il Ridotto- a phenomenal 4 table restaurant. Magnificent, delicious, an intimate memorable experience.

Jul 04, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

Emilia Romagna recommendations - especially eastern ER higher end I was referring to price. Zanzibar, Hosteria Giusti and Francesca 58 - compared to the local restaurants, for locals.
Thanks for the info on Zanzara... it sounds v.good, and with a lovely setting.

Jun 10, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

Emilia Romagna recommendations - especially eastern ER

Thanks for the suggestion Jen.
When I looked at both the slow food app as well as the gamberarosso I didn't see English - my Italian is non existent so I didn't pursue but perhaps I need to have another look.

Jun 10, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

Emilia Romagna recommendations - especially eastern ER

No one?

Jun 08, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

Emilia Romagna recommendations - especially eastern ER

Chowhounds -

I need some recommendations...I will be in Emilia Romagna for about 10 nights at the end of June-early July. We are splitting our stay between 2 locations, just outside of Bologna (June 29-July 5) and in Forli provence (Galeata) for the last 4 nights. We will have a car, and don't mind a drive (1 hr ideal, 2 hr ok) and will have 2 children (4 and 7) with us.

I have found much information on the area around Bologna, but not much in the eastern part of Emilia Romagna. Any suggestions near Ravenna/Ferrara. Zanzara seems to be the only recommendation in that area - it sounds lovely, but we don't want to dine in too many high end/expensive restaurants.
We want to eat well, as well as relax. I am thinking the more relaxing time will be when we are in Galeata, and Bologna will be busier.
We know you don't need to spend a fortune to eat well, want basic/honest/food with the locals. Any suggestions for a Sunday afternoon locals type dinner near Forli?

From our Bologna base - we will tour/visit parmaggiano, balsamic production and culatello producers. (thanks to Ziggys blog!)
Modena - lunch booked at Hosteria Giusti already, contemplating Francesca 58.(yes/no?)
Bologna - likely try Trattoria di via Serra - though we won't be in town for their Sunday afternoon dinner.
Castelvetro di Modena ?

If we chose only one or possibly 2 higher end restaurants - what would you suggest?
Beyond that- any suggestions of cheap/cheerful places and things to do near Forli (Galeata). In Ravenna we'll definitely visit the mosaics/cathedral, aside from that, no other itinerary yet.
Some of my absolute favorite meal memories are from agriturismos - simple cooking that is just pure - looking for this sort of sublime food, shared with locals.

Thanks for your suggestions and guidance!

Jun 06, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

One lunch in Bologna next week (6/12)

This was a lovely place we ate...Bologna: Zerocinquantino
via Pescherie Vecchie, 3

Jun 06, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

One lunch in Bologna next week (6/12)

You cannot go wrong in Bologna. Lunch at any of the delis....check out the wallpaper guide for Bologna- don't miss the Majana ? Chocolate shop

Jun 05, 2015
weezy1074 in Italy

Wien - Dinner recommendations - week of April 20-25

Will avoid the nachtsmarkt in that case. Thank you. Go figure...clearly most who post aren't European/ not Eurocentric ;) using the English name for the lovely city! (The song Istanbul or Constantinople comes to mind!)

Apr 14, 2015
weezy1074 in Europe

Wien - Dinner recommendations - week of April 20-25

Vielen dank Sturmi!

Clearly you are the expert on restaurants near Wien. I am still surprised there isn't much in the way of current postings for Wien.. I read your comment that the better restaurants aren't in Wien, rather in the countryside...even still.

I will not have a car - I will leave those restaurants for when I return with my family.
I want to avoid hotel restaurants, unless there is something that will blow me away. I may have several group dinners to select from, so your comments from my original list will help guide me there. I will be staying near the conference center, but happy to ride a train/bahn or taxi to a restaurant!
It seems most will require reservations, and most kitchens are open until close to 11pm?

I really appreciate your help...I don't want to consume your time, just tell me if any of these restaurants have closed or are no longer recommended...if you find yourself in San Francisco...I will gladly give you suggestions!

I think I will focus on your "down to earth head to tail" list:

Rudis Beisl
Stammersdorf (for a Heurigen)
Gastwirtshaft Shilling (germknodel and kaisershram?! yum)
Gasthaus Pöschl
Gasthaus Wolf
Gasthaus Meixner
Zum Recnizek
possibly try...
Konstantin Fillipou definitely is the same high end class, but for much less...

Traditional Viennese restaurants I can recommend are:
Anna Sacher and Sacher Rote Bar (Rote Bar open 7 days),
Restaurant Eckel in Sievering
Pfarrwirt in Heiligenstadt

Is the Naschmarket at this time of year, or is it only a summertime market?
So, below is what I have found, after more rooting around. .

People Watching: Drink outside in summer at Naschmarket. Mostly avoid the food and expect tourist crowds, but good for drink and people watching on Saturday morning--if you can get a table.

Beer Hall: Wieden Brau or Schweitzerhaus (in Prater--best beer garden) in summer. Some people like 1516 but its owned by US brewing company and not as many local beers. I like Wieden Brau better. Beerklink has fresh Austrian Gooser beer on tap and is quick easy choice. (Avoid 1516!)

Coffee House: Many lists available online---Just note that there are different styles and atmospheres. Cafe Central is good to see one time, but it is a crowded tourst place. Try others to get more authentic experience.

Apr 14, 2015
weezy1074 in Europe

Wien - Dinner recommendations - week of April 20-25

Looking for some recommendations for places for casual dinners in Wien next week.
Most posts are older of this list, which is still a good place to go, for traditional flavors/restaraurants. I am coming from SF, so I am not looking for "ethnic cuisine" simply traditional Viennese cuisine or some other local gems, or good modern Viennese restaurants.
Any places to avoid?(tourist traps or otherwise)

2 - 4 diners will be with me depending on the night.
Vielen Dank!
Below is what I found as recently at 2007 for recommended restaurants ---

Best high end places (definitely reservation required):
Meinl am Graben, Steirereck, Palais Coburg

Best traditional Viennese places (for Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel, etc.):
Plachutta (several places), Eckel, Zum schwarzen Rauchfangkehrer, Huth, Wirtshaus im Palais Kinsky, Glacisbeisl

Best old-style Beisel with Viennese food (as they come into my mind):
Immervoll, Beim Czaak, Cafe Engländer, Zum Reznicek, Zur schwarzen Katze (the last addition, low price - highest quality, highly recommended if you tolerate smokers), Altwiener Gastwirtschaft Schilling, Schnattl, Zu den drei Hacken, Pfudl, Wild, Zur goldenen Glocke, Zur goldenen Kugel, Zum Scherer, etc., etc....

Best inventive new Viennese cuisine (where I would go):
Mraz und Sohn, Zum Finsteren Stern, Kutschker44, Gaumenspiel, Horvath,

and the wine bars:
There is a wonderful chain of wine shops with bars, Wein& Co: Reservation required if you want a table to sit down!!

There is a wine bar in the basement of Meinl am Graben, excellent wine, a little bit expensive , nice basic menu

Less expensive is Unger und Klein on Rudolfsplatz / Gölsdorfgasse

A favorite is Cantina e l´arte in the basement of Dr.Karl Luegerring 14: wine from the Friuli region in Italy, and very original food from the same area.

Apr 13, 2015
weezy1074 in Europe

Vancouver BC restaurant recommendations

Brief report - we went to Kishimoto on greywolf's was fantastic, despite an hour wait with 2 children (!), they made Japanese food like I've never had, an "omelette" which was a meal in itself, a salmon dish which nearly had flan on the top off it,
We went to Vij's, which has gone so expensive it was disappointing, although it was good. For breakfast we went to Tuc and Edible on Granville Island. Edible was great, as was Tuc, especially the lavender latte, paired with the lamb/lentil dish with a soft egg.

Vancouver BC restaurant recommendations

SF has virtually no Malaysian restaurants...Kaya reminded me of a hole in the wall Malaysian restaurant serving street food we went to in Sydney - with amazing food!

Thanks for the suggestion of Kishimoto, we'll walk around the neighborhood too.

We'll try to fit brunch in...not sure how that will work w our other activities - trying to decide if we are in Vancouver to eat or explore the city w the smallies.

Have you been to Burma Superstar in your trips to SF? Its in the Inner Richmond, people queue up for it, and it's worth it, but the best thing is you can leave your mobile #, they will ring you while you wait for your table, having a beer in a local pub.

Looking for Suggestions for short stay in San Francisco

Don't miss Burma Superstar in the inner Richmond! Fantastic Burmese food in a lovely cozy homey setting. Truly stellar flavour combinations! Skip Chinese food in Chinatown and get dim sum someplace-
Chinatown is too touristy- just opt for a stroll thru to look at the shops/food markets curiosities. The fortune cookie factory is v touristy but fun.

Nice Restaurants that are baby friendly

Delfina (California cuisine) has very good food and very accommodating to families with children-I think they open around 5 or 5.30. We took each of our children here when they days old and still bring them (eldest is 7). Truth is most restaurants in SF are pretty good w children. Their sister restaurant is Locanda and also v good w children. La Mer on the embarcadero has great Peruvian food an a view too, again , v good w children, am if the child becomes restless you can walk outside to settle child and have a good view! Slanted door (French Vietnamese) at the Ferry bldg is similar, w view too.

Vancouver BC restaurant recommendations

A bit of rain would be novel at this point.

Vancouver BC restaurant recommendations

great thanks. My original search on chowhound must have been global, not in VC - oops!

Vancouver BC restaurant recommendations

I am looking to fellow Chowhounders for advice....This will likely be our last trip to Vancouver for a while...we are looking for some good places, lunch/dinner or brunch (likely one brunch). We don't want fine dining, just: good food, cozy, or hip or hole in the wall, it doesn't matter.

My husband and 2 youngish (ages 7 and 4) yet intrepid travelers/diners will be in Vancouver for 3 nights, arriving this Friday (Jan 16). I know Dine Out is on...we will go to Vij's on Sun evening (yes, worth queueing for!). We are coming from San Francisco (and dine out frequently) and don't need to have tacos or even dim sum. We are staying on Robson (@ Cambie) but will have a car, so can drive if we need to.

What are your thoughts on the following restaurants...would you avoid or recommend one over another? (Last year we went to Guu, but other than Vij's want to try restaurants we haven't been to, or sample cuisine that SF doesn't excel in).

Kaya Malay Bistro
Maenan Thai Restaurant
Miku Waterfront
Shirakawa -
Olive and Anchor - Horseshoe Bay
Vancouver Fish Co
Tuc - brunch (?)

Thanks for any suggestions!


Goose sugo recipe?

I have a (Christmas) goose carcass w a lot of meat on it still...aside from making soup...any recommendations for a goose sugo from the carcass? Should I boil the carcass to loosen the meat then add the meat to a sugo prep...celery, carrots, onion, garlic..tomato paste...etc...had anyone suggestions? Many thanks for any recommendation!

Dec 26, 2014
weezy1074 in Home Cooking

Christmas Dinner - What did You Cook?

Dinner with friends and friends parents...Saffron cauliflower soup, arugula and radicchio salad with pomegranate seeds, Five spiced roasted goose, roast potatoes in goose fat, clementine carmelized carrots, Brussels sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts. Christmas cake and Buche de noelle. We made it all except the Buche de noelle.

Dec 26, 2014
weezy1074 in Home Cooking

Need a pork shoulder recipe (for a porchetta style but not porchetta) dinner


Sep 18, 2014
weezy1074 in Home Cooking

Need a pork shoulder recipe (for a porchetta style but not porchetta) dinner

In fact, this is part of the dish that I have already made! Haha! I want something like this....but not exactly...thank you. Great minds think alike!

Sep 18, 2014
weezy1074 in Home Cooking

Need a pork shoulder recipe (for a porchetta style but not porchetta) dinner

This is exactly the type if dish I have in mind! Thank you!

Sep 17, 2014
weezy1074 in Home Cooking

Need a pork shoulder recipe (for a porchetta style but not porchetta) dinner

I have made a porchetta that I was delighted with, and fantastic (as complimented by an Italian!). I am looking for a slow cooked pork shoulder that will be as tasty and comforting as a porchetta. It's for a dinner, after my son's birthday I dont want to fuss with it. Pulled pork...or any other suggestions?

Sep 17, 2014
weezy1074 in Home Cooking

looking for dinner in the Mission tonight (pty of 2) [San Francisco]

We tried Plin. It was good - easy to book a table at 8.30, the day before and no queue on a Friday night. I should have known it was too easy. I should have turned around when I saw the 30" tv above the bar. This is an Alioto restaurant, it was transplanted from Fishermans Wharf. It was good. Our waitress tried, but she didn't know the menu....the plates were waay too small for the price, it wont last a year at those prices, or maybe this is the new norm in SF...w all the nuevo money the city is flush with. We tried the ravioli w the raw egg in it - it was stellar, again, the price is not on par w other restaurants in the main section of the Valencia corridor. The clientele was neither young nor hip, again, mainly tourists - ? the stafff, definitely didn't fit in w the Valencia corridor types...thanks for the recommendation... the food was good, though grossly overpriced. Next time I will listen to my gut and pass on the restaurant w an enormous tv. when does that happen in the Mission?

looking for dinner in the Mission tonight (pty of 2) [San Francisco]

Thanks. This is one of the few places I have been to - and it is great.

looking for dinner in the Mission tonight (pty of 2) [San Francisco]

I am looking for a recommendation of a new restaurant in the Mission (Valencia corridor) for this evening. I don't mind waiting as we'll be walk ins....
I haven't been out too much in the Mission of late as we recently returned to SF.
I love Delfina, Berretta, Star Belly, Flour & Water, etc as well as all ethnic cuisine. Just looking for something good, and not an Emperor's New Clothes experience. (I was disappointed last time I went to Locanda, it didn't feel at all special, like I was just a number).
Any and all recommendations welcomed!

Need advice - pais vasco - Bilbao (mainly)

Trip report : (Bilbao - see below)
Hondarribia - was a gorgeous little town, with a fantastic medieval center. Next time I go I will go to a fantastically warm and cozy restaurant Sebastian. Sadly we were only in town for one night, and it that evening we experienced a downpour. We ate in one restaurant where all the pintxo bars were. I would go back and spend more time here!
San Sebastian - where to begin?
Astelena was great, we had an amazing oxtail pintxos. Really good foie gras here too. We arrived around 8.30 and the place was empty (during World Cup quarter finals). Didn't matter, we got a table, the children sat at a special kiddie table with crayons/paper and were set for the next 1.5 hr, when the place filled up completely!
Haizea had a great little baccalao in a brick (crepe) tied up w a charred green onion.
My other 2 favorite places were San Telmo (beef cheeks, cod and ??) and a place nearly across the 31 Augusto from where you veer off to go to San Telmo and Dakara Bi - The foie gras here was to die for!
If you go, go to the San Sebastian Tourism office and for 1 Euro you can get their little map of pinxto bars. It's a great little handheld cheat sheet.(it's online as well, but the printed one is much better) Of course, use it as a guide. If you see a queue of people...go, they must be feasting on something great. We had our children with us - they were doing their own taste test of croquettas! No winner - my son liked them all!

My recommendation is to visit other towns too. We went to Vitoria-Gastiez. What a find, and it wasn't jammed with tourists! Their tourism office is a wealth of information! As the tour guide on the Santa Maria Cathedral tour said "We are the forgotten Basque country!" It's so true but it's a charming city, though inland and not as immediately captivating as San Sebastian.
We also went to Logrono (the heart of Rioja!). We accidentally stayed at a hotel right in the old quarter and it was just 2 blocks from the pinxto bars. Again, this city was a gem! Calle Laurel...and Calle San Juan, the street that is just adjacent to the Marques de Vallejo hotel- a lovely hotel I might add!

Not surprising, but somewhat amazing b/c there is very little to be found on CH for pintxo bars in Bilbao. But, Bilbao has very good pintxos! See my trip report

Sicily (Jun 14 - 21)

Trip report (delinquent)- Italians love children, and Sicilians even more so! Don't be worried about taking your children out.
We ended up following local recommendations - we stayed at agritourismos. (Palermo, Agrigento, Modica, Ragusa? and Syracus)
Outside of Agrigento - I don't know the name of the restaurant, but it had a gorgeous view of the Valley of Temples light up at fresco dining, children running around, amazing swordfish - changed my mind on swordfish in fact!.
Modica - if you go to Sicily and don't go to have really missed out! Modica is a charming town set in a valley. It has about 10 store fronts/(factories?) that make a delicious grainy chocolate bar (without butter, I think?) it's almost like a biscuit, but after you get used to it..its addictive.
We went to Fattoria delle Torri and had a meal of a lifetime on their patio (with our two children nibbling off our plates) . gamberi rosso on a bed of sea salt, plated in melted butter.
We ate at a local /cozy restaurant on one of the main streets in Modica - the maitre de was so warm and accommodating, even though he had virtually no English and we had very limited food Italian. That evening our al fresco meal was punctuated by a strolling accordian player who played with such passion.
Sicily (and especially Modica) - we'll be back!
Next time I might skip Palermo ...

Jul 15, 2014
weezy1074 in Italy

Amsterdam and Brugges recommendations please...

A long over due trip report...
In Brugges - Den Dyver - was an amazing restaurant. Think white table cloth restaurant (not stuffy, simply elegant) that revolves around beer and beer pairings - rather than wine. My husband had a beer pairing with his meal. I had a sublime risotto for my main, the restaurant was great with our children (5 and 2) - made a meal for them- it was fairly priced for a good restaurant, they were served a delicious piece of white fish and mashed potatoes. - we had a very memorable meal, which my husband talks about ...Blauw...we live in SF, and have tried most cuisines, including various Asian cuisines, but this was the most unique combination of flavors I have ever had. We ended up returning a few days later with colleagues. The flavors were hard to describe, if you like Thai/Indian/Chinese/Malaysian cuisine, this will blow your mind!
Die Witte Oul -(the white owl) - we were lucky enough to visit this restaurant 2 days before they closed! Delicious and a delightful owner. Enough said.
Gartine- was a lovely restaurant serving traditional Dutch food. Solid choice. Give it a try.

Jul 15, 2014
weezy1074 in Europe

Bilbao - has good pintxos!

Bilbao -trip report
Pintxos- Calle Garcia Riveras - was jammed on a Friday evening! Had the feel of locals. One was #7- good tapas. The piece de resistance of our pintxos in Bilbao was found across the street at Bar Luzea- Moules (mini!) for 4.50, or a half for 2.50. The mussels were served warm, were salty and exquisite! We also tried the foie, served w a slightly sweet sauce drizzled on top, on a small bed of bread, topped w. slight dusting of sea was so good we had another order! The steamed shrimp were delicious too- they were perfectly fresh too!!
Another street we found w pintxos was Calle Degustacion - this is where the reputed Bar Lekeito is, meant to be good but it was closed at 10pm on a thurs so we visited a place down the street, Queso (something) very good- tuna with crey cheese and scallions on a bed of bread, along a w few pintxos I cannot recall.