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Your top spots in Boston

The popular food blog, Eater, does an essential 38 restaurants for NYC, SF, LA, MIAMI, and PDX, and thought it would be cool to gather up a list of Boston's essential restaurants. Let's keep the list to 20 and mainly to Boston, Cambridge, and close suburbs. High-End, low-end, dives, ethnic, whatever you feel defines the Boston dining scene. What do the Boston area chowhounds think?

Feb 18, 2010
RTM in Greater Boston Area

Best of Boston 2009

Reading a lot of best of the decade, best of 2009, etc articles lately and thought a chowhound topic would be interesting. So one of each...

Best Meal of 2009:

Best Restauraunt High End of 2009:

Best Restaurant Low End of 2009:

Best Chef of 2009:

Best New Chef of 2009:

Best Bartender or 2009:

Best Cocktail at a Restaurant 2009:

Best Wine at a Restaurant of 2009:

Best Wildcard of 2009:

Lets hear bostons chowhound opinons

Jan 01, 2010
RTM in Greater Boston Area

Formaggio Kitchen-Experiences Beyond Cheese?

When is the sidewalk BBQ? I have been a few times to formaggio and loved it/spent way to much money on cheese/meats/oil/vinegar/pasta/wine/fruit/etc etc. Possibly my favorite shop I have been to in town. Havent been to Boston location yet though.

Dec 29, 2009
RTM in Greater Boston Area

New in town...and hungry

Hi all, Just moved to Boston (beacon hill area) from NYC and trying to make myself a list of places to try. Haven't used Chowhound before, but being in a new city, it might help me narrow down some of my picks, and sift out any duds. So far I'm looking to try Toro, No. 9 Park(ate here once when I was in town), Drink, B&G oyster, Butcher Shop, Neptune Oyster, Oya, Eastern Standard, and Hammersleys Bistro. What is a cab fare to cambridge run? Craigie(sp) on main and Hungry Mother also make my list so far. Which of these places should I skip, if any, and what places am I missing that I should get to asap. Thanks for any advice in advance.

Jun 07, 2009
RTM in Greater Boston Area