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It's Fat Tuesday, any Lenten Food Commitments?

I give up carbonated beverages every year. This year I'm giving up caffeine as well altho I am exchanging green tea for coffee (it has some caffeine). I don't feel like I drink that much caffeine but have a dull headache right now. Will be drinking kool-aid and snapple-like drinks and water of course.

Feb 13, 2013
poofty in General Topics

Childhood Meals: What Did You Drink with Them?

Same, water with meals. On holidays we had sweetened iced tea. Friday night pepsi with a snack, usually longhorn cheddar or taco-flavor dorito's, watched Six Million Dollar Man.

Dec 24, 2012
poofty in General Topics

Do you call hazelnuts filberts?

Grew up in german midwest area and only called them hazelnuts although we knew they were filberts too. The only real exposure we had when young was in bags of mixed nuts at christmas time. Later noticed they were popular in european chocolate bars.

Sep 09, 2012
poofty in General Topics

peeling FRESH eggs

We also get eggs from our own chickens. I take out the oldest eggs from the frig (that were washed with water only on day of lay) and leave them in the carton on the counter for 4-7 days depending on how long the eggs were in the frig-usually 1-2 wks old. They peel fine then when boiled. I don't worry too much about eggs not being refrigerated unless the shell is cracked because I know how old they are.

Jul 18, 2012
poofty in Home Cooking

Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip: Questions

Made it for a party and did half ranch and half blue cheese (DH daughters won't eat blue cheese), used wing sauce and extra celery. Luckily they ate all the ranch side and left the blue cheese side for me to finish....heaven!

Jan 18, 2012
poofty in Home Cooking

Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

So it wasn't actually said to me but....3 pushed together tables of 20-something women celebrating a birthday at a ChiChi's in the midwest. Several servers come out and sing the birthday song, one of them has a bowl of whipped cream and she says to the birthday girl "Sorry there is no cherry but we knew you didn't have one anyway!"

Jan 09, 2012
poofty in Not About Food

Best Supermarket In USA: your nominations


Nov 09, 2011
poofty in General Topics

How do you pronounce "praline"?

+1 from IN

Nov 07, 2011
poofty in Not About Food

Price of food increasing?

Cream cheese!! Last year I could buy store brand cream cheese on sale for $1 per 8 oz
but now the sale price is 2/$3 and Philly is well over $2 not on sale.

Nov 07, 2011
poofty in General Topics

Anyone have experience with Schwan's (food truck) [moved from General Topics]

The ice cream is great and the vegetables are good too. I've tried almost everything they have except meats (we raise our own). It tastes good and is convenient but at this time only the ice cream is worth the price to me.

Nov 06, 2011
poofty in Chains

Fast Food Fries That Actually Taste Good?

Bojangles cajun fries (I think that's what they're called).

May 20, 2011
poofty in Chains

Charged For Things In Restaurants That Other Restaurants Give You Gratis

in southern Indiana 'coke' also was any carbonated beverage. when asking for coke, answer "what kind of coke do you want?"

Apr 25, 2011
poofty in Not About Food

Different grocers' policies and procedures in different areas or countries

I was contacted by my grocery because of a recalled item that I had purchased. If not for the card I wouldn't have known about the recall so I always use my cards now.

Apr 22, 2011
poofty in Not About Food

What's the best thing to put ketchup on?

Ketchup on fries, tots, home fries, hot dogs, fish sticks, burgers, meatloaf, tenderloin and brain sandwiches with ketchup, pickle, onion. Only buy Simply Heinz now, but if I could would buy Red Gold (because it is from IN) and I love McDonalds ketchup. Maybe because their fries are good but if they sold it in the stores I would definately buy it!

Feb 05, 2011
poofty in General Topics

Who uses ketchup on home-made Mac & Cheese?

I'm from the midwest and my family never used ketchup on mac and cheese. My husband from upstate ny puts it on mac and cheese and scrambled eggs. It doesn't bother me but I wouldn't eat it that way. I have been known to bake mac and cheese with salsa or tomatoes/green chiles mixed in and like it that way.

Jan 31, 2011
poofty in General Topics

7-bone chuck roast - your best recipes please

add some beef broth to to gg recipe for even more tasty gravy

Jan 09, 2011
poofty in Home Cooking

Is this magazine being rather economical, deceptive, smart or ... ???

I would be annoyed that it would be several months before the next issue.

Dec 29, 2010
poofty in Food Media & News

Too much buffalo wing sauce

My husband recently returned from working in Buffalo, NY with a gallon of Anchor Bar wing sauce. Besides wings and buffalo dip I am looking for ways to use it up. I put most of it in ziploc bags in the freezer hoping that it won't separate. Does anyone have experience with this? I did find a recipe on CH for buffalo chicken soup. Any suggestions?

Dec 24, 2010
poofty in Home Cooking

Behold the Chain: Once Mighty Now Fallen. GD Ritzy's

Altho I haven't been there in over 15 years, there were 2 in Evansville, IN. A google search says that there are now 3 stores in E'ville. I liked the shoestring fries and chicken salad sandwich.

Jul 10, 2010
poofty in Chains

Favorite Sonic Drinks?

I second the strawberry limeade, also like ocean water.

Jul 10, 2010
poofty in Chains

What else besides meat is heavenly in the cast-iron skillet?

milk gravy from fried chicken or pork chops

Apr 07, 2010
poofty in Home Cooking

SUPER BOWL...What's on your menu

Tho not specifically Indianapolis, persimmons and black walnuts are related to Indiana.
I remember a hornet's nest cake in an IN cookbook. Tho not dessert related, don't forget breaded tenderloin sandwiches, anything corn or popcorn related, soybeans are very common farm crop. The berkshire hog assn. is in Lafayette so serve some kurobuta!

Feb 04, 2010
poofty in Home Cooking

Big Red?

It is popular in southwest indiana (usually sold with RC cola).

Oct 12, 2009
poofty in General Topics

Best French Fries?

while living in the south loved Bojangles "hot" or "cajun" fries

Sep 11, 2009
poofty in Chains

songs referencing food: your playlist

Black Bean Soup-David Soul (b-side to don't give up on us)
Toast-Heywood Banks (comedian)
Too High for the Supermarket-the Uninvited

Aug 16, 2009
poofty in Food Media & News

When and what to plant for Fall

After having lived in Zone 6 (southern IN) I now live in Zone 5 (upstate NY). From what I understand most cool weather crops can be planted in fall to harvest before freezing. My limited experience is with root crops, turnips, beets...plant in August to harvest before hard freeze.

Jul 12, 2009
poofty in Gardening