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Croissant in Orange County

Hi, I used to enjoy flakey outside and moist inside Croissant in local bakery both up in San Frnacisco and Boston. When I was visiting my friend in West LA, he found Alamandine (spell) for me. I love their petite croissant but it's 40 miles away from where I live in Costa Mesa.

Would anyone out there know where I can have the quality croissant in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Irvine area?

CostCo makes surprisingly nice croissant for the price. But I need to wait in a long line and I can only pick up a dozen of them in plastic wrapped tray. I would like to spoil myself and just go to bakery/cafe and much on the heavenly croissant sipping a cup of white moca.

Thanks a bunch for your leads and tips.

French Onion Soup in Orange County

Hi, I moved to Orange County from Silicon Valley middle of May. I miss French Onion soup at Houlihan's. When I was in college, I used to go Houlihan's in Long Island whenever I was visiting my fraternity brother. Wherever I moved, I was lucky that Houlihan's was within driving distance....until now. I searched their site and found out that there's only one store in San Francisco, where I used to go.

OK, Houlihan's is out of option for me. Would you please tell me where I can find a great French Onion soup in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine area? I usualy order extra cheese. Love the chewy cheeze like Pizza.

Thanks in advance for any leads and tips.