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restaurant delivery in berkeley

a belated thanks to everyone for your replies. 45 grubhub options for 94702, including HOLY LAND!!! and UDUPI PALACE!!!

looking for interesting ethnic dining in rockland/bergen

I will be visiting Rockland (from northern California) in a few weeks and am I'm looking for a more adventurous dining experience after I get my fill of bagels and pizza slices. Preferably some kind of cuisine that's hard to find on the west coast. Advice? Recomendations?

Looking for frozen mussels in sauce

ah the power of google! thanks :)

Need a new Ethiopian Restaurant

have tried many ethiopan places in that part of oakland but always go back to colucci, despite the issues with crowds and service, due to lackluster spicing issue at the others. crowd level not bad if you're an early bird diner...

Looking for frozen mussels in sauce

product came from grocery which we don't have here (publix i believe).

Looking for frozen mussels in sauce

During a recent trip to georgia, a family friend nuked up a tasty batch of microwave mussels straight from a box in the freezer. I've been looking all over the east bay for this product. Closest I've found is TJ's frozen steamer clams (which are yum). Mussels came in two varieties - one in a garlic/oil sauce and one with more of a tomato base. Anyone seen this product in the bay area?

restaurant delivery in berkeley

Any recommendations for restaurants that deliver in the Berkeley are?
We are lazy...