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everyday coffee

Major Dickason's Blend by Pete's is my usual go to. There are a few stores / coffee houses around here that sell counter culture so I get that from time to time.

Jun 10, 2009
gatorfoodie in General Topics

Good hot dogs

Shouldn't that mean we have good popcorn or something?

Stupid easy recipes you really love

A real quick avacado dip. Take a couple avacados, add coarse salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little cumin and mash it all together with a fork. Season with additional dashes of each to taste. Maybe finish with a squeze of lime if you have it. Really tastey and super easy.

May 27, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Dinner with kids near Dupont Circle

What about pizzaria paradiso? Kids love pizza, and I think there's is the best in the city. Foodie parents can get one with more adventurous toppings. And they have some great beers.

Gastropubs in DC/Virginia

I think the closest thing is Commonwealth, but I agree, the beer list is just ok. I really enjoy the food and vibe though.

good chocolates, DC

Definitely second this. They have some fantastic chocolates and the staff is really friendly and truely passionate about chocolate.

Beer Yeast as a Bread Starter?

Awesome. I'm anxious to try it. Have you found any beer more successful than others?

May 08, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Beer Yeast as a Bread Starter?

I've heard of people using actual beer as an ingredient for beer bread, but has anyone used some residual yeast (I'm thinking from an unfiltered beer) from the beer bottle to get a sourdough starter going?

May 07, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Appetizer with "Wow Factor" to bring to a Friend's House

Another option for stuffed dates is with marscapone cheese mixed with lemon zest and topped with a good chunky sea salt. If you have access to an oven, roast the dates a little (10 minutes at 375) before piping in the cheese and lemon zest.

Apr 16, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Looking for recommendations for a chocolate shop in DC.

Definitely second Biagio. Great selection and the staff is great. I go there a lot to get gifts and never leave without something for myself too. Is that bad?

In Search Of Killer Falafel

Very strongly second this recommendation. I love Old City's falafel and their topping bar is outstanding...I had it last night as a matter of fact

Bone-In Leg on a Spit?

Can a bone-in leg of lamb be prepared using a spit / rotisserie? Anyone have some suggestions for preparation?


Mar 21, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Looking for good food and great beer in DC

Cheers and Amen!

Ideas for Irish dessert after Corned Beef dinner?

I've made this Chocolate Guinness Goodness recipe from epicurious several's incredible. Just make sure you give it enough to set (maybe make it the night before).


Mar 13, 2009
gatorfoodie in General Topics

Dinner for 4 tomm need app idea

How about a goat cheese / fig jam crostini? I think the recipe is on here somewhere. Not much to it though, just toasted bagette slices, a litte fig / raspberry jam and chunk of goat cheese on top.

Mar 11, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Quiet DC restaurants w/character for in-laws

I strongly second Cashion's. Very cozy place with a lot of character and great food.

DC Visit - Good Food and Good Beer Requested

If you're relying on public transportation, check out The trip planner is pretty useful.

Are there any good bagels in NOVA?

I second brooklyn bagel. Bagels are prety good. And I don't think that it's the staff is not nice, I think they just brought some brooklyn attitude with their bagel recipe, not mean, just "efficient" :-)

DC Visit - Good Food and Good Beer Requested

Not too close to Union Station, but the Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown has the basement devoted to beer (aptly named Birreria Paradiso). I'm also a beer nerd and they have some great stuff including cask ales. The pizza is also very good.

Otherwise, Brassiere Beck has some great belgian selections and that's a little closer to you.

Complete my menu, please! (Meat dish & sides)

How about a tapenade-stuffed roasted leg of lamb. I've made this recipe before and it was pretty amazing:

Feb 04, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking

Best thin crust pizza in the DC area

I'll second Pizzaria Paradiso...Still by far my favorite pizza in town

hot sauce in a bottle - favorites?

How is it that this post has been going for 8 years and no one has said Texas Pete?!?! Am I the only idiot that loves this stuff!? I'm also a big fan of Siracha and Tapatio, but for everyday hot sauce, Texas Pete is my go to.

Jan 27, 2009
gatorfoodie in General Topics

Korean Dolsot (Stone Pot) - DC Metro

Mandu (restaurant between Dupont and Adams Morgan) serves bibimbap in these. Might be worth giving a call to ask about buying one from whatever wholesaler they use?

Food Pairing with D/Head 120 IPA

You'll need really big flavors to match with that. Maybe some jerk grilled chicken. The heat and the citrus should match nicely.

Jan 22, 2009
gatorfoodie in Beer

new tropicana cartons - completely awful!

I think it was a pretty terrible move. The straw in the orange was immdiately recognizable as Tropicana. Why throw that away? That kind of recognition takes many years to build.

Jan 12, 2009
gatorfoodie in General Topics

Any way to ID a mealy apple BEFORE biting into it?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to pick out apples to make sure you don't get a mealy mess?

I've heard of pinching the skin to see if it feels loose or tapping it with your finger to listen if it sounds "hollow"...whatever a hollow apple sounds like.

Do these work? Any other methods / ideas?

Jan 09, 2009
gatorfoodie in General Topics

Where to eat after Scotch tasting near Dupont?

Both are chains, but there are two major steakhouses right around the corner on 19th. Smith and Wollensky's is between L and M and The Palm is between M and N.

Three Sheets

Wow I could not agree more about your Beer Nuts analysis. I'm a huge beer nerd and I've tried on multiple occasions to stomach that show b/c the content is so great. Those two jokers just ruin it for me.

Zane did get a deal with the Food Network for a show called Have Fork, Will Travel, but it's nowhere near as much fun as Three Sheets...such an amazing show.

Jan 08, 2009
gatorfoodie in Food Media & News

Sports Fan and a Foodie, looking to eat in DC...

I think cleveland park bar and grill has pretty good food. It is still "bar food", but I think they do it pretty well. They also have some really good pizzas. It's pretty far from cap hill though.

Recipes/Uses for My New Immersion Blender?

Oh man. It's my number one kitchen gadget. I make lots of soups (butternut squash, potato leek, mushroom and cauliflower), there are so many options.

I also cheat sometimes when making tomato sauce and give it a quick puree to smooth it out.

I also use it a lot to make dips like tapenade, hummus, and other bean dips.

Jan 05, 2009
gatorfoodie in Home Cooking