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suggestions for an Italian restaurant in Richmond Hill for a group of 10

Tutto Bene.

One of the best 'western cuisine' place in the area. They also have a quiet second floor for larger party gatherings! Do not forget to order the 'Grilled Seafood medley with Bouillabaisse broth' appetizer. Their Veal chop is excellent so is their Blackened Grouper with Pineapple Salsa and lobster reduction sauce. If you are a calf liver fan, love their medium rare execution!

BEST real life food related joke of the day!!

My son went to McDonald's drive thru for a Chicken sandwich, a coffee and some hot mustard ( for the sandwich ). At the window, half way through handing over his order, the girl suddenly slammed the window shut!!

My son then heard her asking her supervisor, " He wanted hot mustard, do I just add it to the coffee??!!!" This was followed by my son frantically banging at the window yelling - No! No! No! No! No!


This is not as bad as action by inconsistent and zealous Moderators driving away experienced, valuable and long standing Hounds who just got fed up by having time consuming postings being deleted for nitty gritty reasons. Postings and valuable input I missed from a looooong list of chowhounders include Fourseasons, skylineR33, Peech, Sher_eats....etc from the Asia and Ontario board, to name a few!! Sigh!!

" Crab Habour, Richmond Hill " - First Japanese Style Kani ( crab ) Cuisine in North America!! Anyone tried?!

Oh! I remember. That's when they transformed from a terrible Chinese fusion half Korean run place to a decent Dim Sum place!

" Crab Habour, Richmond Hill " - First Japanese Style Kani ( crab ) Cuisine in North America!! Anyone tried?!

Yes, same location as the Penglais Restaurant. As to it being my 'fave'?! I guess you must be joking?!! Ha!

Tin Lung Heen v Lung King Heen - which is best for a dim sum splurge?

To each its own!
I too have eaten at YTH many a time. Very tough call. As I eluded to previously, like comparing Mercedes with BMW.
Actually, to a lot of hounds and locals, their best is very often ' Fook Lum Moon '.
However, I think it all boils down to what one orders and whether the 'forte or house specialties' are picked. eg., Fu Sing's Dim Sum was above average to good, however, their ' Pineapple BBQ Pork buns ' was the best in HK until other people started to clone it and came out with better versions.

" Crab Habour, Richmond Hill " - First Japanese Style Kani ( crab ) Cuisine in North America!! Anyone tried?!

I just received this flyer in the mail. Looks interesting. However, still debating whether to dish out $28 a pound for some 'frozen' Japanese Snow Crab when fresh, live ones are selling for $9.99 in places like T&T?!
Don't mind paying the premium if quality and taste are good ( a la O'Mei's Giant Lobster ). However, hate it when its just greed and gimmick driven

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

I have never been a fan of AYCE Japanese/Sushi. However, the meal I had with my 'huge appetite' kids at Markham's 'Syogun Sushi Bar', 8261 Woodbine Avenue was more than a pleasant surprise!

It is almost a given that because of price point consideration and the nature of AYCE, quality of sushi will be in general, inferior to those Japanese a la carte/Omakase establishments. However, the selection of sushi available at Syogun, though based on run of the mill ordinary ingredients, was very nicely executed. The Neta was very fresh whilst the nicely formed, seasoned and textured Shari was very good to border-line superb!

However, what really changed my myopic opinion towards AYCE Japanese was the quantity, quality and selection of their delicious 'cooked' food. In particular, the perfectly cooked to medium rare Teriyaki steaks accompanied with an uber tasty sauce and their light and fluffy, crispy but non-greasy Tempuras. The latter, can easily rub shoulders with some of GTA's best 'Japanese run' restaurants. In addition, some of their 'funky' appetizers and Teppanyaki sauteed dishes were also very enjoyable.

At only $15 for lunch and with the option of one just focusing on the more expensive dishes like Sushi, Teriyaki Steak, Tempura Shrimps...etc. It is IMO, quite an enjoyable deal!

ISO Chianina beef

I used to study and live in Aberystwyth across Cardigan Bay from you!
Pity Canadian custom does not allow people bringing in meat products ( unlike say, Japan ), otherwise we can plan for a tasting of Welsh Lamb vs Irish Lamb vs Ontario Lamb vs Washington States?! That would be cool!!

ISO Chianina beef

Apparently the 'Steak Bar' closed down about 3 years ago or more? You will love the place, not so much for the food but the amazing 'wine by the glass' selection. Talbot, Lynch-Bages, and even Palmer!

ISO Chianina beef

I really believe its how one prepares the steak ie., Grilled over Charcoal, open wood fire, gas or high temperature seared using cast iron?..... that makes the difference.

If the cut and quality is really good, whether one uses English Long Horn, Grass fed Black Angus from Scotland, Grass fed Argentinian or Australian Wagyu, Italian Chianina or Fassone, French Charolais, USDA Prime from the mid west....etc, difference in taste and texture should be really minimal.

A few years ago, whilst working and living in Paris, I discovered the second floor ' SteaK Bar ' at Gallerie Lafayette. There, one can pick any type and size of cut of beef from a selection of USDA Corn fed prime, Grass fed Argentinian, Australian, Scottish breed beef, Japanese Wagyu, French Charolais....etc. The Chef will cook them as per your order. As such, one can actually have a ' steak tasting' of sort. Personally, taking a Striploin as example, I really cannot tell the difference of a lot of varietal after they are cooked and smothered with charcoal aroma, sprinkled with fine quality sea salt and sometimes with a dab of hot English mustard?!

However, Tajima Beef ( Kobe ) from Japan, now, THAT'S DIFFERENT!!!

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My actual meal.
Here are the rest of the food.
Only the dessert looked like a Michelin 3 star product.

BERO has closed

No problem brushfire! Points taken!
Always welcome friendly exchanges of ideas and observations amongst fellow foodies!
However, since we are all living in an imperfect world, guess we have to be less critical and try to take things less seriously. Even Michelin 3* product can sometimes be sloppy and rough with an edge! Take a look at this entree dish I had at Hong Kong's Michelin 3* - Otto e Mezzo! Yup!! Michelin 3*!!

Two free days/nights without kids - where should we go in southern ontario

I would definitely add 'Blacktree' in Burlington to your chow list

Best Peking Duck downtown?

Thank you for the kind words and compliment! Always glad to help out members of the fraternity!


Is French Laundry ( with its fine wine collection ) OK?!

Aug 24, 2014
Charles Yu in Wine

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" The food at Bero looked sloppy at best. "

????? What so sloppy about the following? How many time have you eaten there to make such judgement?

IMHO, here in Toronto, in a lot of areas, Bero's food were more delicious, refined and better plate presented than say David Lee's old Splendido, Victor Berry's new Splendido, Loseto'e George, Susur Lee's old Susur, The Grove, Actinolite, Canoe, Scaramouche, Auberge du Pommier.....etc

Doubt anyone will buy a car based on just paper review and advertisement without hands-on experience and test driving?!

Downtown Seafood

For your reference:
A few weeks back, fellow S'pore hound Fourseason and I spend half a day downtown and did the following:
- Oyster shooter at one of Pike Place Market fish store.
- A small bowl of Clam Chowder at 'Pike Place Chowder'.
- Steamed Mussels and clams plus steamed King Crab Legs at 'Seatown' adjacent to market
- Walked up to 'Taylor Shellfish' for Geoduck Clam Sashimi and Oysters in the half shell.

Aug 22, 2014
Charles Yu in Greater Seattle


Hope so!!!

Sika Deer in Scarborough - my new Shanghainese fav in GTA

Most of the good, expensive and hyped-up ones like Yang's Markham, O Mei, Dragon Boat and Fisherman's Lobster Clubhouse still have them. However, season is October, so quality and price hopefully is better then?!

Wolfberries or Goji berries

Almost every Chinese Mall has one or more! Whether they are reputable is another thing!

Wolfberries or Goji berries

It is known that the ones offered in Chinese Supermarket to be full of pesticides and insecticides. Also, fake ones have also been reported by the Chinese media ever since their 'special properties' are made known. If one's intention is to eat them as is, without soaking and washing, I would suggest obtaining the 'Organic Himalayan' version from reputable Health food store like Ambrosia. Personally, I buy them from the Chinese own and run health food stores either on the second floor of Times Square or the one in First Markham place next to the food court. Very reputable and cheaper.

Sika Deer in Scarborough - my new Shanghainese fav in GTA

Have you tried this?!
Not really Shanghainese but some tasty and interesting food. The smoked duck and pot stickers are stand outs!

As for our next long overdue chowmeet, may be we'll wait for the fall and split an Alaskan King Crab when they are in season?!

Need help with good place for lunch in Kitchener.

Will be in Kitchener this Saturday. First time visitor. Looking for a place that serves good food for lunch. Prelim research shows all good places are on King Street. However, good ones only open for dinner?!
Ideas please! Thanks in advance!

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Points taken.
However, person aside, the few times I ate there, food was indeed very inventive and tasty. In some area, even more enjoyable than the experience I had at the 3* El Bulli, EMP or Alinea!
For egotistic and arrogant, one should check out Marco Pierre White!! Now, he was something!!

BERO has closed

@Kitchenvoodoo, @meathead2
??? What did Chef Matt Kantor did to upset you two so much as to post such rude 'personal attack' languages on an open forum 'food blog'?!!
Have you both, like dozens of us fellow hounds including myself, Estufarian, TorontoJo, Justxpix....eaten there. If the food, as you eluded was so bad, how come we all enjoyed the experiences and wrote raving reviews about it?!

Blacktree (Burlington) Revisited

Nice!! Thank you for the head's up. May be Clement and I will make it our annual men-only birthday celebration venue!

Weekend in Seattle - Food recs?

Me too on my last trip! But thank God for GPS!!

Aug 19, 2014
Charles Yu in Greater Seattle

Hong Kong Advice

+1 for Ming Court

Weekend in Seattle - Food recs?

More reference: This is a great and interesting article from the Wall Street Journal!

Aug 17, 2014
Charles Yu in Greater Seattle