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Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Today, a few of us decided to kill two birds with one stone by first buying fireworks from a warehouse on Orfus Road and then trying out this much hyped Vietnamese place just a short drive down the road.

We were welcomed by a smiling server who seated us in a tidy and clean, minimalistic modern space. The friendliness and attentiveness of her service prompted one of us to comment ' What? We are actually getting decent service in a Vietnamese place? Wow! '.

Even though some of the offerings in their special dish section looked most interesting and appealing ( see photo ), however we decided to order the following slightly more conservative dishes instead: ( after all its only lunch. No need to splurge on $20 deep fried crocodile meat or Venison Tartar! Right! )

- Vietnamese Spring Rolls
- Deep fried Tofu Cubes with minced chili garlic topping
- House Special Pho with rare beef, well done brisket, tripe and beef balls
- Beef stew Egg Noodles
- Bun Bo Hue

The verdict?!
Well, the food was good and nicely presented. Both ingredients and condiments are nice and fresh. IMHO, a great little comfy neighborhood destination. However, the degree of deliciousness of the food, IMO does not yet reach the extent that would warrant my making a special trip from Richmond Hill. ( unlike say with 'Silk Road' which I do not mind driving all the way to Etobicoke just for the lamb soup noodle ).

The broth for the Pho was quite complex with meaty umami sweetness. However, I found the amount of spices used a touch underwhelming.

Same can be said about the Stew Beef Noodle. Though the beef, using shanks, was super tender and have lovely texture due to the presence of gelatinous tendons. Again, unlike some great ones I had elsewhere ( the Pho place in Calgary's China town for one ) the complexity and taste of the broth and meat fell short of my expectation.

Great things were said about the Bon Bo Hue by others on this board. Though the dish was quite tasty, however, for the three of us who tried it out, its nothing more than an oily and spicy variation of a Thai Tom Yum Soup with oiled egg noodles. A bit tiresome after a while.

Both the Spring Rolls and the Fried Tofu were well received. Grease-less, crunchy and nicely executed.

Once again, to re-iterate, the restaurant and service was a huge pleasant surprise to us. The food was good but not worth shouting about. Definitely not as good as the now defunct 'Pho 66' on St. Claire West. I would rate the quality ay FMN about the same as Pho Metro.

BTW, FYI, the new "Phu Quoc Island Vietnamese Restaurant" on the second level of Times Square in Richmond Hill, offers both better Pho and Bun Bo Hue with tastier and more complex broth! And the good part is, its only 10 minutes drive from my house! :)

Recommendation needed for one 'wow factor', Michelin stars caliber meal in Vancouver

Thank you all for contributing!

Contrary to most popular believe, for a huge metropolis like LA, the food and creativity associated with fine dining are pretty run of the mill stuff, especially when compare to their cousin San Francisco up north. May be people like to make side trips to Las Vegas for Michelin star food instead?

Based on all your inputs, some with opposing view points and most of all, latest chef movements, I think I'll recommend 'Bauhaus' to them. If by chance they wanted something more seafood focus, then Blue Water Cafe.

As for VJ's, they have spend a lot of time visiting Singapore, Malaysia and London. So I guess they will take a pass.

Enjoy your heat wave! This weekend, I attended a wedding reception in Toronto in pouring rain and temperature only 12C!! Feels like I was in Vancouver! Ha!

Recommendation needed for one 'wow factor', Michelin stars caliber meal in Vancouver

Helping my LA foodie cousin and better half out.

Need suggestion for one Michelin star(s) caliber meal with 'wow factor'.

Short listed restaurants include: Hawksworth, West, Pear Tree, Secret location and Blue Water Cafe.

Price and location not an issue.

Thanks in advance!

Cafe Michi - What happened to the food? Change of ownership?

April to June. A lot can change in two months?!

Café Boulud closing for renovations

I have always enjoyed Boulud's cooking/creation, having dined in his NYC establishments many a time, some even dated back before the NYC Michelin star era.
The food at Cafe Boulud, though not great, is more than decent.
I think he could succeed the second time round if he brings in some of his famous and iconic dishes from NYC's Daniel and his days at Le Cirque. Augmenting them with some really tasty and authentic Burgundian dishes from his days at Lyon...etc. Who knows?
Wish him the best of luck!

Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco...?

Wow! Holy Cow! Was it 2012 then?! How fast time flies!!

Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco...?

So sorry to hear that! What a pity!
I ate there in the fall OF 2013. They must have served me one of their last meal?
I also recall exchanging notes with Singapore hound klyeoh, who also had a most memorable meal there. Once again, he is one of those food guru who has dozens of Michelin stars from Europe and the Orient under his belt!

Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco...?

It might not have as many Michelin stars as your Saison, Benu, Atelier Creme, Manresa...etc. However, one the the most enjoyable, spectacular and tasty 'western' meal I had in my life was at ' Masa's '. Near perfection! Classic execution without the fan fare of using foams, sous vide or powders...etc
My measuring yardstick was based on my eating experience in well over 100 Michelin star restaurants in Europe, North America and the Orient. So, that says quite a lot.
Last time, the piece of 'Seared Venison Loin with a Red wine reduction' I had was really ' out of this world' caliber!

Rave over kale over?

One of the best tasting smoothie/protein shake I have come across was made by blending Kale, Bosc Pear, Almond Milk and Vanilla Whey Powder. Surprisingly delicious!

Jun 24, 2015
Charles Yu in Vegetarian & Vegan

Cafe Michi - What happened to the food? Change of ownership?

Yup! One of Chowhounders' favorite for years!

Cafe Michi - What happened to the food? Change of ownership?

Have they changed ownership? Is Toshi san and his sister still manning the place?
Reports from relatives who dined there twice in two weeks, told me the food was nothing like before. Quality of the sushi and sashimi have gone downhill. Even the consistently good cakes were a mild disappointment!

Good Sushi at Bay/Dundas: Think Cafe Michi Chirashi...

Talk about 'Cafe Michi'.
Have they changed ownership? Is Toshi san and his sister still manning the place?
Reports from relatives who dined there twice in two weeks, told me the food was nothing like before. Quality of the sushi and sashimi have gone downhill. Even the consistently good cakes were a mild disappointment!

Great desserts in Hong Kong?

Great hearing from you in person, kosmose7!
Actually, one of this board's hound 'Steve' was from Seoul, but is now in the States. However, he did make a special trip to join my last chowmeet by scheduling a business trip to coincide with the chow events! We had a special, chef design, menu at ' Above and Beyond' and an amazing seafood only lunch at Aberdeen's fisherman's canteen.
Yup! Hope to share some great food with you one day!

Kingyo Izakaya

Grilled “kurozu” balsamic vinegar beef short rib. Simply, yet stunningly rich in taste! One of the best dish I've tasted this year!

Great desserts in Hong Kong?

Hello kosmose7,

So you have moved back to Hong Kong! No wonder I haven't seen a lot of your posting on the NYC board.

BTW, FYI, I'll be doing my annual Hong Kong visits around Feb to March of next year. For the past 8-9 years, I have been organizing chowmeets for local and overseas chowhounders ( who happened to be in town or make special trips to join ) during each of my visits.

If you would like to join in the fun, please send me a message on my e-mail ( posted in my profile ). I'll keep you in mind and provide you with info of our current list of interested chowhounders as well as updates of proposed venues when the time approaches.


Great desserts in Hong Kong?

Even with the influx of so many foreign celebrity establishments, one of my favorite is still the 'Mandarin Cake Shop' of Central's Mandarin Oriental.

Best chinese in the city of Toronto

Famous for their Cantonese BBQ pork smothered in honey glaze, 'Skyview Fusion Chinese' for some unknown reason has undergone another round of renovation. The entire front of the house is now opened up into one huge cavernous space.

Tonight, I had an excellent dinner there. Every dishes were well executed. A few enjoyable notables included:
- Roasted suckling piglet with marinated shredded Jelly Fish.
- Stuffed Crab Claw
- Wok Fried Giant Lobster with Premium top Soy.

Skin of the suckling piglet was delicate, light and ultra crispy. Jelly fish was flavorful and well seasoned.
Stuffed crab claw was very generous in size. Greaseless and gorgeous 'bouncy' texture.
Wok Fried Lobster resembles a bit of O'Mei's version. Pretty well done.

Definitely a place I will consider returning for entertaining friends and relatives

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Sorry! Thumbs down for 'Indian Cuisine'.
I ate there about two weeks ago and found the food not enjoyable at all. Very mediocre and generic tasting. Seasoning and spice level were not up to par.
I believe all the good reviews were written a few years ago!

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

I quite enjoy the flavor and seasoning of 'Adrak' food. However, portion sizes and price is a bit on the high side for dinner. Better deal for lunch.

My current go-to place up north is still 'Chauhan Indian Grill House' on Woodbine and 14th Avenue. Good variety of curries at very reasonable price. And they all tasted different not at all generic!

Best shrimp cocktail in Toronto

I wonder how many of the above offer 'wild' giant Tiger or Gulf Versions rather than farmed Thai, Indian or South American ones? Wild ones definitely taste more complex and shrimp like!

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

For products of US/Canadian origin, I have tried both their Striploin and Prime Rib Roast. Both I found to be tougher than the ones I get from Bruno's, Cumbrae and Whitehouse.
However, the Australian Wagyu was pretty good and decent value for money. Only downside is, unlike the west coast Costco, GTA Costcos sell the Wagyu striploin or Rib Eye in package of two only (instead of single piece offering in say Vancouver ). As such, at $29.99 per pound, a couple of pieces will run you around $60.

toronto restaurants

I have never eaten at any bar except at the old Starfish, Zen, Kaji or Cafe Michi.
As for outdoor patio, also try to avoid since I found the food usually attracts flying insects.

toronto restaurants

Second Buca King or Yorkville. Food definitely worth the premium. However, getting a last minute place could be a problem unless really 'off hours'!

So I Finally Went to Canlis (lengthy post)

Thank you for the great review. Most helpful and informative.

Our party of 3 have made reservations on the 13th July and was promised a window table! Yeah! Fellow Singapore hound and myself were hoping to try out the chef's tasting menu whilst his teenage daughter would settle for a less overwhelming 3-4 course. Unfortunately, we were told the tasting menu is for the 'whole' table only. So I guess we'll have to make our selection from the a la carte menu instead.

As such, did you notice whether dishes offer in their current 3-4 course menu are the same as that on their website? ( the menu posted look exactly the same as the one we sampled last year!! ). I was expecting with a new chef on board, the menu is the first thing they update?

From Sunny Supermarket, Finch & Leslie - What varietal Mango is the little chubby one?

May be letting them ripen for a few days more might help to enhance the sweetness, flavor and aroma?
The one that I ate turned a deeper yellow, almost a light orange after three days. Skin slightly wrinkled. One could also smell the fragrance emitting from the fruit within!
Same patience and technique as treating bananas?
Good luck!

From Sunny Supermarket, Finch & Leslie - What varietal Mango is the little chubby one?

I just ate the small chubby one. Very sweet, juicy and super fragrant. Except for finding it just a touch 'fibrous y', a great tasting little mango! Best mango sampled this season so far!
I'll try returning to the supermarket to get some more. That is, assuming the secret is not out yet?!

Zen News

Might not be their fault but supplier problem?! I cannot find any Uni in Tara, J-Town nor T&T lately?!
They do give you Mirugai though?! No?

Official Alphonso Mangos 2015 discussion

'Sunny' at Finch and Leslie.
As for 'Chinese' mango?! Don't think China has a region that's hot and humid enough for them to grow in abundance? Like the Caribbeans, Mexico, India or the Philippines....etc?

Official Alphonso Mangos 2015 discussion

Is Alphonso and Alfonso the same? The ones I bought at a supermarket have ' Alfonso' stickers on them.

Zen News

I was just about to ask the same question!!