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The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Yes, noticed these ' Chilean Organic berries' available almost everywhere now. Longo's, Michael Angelos, Loblaws....

Places singles can go for dinner in downtown Toronto?

New addition for consideration:

The new 'Pearl Diver' on Adelaide. Sit at the oyster bar, have a few pristine oysters, a Clam chowder or grilled sardines then a main like a rare to find, Chicken Kiev.
....with the wife away, that's what I'll be doing tonight!!

Tasting menu in/near Little Italy?

Based on your budget and location criteria, I would forsake the tasting menu option and head over to 'Bar Isabel'! Create your own tasting menu by ordering tons of dishes to share!! Economy of scale would permit your group to do that with enjoyable results!

Toronto restaurant for a large group

The winecellar private room of 'Splendido' is a must! Great food to match the ambiance and wonderful service!

Best Dishes 2014

Hay KSR!
Young guy like you can afford to tackle the aforementioned super-decadent 'Foie Gras/Cake' combo. However, for senior like myself, I might have to eat them with a few 'CRESTOR' cholesterol lowering pills! Ha!!

best pastas in Toronto, 2014

This is one time that a picture does not speak a thousand words.
The attached frugal looking plate of 'Spaghetti a la 'Rose' Bolognese', though looks pretty ordinary but, Man! Did it tasted great!
My previous favorite plate of 'Spaghetti Bolognese' was at Mario Batali's Michelin 1* Babbo in New York. However, this 'Shiso Tree'( J-Town ) offering surprisingly trumps the celebrity chef's version.

Ideas for a birthday party (table of 6) for this Sat night (Canoe is closed, Auberge du Pommier is booked)


Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Cool!! I'll be darn!!

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Wow!! I am so honored! My food posting attracting interest from way across the oceans!! To my knowledge, nothing like that in London or KL?!

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

The Collard Greens was so tasty, we decided to take out a small carton for my daughter to try. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the take-out portion was way too salty??!

$100 for two, all in.

Kobo Nobu, Torito's, all Japanese Ramen places and 99+% of all Chinese places!

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

First off, thank you all for your most invaluable input!

We ended up having a most enjoyable and 'filling' lunch at the 'Lancaster Smoke House' in Kitchener. The two of us shared Southern Fried Chicken, BBQ Ribs and BBQ Briskets. The sides we had were beer battered onion rings, Creamy Coleslaw, Braised Collar Greens and Cheesy Grits.

The two BBQ items were nicely prepared especially the slabs of ultra tender and 'Oh so fatty good' briskets. Never had briskets like that before! Yummmm! Definitely worthy of an award! The Ribs were off the bone tender and very smokey. Not unlike Chinese BBQ Pork - Char Siu!. The BBQ sauce used was smokey, not overly sweet, just the right degree of tanginess and with a touch of heat. Nice!! The fried chicken, though nicely coated with an ultra crispy coating and perfectly moist inside was unfortunately slightly bland and under-seasoned. Toronto's 'Stockyard' version was much more superior in taste!

However, in our opinion, what really stole the show were a couple of the fantastically delicious sides! The super cheesy grits and the mouth watering, complex and mysteriously tasting Collard greens! We tried to figure out what ingredients and spices were used to cooked up this exotically tasty green vegetable and were completely lost!

This is definitely a destination worthy of return visits! For my next visit, i have already picked out the 'Beef Ribs' and Gumbo....or may be the Po Boys or the Smoked Jumbo Chicken wings or......?? Decisions? Decisions?

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Ah! Thanks!!

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

'qmp'?? Jeopardy quiz?! Ha!

Ruelo - A new French Patisserie in Richmond Hill

A new update:

The recent opening of first, 'Sweet Note' and then 'Duo' just across the road, plus the slightly over-price of Ruelo's pastries offering when compare with the two competitors must have quite an impact on the latter's business?

Why? Groupon is currently offering a 47% off afternoon tea pastries coupon!! Wow!

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Hay Chow-Friend! Long time no chat!
This might surprise you, but the two times I dined there, I was not at all impressed with the food nor the corresponding price they are charging! May be things are different under the current 'new chef'?

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

Hello kwfoodiewannabe

Wow!! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply in such detail! Much appreciated!

Going to Jacobs and Co tomorrow - Learn Me On Steak!

Great 'mouthwatering' review, ManHooper! No photos?!
Sounded like a LOT of food for 'two hungry kids'?! HUGE APPETITE ones at that!!
Now, work-out in the gym for the next few days?!

Chow-worthy lunch in and around Kitchener / Waterloo

This is a follow-up to a similar posting of mine a few months ago but with narrowed down detail.
We never made it out to K/W last year. Our previous planned outing has now been changed to Wednesday of this week.

After our scheduled meeting, my partner and I are looking for a chow-worthy place for lunch in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. A couple of interesting choices caught our eyes:
- Hog's Tail BBQ
- Lancaster Smoke House

- Are there noticeable differences in terms of food tastiness between the two?.... or are they essentially similar? Any preferences? eg Southern Fried chicken of Hog's Tail is boneless vs in-bone dark meat of Lancaster?!
- I have also identified a couple of non-BBQ places that look interesting but only to find they are close for lunch. In addition to the afore-mentioned BBQ places, any other worthy recommendations for us two alien Chowhounders from Toronto?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Going to Jacobs and Co tomorrow - Learn Me On Steak!

Agree with Cumbrae ( with Bruno's a close second ).
However, if one is looking for something a bit different and exotic like a well marbled Australian 'Wagyu' from Diamond Valley, then...... surprise!! Head over to Costco! At $29 a pound for such fine quality beef, its a steal IMO.
Then there is always J-Town where one can get the real Grade A4-5 Japanese McCoy. A bit too expensive for my wallet! Might as well wait for my next trip to Japan! Ha!

Restaurant specialising in dishes with Fish Soup, in uptown Toronto - 2015 Jan edition

I'm no Italian but my version of Spaghetti Con Vongole is IMHO, better tasting than most version out there prepared by 'Italian chefs'!
The secret?! Melt a few chopped up anchovies into the EVOO under low heat before adding the garlic! Also, use 'gas' instead of electric so that one can ignite some of the oil and alcohol from the wine when tossing! A bit of Sino-wok-Hay into a western dish?! Ha!

Restaurant specialising in dishes with Fish Soup, in uptown Toronto - 2015 Jan edition

Some of the best 'western' style food I have tasted nowadays are in fact from some sort of Japanese/Western fusion combining Japanese food, technique and immaculate detail to western cuisine, be it Italian or French. Fine examples are currently found in France and Japan. Amazing French food churn out by Japanese chefs!
As well, I recall the plate of ' Hokkaido King Crab meat, Cherry Tomatoes and fresh Basil spaghetti ' I had in Tokyo almost a decade ago, was still one of the best tasting pasta dishes I had ever come across - including the ones in Italy!!

As for Judy's Cuisine. Their 'wok-hay' dishes are very good! A simple stirred fry beef with Gai-Lan could be mind-bogglingly tasty!
Apart from the aforementioned beef dish, some of my favorites include their House Special 'Empress' Poached Free range Chicken, the stirred fry bone-in free range chicken with Shallots and black bean sauce, the stirred fry glutinous rice with minced Chinese preserved meats, the oxtail hotpot and their 'imitation' stirred fry crabmeat using egg white....etc

Restaurant specialising in dishes with Fish Soup, in uptown Toronto - 2015 Jan edition

Remember to order an extra portion of their excellent Garlic Bread!!

Restaurant specialising in dishes with Fish Soup, in uptown Toronto - 2015 Jan edition

The amazingly delicious and super 'value-for-money' ( $11 ) Italian Fish Soup aka Zuppa Di Pesce is still available as a special in 'Shiso Tree' - J-Town ( Steeles/Woodbine ).
I had it tonight with a Spaghetti con Vongole! Most satisfying!
BTW, my son's Spaghetti a la 'Rose' Bolognese is as good if not better than New York's Babbo!! No joke!

This is borderline 'RIDICULOUS'!!!!

Are you kidding me? Intellectual dispute and trademark on the word 'FOODIE'!!!!

I was using the word when the editor/owner was still in diapers! Ha!

Jan 17, 2015
Charles Yu in Food Media & News

[London] Chowmeet at Crystal China, Tower Bridge Road


Jan 17, 2015
Charles Yu in U.K./Ireland

Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

Let's just select 10 according to the number of times the restaurants have being mentioned - 'without' ranking!
Unless we have some type of evaluation/selection matrix with points criteria for each participants to adhere to. There's no way we can come up with a list of 'ranked' candidates

Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

My meal at Sika Deer yesterday

Sika Deer in Scarborough - my new Shanghainese fav in GTA

Braving the cold weather yesterday evening, we had another enjoyable and satisfying meal featuring some tasty and 'comfort' food.

A number of stand-out but previously untried dishes include the star of the evening - The iconic Shanghainese dish " Stirred fry live Shredded eels with oil, yellowing chives and bean sprouts ", " Braised three types of pork in brown sauce ", an absolutely delicious " Braised bamboo shoots ", a great value " Mixed meat hotpot " - Yes! Its Chinese SPAM you see there!! and Peking style 'JaJang' mince meat in brown sauce hand pulled noodles.

The pot-sticker buns were disappointing caused by the lack of broth and seasoning in the filling. This shortfall unfortunately cannot be offset by the lovely thin skinned bun with its perfectly cooked crispy bottom...Pity!

Other dishes ordered include the 'best-in-town'smoked fish and the Shanghainese veggie and salted pork rice.

B'day dinner: Edulis or Actinolite

Edulis' food and plating is more 'rustic' whilst Actinolite is more playful, artistic and sometimes borderline 'funky'!