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Loyal Nine, Cambridge

Had my birthday dinner here last week and enjoyed it SO much. I guess I'm a simple girl but my favorite things were the bread (SO SO GOOD), the fried beans, and the savory supper. Also had the ribs and the chicken, all delicious, and the chocolate bread pudding (I would eat that smoky caramel sauce as its own dessert), and an interesting delicious cider from Maine.

Savory supper, yum yum yum.

Looking forward to what happens when we get more fresh produce.

Lunch options in Harvard Square

The French place--you mean Patisserie Francaise? My father would take me there in my early teens, when I thought Harvard Square was the most fantastic wonderland in the entire universe. I would have an omelette aux fine herbes and an iced mocha (something relatively unknown in the pre-Starbucks environment). I really really miss it.

Lamb Sandwiches

I like the lamb burger at Matt Murphy's. Very messy, though.

Apple Picking for Adults

We were at Gould Hill Farm in NH on Columbus Day and it didn't seem particularly overrun with people in general, though some of the people there were children. Amazing views, variety of unusual apples with samples for tasting, terrific donuts. Two thumbs up. Bit of a schlep, though.

Flour Bakery

I really like the so-called granola bar. I mean, it's a homey treat, not a fancy bakery creation. I think that's what's best there.

Casual Dinner Saturday Night in Coolidge Corner Area

Matt Murphy's and Orinoco are not SUPER quiet, but they've been quiet enough for all generations of my family and I like the food. More casual than Lineage for sure. A little more of a walk from Coolidge Corner but nothing crazy.

Morel sightings?

My brother found a bunch in his yard in Roslindale. They were tasty in garlic butter!

Boston's weirdest desserts?

I know, I love coffee jello! But mainly as a vehicle for real homemade whipped cream. Naked coffee jello, probably not. Also, its cranky New England weirdness is part of the appeal.

Boston's weirdest desserts?

The tobacco ice cream at TW Food. Glad I tasted it. Never eating it again.

Using frozen raspberries in a crisp recipe

You will need some cornstarch or something in there. Search for other recipes for berry crumble and do what they recommend--the fact that they are frozen won't make much difference, but berries do give off much more moisture than apples.

Then you can invite me over. Yum.

Apple cider donuts?

I love the Cider Hill donuts like everyone, but I have to say that the apple fritters Clover is doing in the afternoons might be EVEN BETTER than cider donuts. They taste similar but just a tiny bit more apple-y, and I think there is salt in the cinnamon-sugar coating. I am cursing the day I found out how good they are.

Best apple tasting event ever!

You still have time to go to this tomorrow:

We went yesterday. They have 119 kinds of apples! They picked them right off the trees and sliced them up to hand out! Discovered several extremely delicious varieties I had never heard of (Vandevere? Wright?), as well as several that were yucky, but that made it interesting.

Brookline/Boston, watch Sox game

Corner Tavern? On Mass Ave near Marlborough--pretty mellow, pretty decent food, lots of TVs.

Matt Murphy's?

I love Matt Murphy's, though I don't find it quite as cozy since they redecorated. The brown soda bread is still the greatest. I have really liked pretty much all the food I've ever ordered there, a lot. Last time I had a tasty lamb burger that was so juicy I almost had to take a bath after eating it.

Lunch Near Wrentham outlets?

When I was in this situation, with no idea where to go, we ended up at Commonwealth BBQ and enjoyed it. It has to be nice out, though, because there's really no indoor seating.

Orchards That Have Heirloom Apples?

I love, love, love the Noquochoke apples and their people (especially Doris, she is so great). They are powerfully better than almost all other apples. However, I'm not sure they have much of a selling operation at the actual orchard, at least the one time we tried to go there (admittedly years ago). Might as well get them at farmers' markets.

I also second the recommendation of Gould Hill. Excited to try some of these other places mentioned.

The Gothic, Belfast, ME

Yes! Just the other night. Had refreshing cocktails, the pea and burrata toast thing (yum), tomato salad with mozzarella gelato (that was a little weird but the total dish was very tasty), beer-brined chicken with smoked potatoes (smoked. potatoes. could there be a more perfect food), salt-baked salmon (very pure-tasting, possibly to the point of slight boringness), lovely velvety berry semifreddo, and the smoked chocolate pudding. Whoa, that was crazy. If you like Scotch, this is an awesome dessert. I kind of don't like Scotch, but it grew on me. Only after we finished did the server mention that it was non-dairy (avocado and cashew based). Really nice stylish space--so good to see that building not empty. The only slightly odd thing was we happened to be passing by in the afternoon so we stopped in and asked if we would need a reservation (this was on a Tuesday). Guy said yes and tried to convince us that only 5 and 8 were available, finally relented and said 6. We were there eating for a couple of hours and this was clearly BS. The place was far from empty but also far from full. Anyway, thumbs up from me.

First time visitors from Toronto

Hi there, we had a great time visiting your city for the first time last summer! Another good mid-price neighborhood spot not far from you is Coda. They serve lunch/brunch as well as dinner and then you can walk around the South End, a fun and pretty neighborhood. On Sundays the SOWA Open Market is held further into that neighborhood (easy walking distance)--maybe that's what you were thinking of? Some food vendors, though not much produce yet, and crafts, etc. It''s a nice way to spend a couple of hours. If you happen to make it to Cambridge I would also get ice cream at Toscanini's. Have fun!

Wegmans Fenway

I guess I'm the only person in the world who is sorta-kinda fond of that Shaw's in all its 70s time capsule glory. At least, it doesn't infuriate me like the supposedly fancy one at the Pru. But I'd much rather have a Wegman's if it comes to that.

January 2013 Openings and Closings

One of the empty storefronts on Peterborough Street in the Fenway has a sign for "Persian fusion" coming soon.

Dinner Tonight: Brookline, Allston, Brighton

Went there last night and it was awful. AWFUL. Like tasteless industrial cafeteria food. We could not wait to leave. Off night?

Puritan and Co.

I really wanted to love this place but didn't quite. The service was extremely sweet and it felt, you know, good to be there. The potato roll was one of the best bread products I've ever had in my life. I would have eaten another one for dessert. The smoked bluefish pate had a weird gummy consistency that made me think it was made with some gross-out animal part, and it didn't have a ton of flavor. The lamb with the sausage wrapped around it had a similar gummy quality (the sausage part, anyway) and the whole thing was just kind of meh. Parsnip cake was OK. I guess we should have had the lamb belly.

Where are all the Malaysian restaurants?

According to my boss, Royal East in Cambridge has been bought by Malaysians and instituted a secret Malaysian menu of some kind. I don't really have much basis for evaluating Malaysian food myself, but the takeout we ordered at the office seemed tasty.

MASS MoCA road trip suggestions?

Seconding the Wagon Wheel in Gill. I also have a bit of a sentimental attachment to the People's Pint in Greenfield. To detour from Route 2, Elmer's Store in Ashfield and Lady Killigrew Cafe at the Montague Book Mill.

Sigh, if I didn't hate driving so much I'd live out there.

Any info on Happy’s Bar & Kitchen

We went and were disappointed to say the least, but I was waiting to see if anyone else had any feedback. I'm also curious about the chicken soup, but I did not see any pastrami or "etc." (in terms of deli food) anywhere on the menu at all. Ordered lemony roast chicken and got a single teeeeensy piece of chicken in salty, sort of cornstarchy-seeming gravy. It's not their fault I am not that much of a gravy person, or that I don't like olives, which the orzo side dish was completely full of. But it was still just ... not good. Guy at the next table got the "TV dinner" and it too looked kind of gross and gloopy and like, well, TV dinner. I honestly felt as if some kind of prank were being played on us. And I am really not that fussy.

They do seem to take reservations, though. Let us know if the promised pastrami ever materializes on the menu, or do you have to say the secret password ... ?

Peterborough St restaurants returning in June, plus Speed's!

Great news! Rod Dee is now open. It had looked thisclose since around Thanksgiving--thought I was going to lose my mind.

Best Gingerbread Ever

Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread (recipe on Epicurious) is officially the Best Gingerbread Ever.

Trattoria Toscana Tonight- Suggestions?

The ribollita can't be beat on a cold night, I must say.

Looking for a gingerbread cake with a moist pudding like consistency

Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but this one(second recipe on the page) comes with its own sauce baked in--it's delicious.

Fenway El Pelon is open!

Yes, exact same location.